10 Things You’ll Learn in a Good Psychic Development Program

Are you thinking about taking a psychic development program? Are you wondering what makes for a good psychic training program? Here are 10 things which you’ll typically find in a good program for enhancing your inborn intuitive powers.

01. How to do Meditation

Meditation is the most important thing you’ll learn as you work to develop your abilities. It’s only through the process of working with meditation that you’ll be able to learn how to separate your own thoughts from the thoughts of other people or spiritual entities. Additionally, only learning how to meditate will truly prepare your mind for the strength and work that it’ll need to do to be successful.

02. What the Chakras Are

The next most important thing you can learn after meditation is about the chakras. These energy centers influence a great deal both within you and around you. The chakras also control each of the various psychic abilities a person can learn to tap into.

03. Why Positive Thinking is Important

Positive thinking is equally as important as the chakras. Sometimes it’ll be framed from the perspective of the Law of Attraction, but regardless you should be learning how to control your emotions and your thoughts. Without positive thinking skills you won’t be able to reach the maximum level of proficiency that you’re capable of achieving.

04. How Energy in General Works

You will need a solid foundation in what energy is and the dynamics of how energy works. Without this foundation you’ll lack both the understanding of how psychic skills work as well as the reason people do and behave the way they do. You’ll also lack an understanding of your own inner world and motivations.

05. How to Do Straight or Natural Readings

You should learn how to do straight readings before you start working with tools like tarot cards or crystal balls. Straight readings involve reading and interpreting the energy, emotions, and thoughts around someone. You’ll fall back on this skill many times, especially when tools don’t appear to be working.

Psychic development is about learning to tap into both your inborn intuitive senses as well as use those senses to help improve both your life and the lives of other people. As such, when you reach the point of being able to do natural readings based only off of energy, you’ll be at a point where you can both help people understand things that are important for them to know as well as tune into those things which are important for you to know.

06. A Variety of Other Reading Tools

When tools do work they work really well. As such, you should be trained in a variety of divination tools and how to interpret them. This may include things like crystal balls, tarot cards, oracle cards, numerology, the I-Ching, pendulums, runes, or even astrology.

Many spiritual development courses will include at least one of these methods in the course itself and offer the study of several of the other divination tools as additional classes. Learn one really well first before jumping into learning another. Most students try to learn to much to fast and as a result they really never master what they are studying. This does not forebode well for them or the people they end up trying to help or work with.

07. How to Connect Safely with Spirit Guides and/or Angels

Ultimately you’ll want to be able to connect to and communicate with your own and other people’s spirit guides and angels. You’ll want to be able to do this in a safe and protective manner. The information you get from these spiritual beings can make all the difference between a good session and a great session.

You’ll also find that once you start connecting with your own spirit teachers that you’ll need to rely less and less on a human physical world teacher. There will come a point in your studies (or at least there should come a point) when you’ll no longer need your physical world teacher or mentor. This is a natural progression and something both you and your teacher should be prepared for and look forward to.

08. Some Energy Healing Modality

Many clients you work with and many people you encounter in your day to day life are going to be wounded and/or suffering. You should be taught how to use at least one healing technique. If you are trained in more so much the better. Reiki, Quantum Touch, Angel Touch, Aura Balancing, Therapeutic Touch, even distant energy healing are all possibilities here.

09. How to Heighten Awareness

The main thing you should be learning in any development course is how to increase your natural awareness for the extrasensory and paranormal aspects of life. It is this heightened sense of awareness that ultimately helps your abilities to improve and continue to grow. It also helps to teach you how to more easily tune into the energy of another person or spiritual energy.

10. Psychic Protections and Ethics for Psychics

Finally, no course designed to improve psychic abilities will avoid the topics of psychic protections or ethics for psychics. These two topics, though not as high on the list as others, are still very important topics that you should gain a mastery of.

Psychic self defense will help you protect your own energy from both other people that are negative as well as negative entities that you may find yourself dealing with at some point.

Ethics are important in any professional helping career. There are most certainly ethics that you should be aware of in this field too. Without them you risk harming yourself or another – which defeats the purpose of trying to help people in the first place.

In summary, if you find a program that has all of these topics chances are you’ve found a good quality program and one that should be explored. There are other factors that are important too. How long your instructor has been involved in the field. Who your instructor learned from. If there are any references for your instructor. In all, if the following topics are involved, however, you’re well on your way to a good start.


How to Prepare for Phone Psychic Readings

A lot of clients live far away from their psychic of choice. It makes getting an in person session with them difficult. As a result the only real option is a phone psychic reading or something or Skype session. The problem is that many are unsure of how to prepare for a telephone session.

