How to Prepare Tarot Decks

Click image to learn more about the 177 page Tarot Reading for Beginners eBook.

Click image to learn more about the 177 page Tarot Reading for Beginners eBook.

When you bring home a deck of Tarot Cards from the store or someone has gifted you with a deck, it’s important to know and understand how to properly prepare that deck for use.

The cards themselves are not magical. They carry no supernatural power. They are not demon possessed or a direct conduit to God or anything else. They are simply cards. The same cards that have been used over the years in various games. While we may use them in divination today, they were never made for that purpose.

To prepare the deck is to put your own energy into it. In preparing tarot cards you are clearing and cleansing them of any past energy and then putting your own energy into them. It is only after this has been completed that the deck is ready to be used for divination or tarot reading.

There are, of course, some people that don’t follow the procedure outlined below to prepare their cards. This is their own choice. Most serious readers I have known, however, have prepared their deck prior to reading. They do this because of their own spiritual belief system. A belief system which holds that outside influences can impact the cards and tarot sessions as can a readers own energy.

Clearing and cleansing a deck of tarot cards is similar to praying over something. Assistance is being asked from a higher power to allow positive energy to surround the deck so that divination sessions may be an uplifting experience for all involved and so that only the most important, accurate, and needed information comes through. At the same time, this act also banishes negative energy.

Here are six of methods for preparing tarot cards for their first use.


Invocations and Prayers

This includes singing and chanting. Singing, chanting, prayers, and invocations have long been used to make a spiritual connection with something. Through the use of mantras, chants, songs, special words, or prayers one puts very important spiritual energy into the cards.

A simple prayer would be:

“In the name of (God/Goddess/Etc), I ask you to cleanse, clear, and protect these cards. In the name of (God/Goddess/Etc), I ask you to make these cards holy so that they may serve as a conduit for your light, love, and wisdom.”

This prayer is simple and effective and is similar to the one that I have been using for years.

Incense and Smudging

This is another popular method of preparing the tarot. Smudge sticks, typically made of sage, or burned and the smoke is used to bless and clear and the energy of the cards. No words or special thoughts are needed as it is believed the smoke itself brings about the energy change needed.

Popular incenses that can have a similar effect include:

  • Sandalwood
  • Patchouli
  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh
  • Nag Champa

Both incense and smudging can be very powerful methods for preparing your deck.


The moon is considered by some to be very powerful. Since it is lunar in nature it connects with the feminine. The feminine is also strongly associated with intuition and psychic ability.

A simple way to charge and prepare your tarot cards is by placing them under a window where the moonlight is going to filer through. Many will tell you the full moon is the best time to do this and that the cards should be left there the night before, the night of, and the night after the full moon.

You’ll want to remove your cards prior to sunrise – again the purpose is for the cards to absorb the lunar energy.

Burying the Deck

Just as the moon is believed to contain a certain degree of “power” so to is it said the earth herself contains power. Many tarot students choose to bury their cards for one to three nights before using them. This is said to allow the energy of Mother Earth herself to penetrate deep into the deck.

If you are going to do this it is strongly suggested that you put your cards in a zip lock bag that is water resistant. This prevents moisture from getting to the cards as well as stops unwanted creatures from crawling all over the deck. The cards will still absorb the energy of Mother Earth, but you won’t have to worry about them being ruined.

Sleeping with the Cards

This is one of my favorites. To get your energy strongly connected with your cards try sleeping with them. Put them either right next to your bed on the nightstand or place them inside or under your pillowcase. Not only will you empower the cards with your own energy, but you’ll also empower them with dream time, astral, or non-ordinary reality energy.

Shuffling the Cards

Of course the simplest method of getting your energy into your tarot deck and making it your own is by shuffling the cards. Shuffling the cards helps to mix your energy with the cards. You’ll want to carry the deck around with you for a few days and shuffle every now and again. A popular way of doing this is to shuffle while watching your favorite TV show.

Some people like to combine methods and this is okay too. It’s all about what you choose to do to get your deck ready and what feels right to you.


Closing Remarks

A little preparation can go a long way in bringing in good energy and getting started on the right foot to good readings. While some people may consider these things religious, they don’t require the belief in a particular deity or any deity at all. Anyone of any faith or even no no faith can find ways to empower the Tarot before using it.

Many readers do this only once per deck. Some readers, like myself, also develop mini rituals to use in-between tarot sessions to help keep them clear, clean, and charged.

