Is your career an excuse for your bad behavior?

Is your career an excuse for your bad behavior?

Are you often angry, frustrated, stressed or worried? Harboring negative feelings can adversely affect your personality and your behavior. Would you want to be around a person who is always moody or grumpy? When people interact with you and they find that you are not very friendly or forthcoming, they try to avoid you. This can affect not only your productivity at work but also your family relations and social life.

There could be many reasons why a person may constantly be experiencing anger or frustration. However, in today’s world one of the most common causes of stress or worry is work-related. Most people spend a considerable if not major part of their waking hours at work and if you are not happy doing what you are doing, then it obviously, is going to affect your behavior.

Is what you do dull and boring?

What’s an intelligent person like you doing stuck in this rut? Have you asked yourself or has anyone else asked you this question? Well, if you can do your job without having to think about it, then it’s time to think if what you are doing is worth it. When your job doesn’t excite you anymore, or perhaps it never did to begin with, then you are just doing something instead of doing something else which is better.

A career should not be a life sentence but a source of sustenance to life. When people say that they do so and so for a living, that’s what it means. It should provide you more than just money to support yourself. It should be something which you look forward to doing when you get up in the morning. Otherwise, you should seriously think what else you could do which will make you happier and enrich your life.

Change your work environment.

Sometimes, it is not your job but the environment in which you work which could be affecting your behavior. If you work in a chaotic environment, your mind and body are constantly engaged in trying to adjust to the external uncertainties that they begin to feel threatened, or unstable or weak. When someone wants to relax or be at peace, they usually go to a quiet place like a beach, a park or some such secluded place. Your workplace should be a place where you feel safe and by making some minor adjustments, you can infuse cheerfulness into your work environment.

Most people jump to the conclusion that they should change their career when what they need to do is just change their work environment. Just tidying up your desk or putting up some nice pictures on the walls or painting the walls a different color or even playing music can make a world of difference to how you work. Productivity has been known to go up with just some slight improvements or small changes in the work environment.

Find meaning and purpose.

Nobody really likes to do a chore. Chores are just something that need to be done. Most people go through their careers as if they are doing one unpleasant chore after another. That’s why they are unhappy or behave like someone who thinks every moment or at least every day is the worst day of their life.

Every job exists for a reason and it makes some contribution to the bigger picture. Once a person realizes this, then they can see meaning and purpose in what they do. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s how sincerely you do it.

Even if your are doing something as mundane as washing dishes or pruning a hedge in the garden, you can do it with concentration, skill and even artistry. At the same time, someone who is doing something which is seemingly profound or lofty such as composing a symphony or painting a portrait can do it with insincerity. A charlatan pretends what they are doing is important or has some significance but a professional or artist knows and believes in what they do and that it is meaningful.

Your career may be responsible for your behavior but you could also be responsible for making you career into something routine and therefore utterly unenjoyable. Take a few moments to evaluate not only your career but also your relationship with your career and you could emerge a happier and a better person.

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