Preparing for a telephone session is no different then preparing for a live session, except the fact that the intuitive and you are in two different places as opposed to the same location. Most readers will not have a problem doing accurate sessions from a distance via telephone. Energy is energy. The will still be connecting with their spirit guides and communicating with angels. They will still be able to get accurate information about both the past, present, and future. Again, the only difference is the fact you will both be in different locations.

There are five things you can do in order to help improve and prepare for your distant session. These five topics assume that you’ve already researched and chosen an intuitive, clairvoyant, or tarot reader that you feel comfortable working with.

Make sure you won’t be disturbed

One of the worst things that can happen during a session is the session being interrupted. This is also very hard on the intuitive reader. When a session gets interrupted, many time the reader will loose their train of thought and it will take extra time and energy to get it back.

It’s always best to tell people not to bother you while you’re having your session. Likewise, try to make sure the animals are put away. If you have kids see if you can find someone to watch them during your session. Be sure to turn cell phones off. Again, if it’s possible to avoid interruption it’ll make for a better session.

Before your appointment time make a list of questions you’d like insights into

Some people think they can remember all the questions they want to ask or the topics they want to talk about. From experience I can tell you this is almost never true. People tend to forget when they are involved in the middle of a session. Maybe it’s the energy, maybe it’s what the intuitive ends up saying. Regardless, if you don’t write your questions down you’ll end up saying “I wish I would have wrote the questions down.”

As for what type of questions to ask – there really is no right or wrong answer. It’s best to write down things you are curious about or that you want some additional insights into.

Take some time to meditate or pray before your phone psychic reading

The more calm and clear your mind is the better an experience you’re likely going to have. If you take some time to just sit in the room and clear your mind before the actual call time, you’ll find you are more open and that many readers will get a better read off of your energy.

Many people like to say a prayer before a session. Though your intuitive should have already protected the session before calling, it never hurts to say your own prayers or affirmations. This will help to empower the session, protect it from negative energy or unnecessary information, and let the spirit world know you are serious about your intent to gain insights.

A great sample prayer or affirmation would be:

“Protect this space and the session within in. Empower the reader to be the best they can be. Help me to be clear and open so that I may understand. Guides and angels who are close to me, go to the reader and help the reader to say what needs to be said.”

Don’t use a cell phone for your sessions

It’s always best to avoid using a cell phone for your session. Cell phones have a tendency to drop calls or become filled with static. This is especially true considering the amount of energy that may be present in your session. When possible use a telephone land line. It will help to keep the session from being interrupted or ruined due to lost signals and so forth.

Put yourself into listening mood, but don’t be afraid to talk

Some people make the mistake of talking the whole session. There are times when that is perfectly okay. After all, all of us just need someone to listen to us sometimes. You won’t, however, get a lot of good or useful intuitive information that way. The only way to get good intuitive information is by letting the reader give it to you. This means you have to allow yourself to listen. You also have to be patient.

Sometimes information comes to psychics very slowly. Then there is the process of attempting to understand what the information means. A reader has to play charades, the telephone game, and act as a messenger and adviser all at the same time. Information isn’t always crystal clear – so the reader has to try to interpret the information in the best way they can and get it across to you.

At the same time you should not be afraid to ask questions or to inquire about clarification on things said which you don’t understand.

Take good notes

Finally, it’s important for you to be ready to take good notes. Again, some people think they’ll remember, but in my experience they almost never do. Be ready to write down key points that come up in the session or things which you don’t understand.

If you have the ability to record a session that’s even better. Some readers will record a session for you and send a copy to you after your appointment. Not every reader is able or capable of doing that. In any case, going back over your notes or recordings later can be very revealing, insightful, and informative.

In summary, there’s nothing wrong with getting a psychic session by phone. It can be just as insightful and powerful as having an in person session. Still, there are some things which you can do that will help you prepare for a telephone appointment and even help improve the quality of your telephone session. By keeping these in mind you no doubt will be thankful you took the time to make an appointment.


What to do Before Live Psychic Readings

If you are reading this it is probably because you want to know what to do before live psychic readings. Now that you’ve decided to book a session the question remains, what should I do now? What is the next step? In this article I’ll provide three key pieces of information that will help you prepare for a live reading.

Before your live session you should take the time to make sure you do some very practical things. For example, turn off your cell phone. I can all but guarantee that if you leave your cell phone on it will ring in the middle of your session. This is never a good thing. A ringing cell phone, even if you don’t answer, is enough to interrupt a psychic’s train of thought. At best it can take a reader a few minutes to get back in to the appropriate head space to continue the session. At worst it will create an energy which will bring your session to an early end.

People close to you will many times be drawn to the energy that you and your spiritual guides create during a session. They will instinctively and subconsciously reach out to you – wanting some of that energy for themselves. So it’s best to make sure your phone isn’t just in silence mode, but turned off completely until the session is over.

If your live session is a Skype or phone session you also want to make sure you tell people that you won’t be available for them until after the session. Again, people find themselves easily attracted to energy. If you don’t set boundaries like this, interruptions can hurt the session.