For example: When I first get a deck I usually do all of the above to help prepare and charged the deck. Before readings I also typically try to smudge myself, the room, and the deck to help keep the cards clear. I’ll also shuffle until the cards feel right prior to a session, especially if I’m doing a phone session or an email tarot reading.

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Simple Tarot Spreads

Click image to learn more about the 177 page Tarot Reading for Beginners eBook.

Click image to learn more about the 177 page Tarot Reading for Beginners eBook.

Let’s take a look at some of the simplest tarot spreads a tarot reader or student of the cards can use to practice building their reading and interpretation skills.

What is a Tarot Spread?

A spread is the way the cards are laid out on the table. It is the pattern that a reader uses to help them interpret the cards. Spreads can consist of one to 31+ cards. If you study astrology, the easiest way to think of a spread is that each card of a spread is similar to a house in a horoscope. Thus, spreads are man made.

While some spreads have been passed down over the years, it’s also important for a tarot reader to learn to create their own spreads. That is not what we are talking about here. In this article we are discussing some popular, easy to use, spreads that have been handed down over the years.

For a reader to be able to effectively read the cards they have to both understand the meanings of the cards in their upright and reversed position and they must learn how to relate the cards to the spread they are using.

A tarot student is generally ready to start using spreads as soon as they have learned the meanings of some of the cards. Obviously the larger the spread, the more cards a student should know.

For the simplest one card spreads one only needs to have mastered four cards to start use them. We do this in my tarot classes by teaching students the meaning of the four aces first, since they are so easy to learn. Essentially, all aces represent new beginnings. The type of new beginning depends on the suite of the ace.

Ace of Wands = New physical beginning or new sexual relationship.
Ace of Cups = New emotional beginning
Ace of Pentacles = New material, career, or spiritual beginning
Ace of Swords = New communication

When the aces are reversed the new beginning are still coming, they’re just being delayed

For two and three card spreads a student should know the aces and court cards before attempting them.

For six card spreads student should know the aces, court cards, and Major Arcana.

For larger spreads all cards should be known.

These are only guidelines. This is recommended for those who are starting to learn the cards. Most students try to learn all the cards at one time and that usually doesn’t work. When you break it down into sections – Aces, Court Cards, Majors, Minors – and practice while adding in a new section, you gain a better understanding and mastery over the cards as opposed to trying to learn them all in one shot.

Having said all that, here are some simple spreads that anyone can use in their tarot reading practice.


Card of the Day – A One Card Spread

This one card spread is a great way to start your day. When you wake up you shuffle your cards and ask – “What is the most important thing I need to keep in mind today?” You draw a single card and interpret the card to learn what to watch for, pay attention to, or what lesson you’re learning for the day.

You can do this one card spread for yourself or another person.


This/That – A Two Card Spread

This spread is used when making a choice involving two different paths. You shuffle the cards then draw two cards. The first card represents what you need to know about the first choice and the second card represents what you need to know about the other choice.

As with the one card spread, this can easily be used for yourself or another person.


Yes/No – A Two Card Spread

This spread makes answering yes/no questions for yourself or a client easy. Draw two cards. The first card is laid on the table. The second card is laid directly under the first card. You now have a top and bottom card.

When both cards up upright the answer is yes. When both cards are reversed the answer is no. When the top card is upright and the bottom reversed the answer is yes, but. When the top card is reversed and the bottom card is upright the answer is no, but.

The cards can then be interpreted to provide the reasons for the answer. Typically the bottom card is more important to the interpretation than the top card, but both should be weighed equally.


Past/Present/Future – A Three Card Spread

This spread is best used on other people. You shuffle the cards or let them shuffle the cards. You or they then pick three cards. The first card represents the past and/or what lessons should have been learned from the past. The second card represents the present and what is going on or what needs to be learned in the here and now. The last card represents, provided nothing changes, where the client is headed and what the client needs to be aware of.


The Simple Cross – A Six Card Spread

The simple cross is a shorter moderated variation of the famous and most often used Celtic Cross spread. Shuffle the cards. Cut the cards. Either you or your client may do this and choose the cards.

Card one goes in the center of the table. This card represents either the client or what’s one the client’s mind.

Card two is laid vertically right on top of card one. This card represents the major obstacle the client should currently be working on to overcome.

Card three is laid above cards one and two. This card represents what is coming in the distant future, usually within the next one to three years provided nothing changes.

Card four is laid below cards one and two. This card tells us what major life lesson the client should have learned or is learning.

