How to Attract Money with Law of Attraction

How to Attract Money with the Law of Attraction

Once you can master the art of how to attract money and wealth it becomes easier to focus on and enjoy life. Ponder, if you will, how much easier it would be to find time to focus on your health, family, and other hobbies if you had all the money and wealth that you wanted. Also, consider how much easier it would be to accomplish goals if you had an unlimited amount of financial resources available to you.

Sure, money isn’t everything. It is a part of our human existence though. People shouldn’t have to struggle and feel on edge because their financial life isn’t as organized as it should be. Here are three easy steps you can take that will help you learn how to use the law of attraction to attract money into your life.

Step One: Decide and Expect

Before you do anything else it’s important that you decide exactly how much money you are expecting to receive from the universe and to give yourself an exact deadline. For the sake of your subconscious mind, it becomes important to be reasonable in your request. Attracting 1 million dollars in two weeks if you’ve never made more than $10,000 a year is unreasonable by pretty much anyone’s standards. It’s far more likely that you’ll attract an extra $500 in two months than an extra 1 million dollars in a week.

Another reason it’s important to start with small goals is because once you can achieve a small goal you’ll discover that your confidence is now stronger. As you build your confidence in yourself and the process it becomes easier and easier to attract higher amounts.

The other part of this is understanding that once you’ve made up your mind that you’re going to attract an extra $500 into your life in two months you have to let go of that thought and stop worrying about how it’s going to happen. The Law of Attraction, with anything, always works best when we leave the hows up to the Universe.

Step Two: Creative Visualization is Important

If you’ve not known how to attract money into your life by this point in your life, it’s likely because you’ve not worked enough with the creative visualization process. The easier way to start working with creative visualization is to take 10-15 minutes of your time everyday and imagine (visualize) what your life is like now that your goal is accomplished.

You always visualize in the present. It’s never “I’m going to receive an extra $500 in two months” it’s always “I now have an extra $500.” When we focus things into the future, it’s always going to stay in the future. When we put things in the past tense, we are telling ourselves and the Universe that it has already happened. As such, we need to keep our focus in the present when we do our visualizations.

The way I have always done this is by talking to myself and visualizing while taking a walk. I’ll usually start by saying an affirmation out-loud. Amazing things happen when we affirm out-loud. We start to rewire our neural patterns. Thus I’ll say “I have new friends that choose to spend time with me.”

I’ll next ask myself: “Why do you want this?”

I’ll respond: “Because now that I have new friends that spend time with me we enjoy each other company and it makes us both feel good.” In doing this work, I have created a strong emotional link as to the reason why I want my goal. You can do the same thing with money. “Why do you want $500?” “Because now that I have an extra $500 I can focus on……” The point is we must create a strong emotional link first before we visualize.

After the link has been created we close our eyes and visualize what life is like now that we have the goal, or i this case the $500. We try to see it as clear and make it as real as possible. We try to engage all our senses. We want to feel it, see it, hear what people are saying, smell what’s in the air, etc.

When we are done visualizing we then must let go of it until it’s time for our next visualization period. Letting go is so important, as if we never let go the thought/idea won’t have the ability to take form in the physical world.

Step Three: Don’t Get Discouraged

One of the worst things that happens to people is that they go through steps one and steps two of the how to attract money formula and then when they don’t see the results they want they become discouraged or proclaim “This crap doesn’t work” or “The Law of Attraction is Worthless.” Then, to prove this to themselves, they go around telling everyone they can find that “I tried the Law of Attraction, but it didn’t work for me.”

If people would keep their eyes open and look for the small signs that indicate it is working, they could save themselves a lot of problems. Each time we say the law of attraction is crap or that it doesn’t work, we are putting ourselves right back into the frame of mind that we were in before we started using it. Thus, it never does work simply because we have made it so.

One of the things I like to do is take a note of when the small things do happen. For example, let’s say that I’m using the law of attraction to travel. I state I am now in Kyoto, Japan. Mentally, I’ve already decided this will be within a year. I say my mantra “I am now in Kyoto, Japan and loving it” as I’m walking. I ask myself why I want to go and respond that it will be a cultural experience and allow me to grow personally and spiritually. I then let go.

The next day I’m watching TV and a commercial for Memoirs of a Geisha DVD plays. That’s set in Japan, and parts of Kyoto. At this point I say to myself… “I am on the right track” See how I just celebrated the small aspect of the law of attraction working?

About a month later my wife surprises me with a trip to EPCOT in Disney Word, Florida. “But that’s not the trip you wanted” you may say. Well, knowing that the law of attraction works in strange ways I am not disappointing, rather I am thrilled to be going and experiencing time with my wife. Low and behold, we have dinner reservations for one of the Restaurants at the World’s Showcase Japan Pavilion! Again, not exactly what I’m working on attracting, but I still acknowledge what I have attracted and say  “I am on the right track” and I enjoy the experience.

As you can see, it’s through celebrating those small victories that they eventually lead to much larger victories.

Now you know not only how to use the law of attraction to attract money, but also how to use the law of attraction to attract almost anything.

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