Difference Between Psychic and Medium

What is the Difference Between a Psychic and Medium?

Learning the difference between a psychic and medium is not complicated. The best way to remember it is by telling yourself that for the most part every medium is a psychic, but not every psychic is a medium. Psychic is a broad term used to describe anyone that makes use of what most consider to […]

Numerology Number 11 – Spiritual Messengers

Numerology Number 11 – Spiritual Messengers

Want to understand numerology number 11? Master number eleven, the spiritual messenger, is known for being psychic, sensitive, insightful, and intuitive. The symbolism of numerology number eleven is represented best by an angel. Angels are heavenly creatures that are blessed with the ability to offer insights. Many are known as God’s messengers, and as such, […]

How to Develop Psychic Ability

How to Develop Psychic Ability Using Games

How can a person learn to develop their psychic ability? The basics of developing psychic abilities can be summed up into three points It is common knowledge in the new age field that every person that is born into this world is born with psychic ability. Many people claim they have none, but these people […]

Candle Magick Simple Binding Spell

Basic Candle Magick Spell for Protection from Negativity

Alexandra has been dating a man named Robert for two months. At first, everything was great between the two of them. He was romantic, kind, gentle, and easy to get along with. Additionally, he had a natural leadership quality about him which really drew Alexandra in. Now, though, things aren’t so great. Alexandra feels that […]


Understanding Ghosts, Apparitions, Spirits, And Poltergeists

In the non physical world interacting with our physical world there are ghosts, apparitions, spirits, and poltergeists. Ghosts are spiritual presences that, through the use of energy, usually take on a physical form to interact with the physical environment. Most ghosts are not evil or bad, rather they are spiritual energies that have a message […]

Sandy Anastasi

Psychic Channel Sandy Anastasi

Since 1979, Sandy Anastasi has been a professional psychic development teacher. Today, many people will be familiar with this internationally renowned psychic channel and astrologer because of the work she has done on John Edward’s Cross Country and Crossing Over. She has also been a part of the Infinite Quest Team and has appeared in […]

Numerology Number 33 – The Master Healer

Numerology Number 33 – The Master Healer

Number thirty-three, the master healer, is considered to be the number of the avatar by many numerologists. Loving energies dominate, but awareness is still important. Number thirty-three’s symbolism is represented by the Archangel Michael. This well-known angelic figure is seen as the angel of protection and guidance. Additionally, from an astrological perspective, a combination of […]

Numerology Number 1 – Selfish Leaders

Numerology Number 1 – Selfish Leaders

A person that seeks to understand the number 1 in numerology should pay attention to both the negative and positive aspects of the number one’s personality. The symbolism of numerology number 1 is a lone figure standing upright and at attention, ready to brace himself against all manners of attack. Though they are alone, they […]

Numerology Number 6 – Responsible Martyrs

Numerology Number 6 – Responsible Martyrs

Numerology number six, the responsible martyr, is learning lessons in both responsibility and family. Discover more about this loving and, at times, unforgiving number. The symbol for numerology’s number six is a pentagram with an individual standing in the center of it. Each point of the pentagram represents one of the five elements (earth, air, […]

Tarot Minor Arcana for Beginners

Tarot Minor Arcana Meanings for Beginners

Learning the meanings of Minor Arcana of the Tarot requires time, study, and practice. By this point, you should have already read Tarot Reading Basics, Tarot Keyword Lists for the Major Arcana and Understanding the Court Cards. I’ll be providing two to three keywords or keyword phrases for each minor card in both their upright […]