The second thing you’ll want to do is either meditate or say a prayer before your session. Your reader will probably protect the room and space before you get there or call. Still, it’s smart to take some time before a session to do your own mind clearing. A quick meditation and/or prayer can go a long ways in making your session that much more productive. It will also help to calm your nerves and put you into a receptive state to openly receive the best possible information that the psychic will provide.

If you’re at a lost for what to say you can always do a simple prayer. For example:


This session is blessed and protected by All that Is. Allow my mind and heart to be open and help the reader to speak what needs to be spoken.

The above prayer has been used effectively by many clients in the past. It helps to prepare both you and the reader for the session ahead. By saying it in your head (or verbally) you’ll be putting powerful energies to work for you.

Finally, when it comes to live psychic readings it’s always a good idea to write down any important questions that you have before a session starts. You may think you can keep all your questions in your head, but most people end up having what is termed psychic amnesia when they get in the middle of a session.

Psychic amnesia is a condition that impacts clients when they are overloaded by the energy of a session. It causes them to forget certain facts or questions that under normal circumstances they wouldn’t forget. Always write down your questions before a session and make sure to have those questions with you.

Many times an intuitive will answer your questions without you ever having to ask them. This is always nice and a great validation, but you should still take any opportunity given to ask whatever questions may be left.

Always make sure your questions are open ended questions and phrased in a positive manner. While yes/no questions can be answered, you will get more value and information out of open ended questions.

In summary I’ve presented to you three things which you should keep in mind before partaking in a live session with an intuitive or clairvoyant. These include silencing your cell phone, taking the time to clear the mind with prayer or meditation, and writing down the questions which are most important for you to get answered.

Your intuitive session should be fun, informative, and insightful and by keeping these three tips in mind you’ll be off to a great start before the session even begins.


Why You Shouldn’t Get Cheap Psychic Readings

There are a lot of people that are looking for cheap psychic readings or free psychic readings. They have no idea just how bad this is for them. In this article I’m going to explain to you why you should avoid free clairvoyant and intuitive sessions and the reason cheap sessions aren’t any better for you.

We live in a world that operates on various laws. You may have heard of the law of gravity or even the law of attraction. You may have also heard of the hermetic law of as above so below. Regardless, these laws are considered to be basic rules or ways that the universe around us functions.

In addition to these laws there is a spiritual law called the law of exchange. The law of exchange basically says that in every interaction there must be an equal or fair exchange of energy in order for that interaction to be considered good and ultimately beneficial.

For example: Let’s suppose that two friends are hanging out. Erika and Amanda. Erika is always coming up with things to do, conversation topics, and trying to improve the mood of the Amanda. If Amanda doesn’t reciprocate, then Erika will eventually reach a point where she’ll feel that the friendship just isn’t valuable anymore. It’s not worth the time and energy investment. If Amanda does give back either in a similar manner or by always helping Erika out of a jam when she gets involved in one – the friendship is having an equal exchange of energy and bot women will be happy with their arrangement.

In our world that we’re living in money makes this exchange of energy easy. Money in the physical world is equal to energy in the nonphysical world. You trade the money, at a given value, for something which you believe to be worth that value.

When you chooses to get a free psychic session, obviously no money is involved. If you and the reader aren’t close friends where some other type of exchange is going on then this will mean a couple of things.

First, it means you’re placing no value on either the session or the readers time. It also means the reader really is placing no value on the work they do or you. Sure, their value may come from making you feel good in the moment, but this still would not be considered a fair exchange as you’re getting something for nothing.

Second, in order for that exchange to have value and be of any good, something else would have to be given up or provided instead of money. Unless specifically chosen by you, the Universe decides what that exchange ends up being. Many times people end up not happy about what happens due to this mandatory required exchange of energy.

There are exceptions. Some beginning readers, for example, will offer free sessions in order to work on getting experience. This is quite a bit different. Sometimes, you’ll also find readers do charity work and, again, this is different.

Now this fact may upset you. “But I don’t have the money!” If you find yourself saying this then barter or work something out with the reader. Never attempt to get something good for nothing. It just doesn’t end up working out in anyone’s best interest. Again, there will always be an energy of exchange.

The same can be said for so called cheap psychic readings.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You get what you pay for?”

Well, this is true even in the psychic world. If you’re going to be paying only $5-10 for a professional intuitive reading then you can’t expect that session to truly hold any worth or value. Sure, it may take some time to save for a $45 or $150 session, but most of the time you’ll find the saving and waiting is well worth it. Again, if you just can’t do it, talk to the reader and see if they’re willing to work out something with you.