Card five is laid to the right of cards one and two. This card indicates what the past has been like and/or what aspects of the past needs to be kept in mind.

Card six is laid to the left of cards one and two. This card reveals what is coming in the near future or within six months, provided nothing changes.


Now that you’ve learned some easy tarot layouts you may want to view information on the court cards, keywords for the major arcana, and keywords for the minor arcana.

You could also check out tarot reading basics and study tools for tarot students.

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The Health Benefits of Common Herbs

herbsHerbs and spices are many times used to add flavor to food. For a long time, however, they were also used for their medicinal qualities. Let’s take a look at some common herbs and spices and the health benefits that are associated with them.

Please note: This article is not coming from a magickal or metaphysical perspective. It is purely being explored from the viewpoint of how these herbs and spices can influence health.

Before we get into the individual herbs, realize that all the herbs in this article are believed to be powerful antioxidants. This means they are believed to help remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents and protect from such things as cancer and coronary heart disease.

Another way to think of it is that when our cells use oxygen they generate free radicals. These free radicals are by-products or what is left over. Free radicals can cause damage to our cells. Damage to our cells can cause a host of medical problems. In essence, an antioxidant hunts down and destroys free radicals as well as repair the damage which they have done.

So let’s look at some of these antioxidant herbs and see what other health benefits they are believed offer and if those beliefs appear to be valid or not.

  • Basil
  • Chili
  • Cilantro
  • Dill
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Lemongrass
  • Marjoram
  • Oregano
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme


Basil is believed to help decrease inflammation. For those who don’t know, this is when a part of the body becomes swollen, red, or hot because of an injury or infection.

It is also said to help with acne, mental fatigue, head colds, gas, and kidney disorders. None of this has been proven clinically.

It’s normally added to Asian or Mediterranean foods.

ChiliChili peppers are sometimes called capsicum. It is well known that the fruit of the capsicum plant is used to make medicine.

It has been proven to reduce the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, shingles, and diabetes when applied to the skin where the pain is located. It also has shown to be effective in helping back pain and fibromyalgia. Cluster headaches and runny noses have also successfully been treated with Chili peppers.

Though not proven, some say it can aid in weight management. They go well with Asian, Mediterranean, African, and Latin inspired cuisines.

corianderCilantro is also called coriander. Much research still needs to be done in order to understand the impacts of Cilantro on health.

Some claim that it serves as an excellent digestive aid and helps with constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Others believe it can help prevent gas, diarrhea, and even measles. None of these haven been proven clinically.

It goes well with Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin, and Mexican style cuisines.

dillDill is said to be an antimicrobial. It is believed to help colds, fevers, coughs, bronchitis, and sore throats. None of this, however, has been clinically proven.

Dill is also believed to help with gas, urinary tract problems, liver problems, and gallbladder problems, Again, these claims have not yet been proven in clinical testing.

Mediterranean and American style cuisines are the best places to add dill.

garlicGarlic is said to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. In fact, it’s estimated that people with high blood pressure can reduce their blood pressure by as much as 8% by consuming garlic daily.

Garlic can prevent cerebral aging and blood clotting. It’s also well known for its ability to boost the immune system. Additionally, research indicates that garlic may be effective for reducing the risk for colon, rectal, and stomach cancer.

It is used throughout the world and can be added to most styles of food.

gingerGinger is believed to be an anti-emetic (prevents vomiting), antimicrobial (destroys pathogenic microorganisms), and anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation) herb. It is also said to boost the immune system. .

Since it is an anti-emetic, Ginger is believed to help reduce nausea and vomiting as well as dizziness. Additionally, ginger can help relieve the pain associated with menstrual cramps and arthritis.

In Ayurvedic medicine ginger is considered to be a universal therapeutic. It is typically found in Asian inspired food

LemongrassNot a lot is known about the healing properties of lemongrass and much research still needs to be done.

Lemongrass is said to have anti-cancer properties. It also said to act as an anti-inflammatory. It further is believed to help with stomach spasm and high blood pressure. None of these have been tested though.

Lemongrass goes well with Asian style cuisine and most seafood.

MajoramMarjoram is said to be antimicrobial. As such, it is believed to help with coughs, colds, runny noses, stomach cramps, and colic. It is also said to be useful in helping with gallstones, headaches, diabetes, relieving menopause and nerve pain. None of this has been yet proven in clinical testing.

Early clinical testings does, however, indicate that Marjoram may be effective in helping people to improve lung functioning.

