LBRP - Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

One of the most common requests from visitors to my site and in my psychic self-defense class deals with people wanting to know a more advanced method of psychic protection magic. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, also called the LBRP, is a protection spell to drive away negativity. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of […]

Not All Magick is the Same

Not All Magick is the Same

I was recently on a website that was promoting Egyptian magick. As I read, I was in awe over all the great information on this ancient and powerful form of magick. Then I started reading what the website had to say about other, non-Egyptian magick and came across a line which read: “Widespread use of […]

Understanding the Elements

Understanding the Elements

One of the most important things you can learn as you begin your eclectic spiritual path is the elemental kingdom. Understanding the many correspondences associated with the four elements is essential. It will aid you in all areas of your spiritual practice and studies. This article will look at each of the four elements, their […]

Casting a Spell for Increased Love

Ritual to Attract Love into Your Life

There are many spells to bring love into the caster’s life. Some tend to focus on a specific person, which ultimately ends up not being a good thing. Anything which impacts a person’s free will can be said to be harmful and incorrect in usage. The proper wording in a love spell becomes very important […]

A Spiritual Parable - The Story of a Dog

A Spiritual Parable

I have a story I want to tell you. It was a story that was passed down to me by one of my own spiritual teachers many years ago. It’s a story that I share often with my psychic development students. Now over time, as is the case with most parables, it has changed. Sometimes […]

Psychic Reading - Preparing for a Psychic Session

Psychic Reading – Preparing for a Psychic Session

Many people, especially those new to the psychic field, wonder how to get a psychic reading. While many intuitive readers are eager to book an appointment, few professionals take the time to explain the right procedure for receiving a psychic reading. For a psychic or clairvoyant to connect with a client, that client must be […]

What is clairauidence?

What is Clairaudience?

Have you ever wanted to learn about a commonly misunderstood psychic ability involving the psychic sense of hearing? Keep reading to better understand clairaudience. People in our field believe that there are skills beyond an average person’s point of reference. One of these skills is clairaudience. The French word for “Clear Hearing” is clairaudience. This […]

Magick Circle for Protection

The Protection Magick of a Magick Circle

There are many forms of protection magick. Though it can be time-consuming, a magick circle is one of the most effective magic methods of creating a space of protection. A magick circle is used in protection magick to create a sacred and protective space around the caster. It can be simple or complex. The following […]

Past Life Email Reading

Why Explore Past Lives?

Take a psychic development course or dive into Pagan and Wicca practices. You will find yourself exploring your past lives. Though there are multiple ways to go about this exploration, this article’s focus is not on how to explore your past lives. Instead, the focus is on why it’s essential to do so. Understand that […]

The Psychic Ability of Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing has been used by many psychics to gather information about distant and unseen people and locations. In conversations and literature, people more often use the more straightforward term of long-distance viewing. Here you will learn how to tap into this fantastic skill. In preparing to perform remote viewing (a.k.a. long-distance viewing), it’s essential […]