Sometimes readers will offer specials or do psychic fair style readings. Again, they are doing this for a reason and the same rules don’t apply. It’s perfectly okay to partake in such special offers, but don’t routinely go out of your way to find readings that are “cheap.” Take enough value in yourself to give yourself the best that you can afford or make an effort to work out some type of deal with the reader. They may say no, but if they do say yes, at least you know you’ll be getting a high quality session.

Additionally, most professional readers charge rates based on the time, energy, experience, and expenses involved in addition to what they believe the reading is worth. You have to remember that a professional psychic typically does only psychic sessions to support themselves and their family. They don’t have another source of income and, contrary to popular belief, they aren’t getting rich off the service oriented work they are doing. On average, they make about as much as a counselor or priest does in a year’s time. Many times a lot less. So value is always relative.

The bottom line here is that while value is relative, you’re far better off paying more or making payments for something that you believe and feel is worth the investment as opposed to putting yourself into a position where you’re trying to save money and get a quick fix or something which you feel or believe isn’t really worth it.

Can You Trust Phone Psychics?

A common question that many clients ask me is can you trust phone psychics? I usually smile and wait for them to say more so I know why they are asking the question and where they are coming from. Having been a psychic that has both done both private psychic readings both in person and by phone as well as a reader who has worked for one of the top psychic hotlines, I think I am well qualified to answer this question.

Can You Trust Psychic Phone Companies?

So what is the answer?

The truth is, it depends.

It depends on what you mean when you ask the question and it also depends on which psychic and/or company you’re using.

For starters you have to understand that like myself there are intuitive readers who do professional readings independently. There are also huge companies ran by corporations that hire a large number of people to do readings over the phone. Most independent readers, like myself, will typically do one on one private sessions by phone in addition to in person or email readings.


How Well Can Independent Psychics be Trusted?

When it comes to an independent reader how well you can trust them depends on a number of factors. How long have they been doing this work? Where did they learn or train? Do they have testimonials? Etc. Basically, the same things you would use to judge any businesses as trustworthy is what you’d use to judge an independent psychic as being trustworthy. Although you should read up on and be familiar with psychic fraud so you can protect yourself from it.

Most of your top professional readers are going to fall into this category. People like John Edward, the former Sylvia Brown, Michelle White Dove, James Praagh, Doreen Virtue, Christopher Penczak, the Long Island Medium, etc. Most of your psychics who are aspiring to reach this level in their career will fit in here too. These are the psychics people most often think about when they talk about getting a professional reading.


The Good and Bad of Psychic Phone Companies

What about companies that specialize in phone psychic readings? Companies like Keen.com, California Psychics, Hollywood Psychics, and others. Are they trustworthy?

Again, the answer is… it depends.

Most of these sites and companies work very hard to try to hire whom they think are the best in the business. Does that mean that all phone psychics on one of these lines are going to be right for you? No, of course not. Just like every independent reader won’t be right for you either. Does that mean the entire company should be avoided? No, I don’t think that either.

What I do think is that you have to be responsible in how often you use one of these psychic companies and you also have to learn how to absorb, but not judge, information.

There are actually many talented people working on some of these lines. They choose to work there as opposed to running an independent business for a number of reason. One of the biggest being the provided marketing and advertising that goes along with being associated with a big corporate company. Another reason is they feel like they have other professionals in their field they can connect with.

What’s the downside to these companies? There are some readers that, honestly, have learned the longer they can keep you on the line the more money you’ll end up spending. The more money you spend equals the more money they get paid. This also means there are some readers on these lines who purposely make things up to keep hopes alive and to keep someone talking – knowing that there is a payoff coming for doing so.

This is a problem you generally won’t have with an independent professional intuitive who does sessions from their office either in person or by phone or Skype.

Most independent professional readers charge a set fee for either a ½ hour or an hour of their time. Not a per minute fee. Some will even go a little over the amount of time you paid for with no extra charge. This typically happens when you’re needing a little extra lift. In this case there is no need to keep someone on the phone for a certain period of time in order to try and get more money from them. This also means there is no need to make things up or keep hopes alive. Instead, you get someone that’s more like a counselor or life coach who is usually genuinely interested in helping you to both improve your life and heal from the past.

Another thing that the big companies do which creates some minor issues is they only allow their readers to talk about certain things or topics. This is purely for legal reasons as a means of covering their own asses. Thankfully, independent readers aren’t under this restraint. We usually post a disclaimer and/or have a code of ethics we follow, but it’s usually nowhere near as limiting as the corporate world.

What the psychic companies truly have going for them is that because they are normally backed by huge corporations they are usually able to offer an unlimited number of refunds for unsatisfied clients. Thus you will keep being sent to a new reader until you are happy. Unfortunately, most independent readers are very limited in their ability to do this.

I actually prefer working as an independent reader as opposed to when I was working a psychic hotline. I find the quality of the session tends to be much better when there aren’t time restraints and policies that have to be worried about.

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