Marjoram is typically found in Mediterranean, African, Middle Eastern, and American style food.

oreganoOregano is said to be antimicrobial. As such it is believed to help with coughing, the flu, and headaches. It is also believed to help with hemophilia and healing wounds. None of these have been proven in clinical testing.

It has, however, shown clinically to be helpful with high cholesterol and in killing intestinal parasites.

Oregano is often found in Mediterranean style cuisines.

parsleyParsley is said to be an antimicrobial. It is believed to help with coughing, digestive problems, urinary tract problems, menstrual cramps, liver disorders, and asthma. None of this has yet to be proven in clinical testing.

Parsley is also supposed to help with kidney stones, bruises, tumors, cracked skin, and insect bites. Again, this has not been proven clinically.

Parsley is found in cuisines throughout the world.

rosemaryRosemary is believed to be an anti-carcinogen and anti-inflammatory. It is additionally said to inhibit bone resorption. It is also said to be useful in helping with gas, indigestion, gout, cough, headache, toothaches, and high blood pressure. None of these have yet to be proven clinically.

Early clinical trials suggests that rosemary may be helpful in improving hair loss when the essential oil is applied to the scalp. There is also some early evidence to suggest that Rosemary can help improve the quality of memory in healthy adults. Additionally, there is some evidence that this herb will help decrease pain associated with arthritis.

It is often added to Mediterranean style food.

thymeThyme is said to inhibit bone resorption. It is also believed to help with agitation, ear infections, tonsil inflammation, sore throats, and bad breath. These claims have not been proven in clinical testing.

What has been proven is that Thyme is great for improving the symptoms associated with bronchitis including coughing and fever. Coughing associated with colds and upper respiratory infections also seems to decrease with the use of Thyme. This herb, in essential oil form, has even been proven to help with hair loss when applied to the scalp.

Thyme is typically added to Mediterranean style foods.

Remember, to consult your doctor, a good homeopathic practitioner, or someone knowledgeable in herbs before attempting any sort of major treatment of yourself with them. Adding these herbs and spices to foods, however, should be fine for most healthy adults.

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Your Moon Sign – The Emotional You


In astrology, the astrological sign that the moon was moving through on the day and time of birth is said to represent how you respond emotionally to the world. This is typically a person’s way of immediately emotionally reacting to the world.

Many people also forget that the sign the moon falls in can indicate how the family, in early childhood, influenced the person and the attitudes that one learned from the family.

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

ariesEmotionally impulsive – this is the general characteristic of someone with a moon in Aries. Many have tempers which they try to pretend don’t actually exist. On the bright side, their tempers are short lived and don’t last long.

Those with an Aries moon will, under normal circumstances, be extremely independent and prefer to do things on their own. There is also a tendency to want to do the opposite of what other people want them to do just to prove they don’t have to listen to others!

It’s not uncommon for those born with their moon in this placement to not think about consequences to their actions before putting those actions into motion. Many must be allowed to learn life lessons the hard way for there is an almost unconscious tendency to believe their way is the only right way for them.

taurusWhen it comes to people who have moon in Taurus, emotional stability can only be gained after financial security. When finances are weak there are often a great many fears and their ability to connect emotionally with others tends to be limited.

Having said this, most Taurus moon people tend to be solid and emotionally stable, not flying easily off the handle or allowing even major problems to upset them to greatly. Many are also blessed with a strong level of common sense. They tend to be stable workers once they have begun a project – many times tirelessly seeing it through to completion, though they may sometimes need the help of others to actually start new projects.

Rarely, but on occasion, some Taurus moon people will be lazy and want others to do all the work for them while they sit back and “supervise.” Likewise, sometimes those with a moon in Taurus can be very dogmatic and unwilling to change their beliefs at any cost.

geminiThe emotions in Gemini moon people tend to change rapidly and often. They can go through multiple emotions in mere seconds and the way they feel about something can change several times over the course of a few days. They are not always aware when they are doing these things.

So, for example, a person with a Gemini moon may tell you they hate Pizza only to suggest later that you all go get Pizza. They may profess their love to someone only to tell their best friend later how much they despise that person.

People with a Gemini moon tend to enjoy talking…. a lot. They also typically will try to rationalize their emotions. Many will be perceived by others as being either very busy or as very nervous. A few people with this placement will come across as being flaky, easily confused, or highly superficial.

cancerPeople born with a Cancer moon tends to have very powerful emotions and emotional reactions. Most will have problems with a Mother figure at some point in their life and many will feel as though they have been orphaned or abandoned by someone important to them.

