The Psychic Ability of Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing has been used by many psychics to gather information about distant and unseen people and locations. In conversations and literature, people more often use the more straightforward term of long-distance viewing. Here you will learn how to tap into this fantastic skill. In preparing to perform remote viewing (a.k.a. long-distance viewing), it’s essential […]

The Seven Hermetic Principles

Understanding the Hermetic Principles

Just as there are metaphysical laws, there is also what is termed the Hermetic Principles. In 1912 a book was published by three initiates and was called “The Kybalion.” This book outlined what has become known as the Hermetic Principles. These principles are essential in all aspects of the New Age movement. From Paganism to […]

How to Find a Soulmate

How to Find a Soulmate

A soulmate is a person that you feel like you have an unbelievable connection to. It’s the type of relationship where you feel like you’ve known the other person forever and where when you are around them, you feel ten times better than when you’re not. It’s the person that compliments you and makes you […]

How to Meditate to Improve Psychic Abilities

How to Meditate to Improve Psychic Ability

Meditation provides many benefits to the practitioner. When a psychic development student regularly meditates, it gives the added benefits of improving their psychic ability. A person’s psychic abilities develop quicker for meditation practitioners because those who meditate learn to have a great deal of mental control. This is the same mind control that is required […]

8 Ways of Changing Consciousness

8 Methods of Changing Your Consciousness

Both Gerald Gardner and Christopher Penczak speak of an 8-fold path, or eight different methods, for changing your consciousness. None of these eight methods is better or worse than any other. A person must discover which of the eight techniques works best for them. Higher or lower brain wave patterns are linked to mystical, paranormal, […]

6 Ways to Guard Against Negativity

6 Ways to Guard Against Negativity

We, unfortunately, live in a world where it is not so uncommon to be constantly around negative people and situations. When a person doesn’t know how to guard against negativity their day can quickly go from good to bad and potentially from bad to miserable. Thinking positively, though a wonderful idea, is far easier to […]

What is Occultisim>

Understanding Occultism

People often confuse the words occultism and the occult with the word cult. This confusion is rather unfortunate, considering the terms do indeed have different meanings and connotations. A cult usually involves a small group of people with a specific leader or group of leaders that have a religious belief or practice that other people […]

Energy Protection Basics

Energy Protection Basics

A student that is developing psychic abilities is strongly advised to be well versed in the understanding of the basics of psychic self defense. This understanding may well save the psychic development student a great deal of time and energy in dealing not only with otherworldly creatures but also with the energy vampires present in […]

Pure Moods - Volume 1

Pure Moods – Volume 1

Every person has that one song they listen to so they can feel great, happy, relieved, or inspired. Music is part of our lives, and it is also a way for us to do some inward reflecting. This is why there are a lot of different music genres. Let’s go back in time and reminisce […]

What is New Age Music?

What is New Age Music?

Music has always been considered “food for the soul” either with instruments, vocals, or lyrics. With the addition of New Age Music (music which is solely based on a spiritual connection), the music industry expanded into more than just the beats to dance or lyrics to feel. New Age Music intends to create or develop […]