These people can be overly sensitive and it’s not uncommon for them to get their feelings hurt very easily. When hurt, they are prone to pouting. The same emotional sensitivity that results in hurt feelings allow these natives to posses an almost psychic like insight into the true motivations and feelings of others.

Cancer moon people are some of the most loving, caring, and nurturing people you can ally yourself with, though they are at their best after they have entered into a secure marriage and own their own home. Sometimes they can come across as smothering, clingy, or “always looking over your shoulder,” but it’s typically done out of concern, love, and care.

leoThe people with moon in Leo need to be in the spotlight. Most every Leo moon individual has an inner desire to seek attention, appreciation, or admiration from others and/or to stand out in a crowd. These people somehow always tend to become the center attraction, even when they try not to!

Romance is very important to these moon born people. They like to get caught up in romantic evenings, movies, meetings, and fun games of coy or cat and mouse flirtation. The Leo moon isn’t always interested in following through after they’ve had their romance, but they almost always know and understand when they are in fact flirting with others. For them, it’s about having fun and making themselves and someone else feel good. It’s typically not about being serious.

Children tend to eventually become very important to every Leo moon born person. It’s not uncommon for them to want multiple children and it’s very rare if they don’t want at least one. They will tend to be very proud of their children and show them off often. Likewise, they can be overly protective of the kids they are responsible for.

virgoHardworking and practical are the keywords for those who have their moon in Virgo. This individuals typically make great friends and they are capable of helping others to see the practical side to what is going on or where one is thinking about going. They must, however, learn to be careful of perfectionism tendencies as this can serve to hold them back in life. Additionally, those with this moon placement must be careful not to become overwhelmed by all the little details.

Some Virgo moon people can be shy, very introverted, or dislike having to deal with people. Most prefer to do their work without drawing attention to themselves or what they are doing. Many try to avoid asking personal questions figuring if someone wants to share their personal life they will, but otherwise it’s none of their business.

Individuals with a Virgo moon will many times have tendency to be hyper critical of how others act if it doesn’t match up with their perception on how one should act and behave. While they many times won’t come right out and criticize or tell a person how they feel, it may color the way they choose to interact with that person in the future.

libraPeople with their moon in Libra can many times allow the emotions, feelings, and behaviors of their friends, bosses, co-workers, and romantic partners to influence them. It is for this reason that the Libra moon person can appear to have an almost psychic like connection to these people – responding to them as they need to long before they are asked or required to. On the negative side, this sometimes can lend to the Libra moon person becoming dependent on these people.

Libra moon individuals usually are not capable of handling disharmony and go out of there way not to “rock the boat” or to “Fix things” and “make up.” When a person with a Libra moon finds themselves around a lot of disharmony it is not uncommon for them to develop health related issues.

Most people with a Libra moon are excellent at interacting and working with the public. They tend to understand diplomacy and have a talent for using it to their advantage, especially to cool and improve hostile situations. They often times desire social status and will go to any measures necessary to climb the social ladder and be seen as “important.”

scorpioMoon in Scorpio represents people who are either willful or biased. As children they tend to be very disobedient or stubborn in their ways and they usually aren’t much better as adults. Like most water signs, there is also a tendency to take things personally. Unlike other water signs, the Scorpio moon is more inclined to seek revenge or retaliation for those perceived hurts.

Many people with a Scorpio moon have an inner need and desire to dominant and control others on a very subtle level. So, for example, they won’t tell you that you can’t go out, but they may make finding the keys to the car very difficult. They won’t tell you that you have to do what they want, but if you don’t they may find a way to “punish” you for not doing so.

The person with a Scorpio moon knows and understands the importance of sacrifice. If the sacrifice in the long run will get them what they want, there is never a sacrifice that is to great for them.

sagittariusLooking for someone positive and upbeat? Need someone in your life who tends to see the good and not the bad? If so, you need to find someone who has their moon in Sagittarius. These people sometimes are so positive that it can become annoying after a while!

Sagittarius moon born people need a good deal of travel and diverse cultures in order for them to feel at their best. When feeling at their best they are apt to do anything which those whom they consider to be their friends require of them.

Sometimes this moon placement will lead to narrow mindedness arrogance, and an inability to be objective. At the bare minimal, it’s not uncommon for these individuals to be attached to an unwavering philosophy or religion which colors their way of interacting with the world.

capricornIt’s not uncommon for people with a Capricorn moon to be come across as cold or uncaring. While this may or may not be true, it is true that there is a tendency for them to be reserved and cautious about opening up or sharing information and their inner emotional state with others.

Ambitious and hard working, many with a Capricorn moon tend to be emotionally influenced most by money, status, or career. This typically occurs because of an inner feeling of a lack of worth or a desire to prove themselves to someone.

People with a moon in Capricorn normally have trouble having fun and allowing themselves to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. They are great, however, at being a solid rock for others as they typically don’t allow the emotional states of other people to influence them or drag them down.

aquariusThere is an ability to understand humanity and what humanity needs. Many Aquarius moon people are friendly but in an impersonal sort of way. They may chat with you about a variety of topics or even strike up a conversation with you out of the blue, but that doesn’t mean they want to be emotionally tied to you, responsible for you, or obligated to help you. Many can come across as flirtatious without meaning to.

There is a need for the freedom to be able to express the self emotionally however they choose to do so. To not allow them this freedom or to block it in any way is to risk offending the Aquarius moon individual. If this means they want to pout and throw a temper tantrum, they must be allowed to do so. If they want to sulk, it shouldn’t be interrupted. However they want to express themselves, they need people in their lives who will allow them to do so in their own way.

Many fear becoming emotionally involved with other people due to past hurts or trauma and stubbornness is also not uncommon. Many also refuse to commit to another out of fear of loosing or having their freedom restricted. Further more, many feel as though they are the “black sheep” of the family regardless of if this is really true or not.

piscesPeople with moon in Pisces tend to be extremely sensitive. There is a tendency to pick up “psychic” impressions from others and to “absorb” the emotional mood of the people they are around. They would do well to study some form of energy or psychic protection in order to learn their true emotions vs the ones they pick up from others.

Many people with this placement find themselves feeling psychologically vulnerably and will retreat to isolation or solitude to protect themselves if their feelings get hurt. They are unlikely to seek out other people, instead having an expectation that “if they really care they’ll come to me.”

A vivid imagination, strong sympathy and empathy, and a tendency to guilt trip themselves or others are common traits of these moon born individuals. Many are good at arts, crafts, drama, theater, music, and/or design.

If you enjoyed reading about your moon sign you should also consider checking out the information on your sun sign.

Click the image to learn more about the 327 page Art of Astrology eBook.

Click the image to learn more about the 327 page Art of Astrology eBook.

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Your Sun Sign – What You’re Learning

Soul Astrology ReadingIn Western astrology, the astrological sign your sun was in at the date of your birth is considered one of the three most important factors in interpreting the natal or birth chart. The other two are the sign the moon was in and the sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the time and location of birth. Of these, the sun sign has always been considered the most important.

Click the image to learn more about the 327 page Art of Astrology eBook.

Click the image to learn more about the 327 page Art of Astrology eBook.

Many people are taught to read their sun sign from the perspective of “This is what I’m like or supposed to be like.” I personally was not taught to read the sun sign in that manner.

When I was studying and learning astrology, I was always taught that the sun sign represents the ultimate lessons a person was born into this life to learn. Thus, if one is born as a Scorpio they are learning to be a Scorpio or they are learning Scorpio lessons. They may or may not actually act or behave like one.

In fact, the sign mars is in at the time of a person’s birth is more of an indication of what a person is actually like. With that being said, here is what I was taught each sun sign is learning in their life.

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces


Aries is cardinal, positive polarity, fire sign.

The Aries native is learning to focus on and think only about themselves in this life time. If you ever meet an Aries that behaves selfishly you should smile and remind yourself that they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing in this life. Sadly, there are many Aries natives that forget that this time was supposed to be about them learning to focus on themselves.

Aries natives are also learning to be competitive and goal-oriented. Nothing comes easy for the Aries. They must learn to compete and set their standards high if they are to achieve.

Finally, the Aries native is learning to be both physically and mentally active and to exercise both faculties often. Aries needs both physical and mental stimulation. Without both of them the Aries native will usually find themselves falling into destructive habits or patterns.


Taurus is a fixed, negative polarity, earth sign.

A Taurus native is learning to take things slow in this life. They are learning that the best approach is a methodical one. They are learning that anything that truly matters requires time.

A Taurus will also be learning how to cultivate their organization ability. They will discover that the more organized they are the better life seems to flow for them.

Learning to find and stay true to their personal values is another important Taurus lesson. Many Taurus people find themselves in situations where they end up being forced to question their values. This life, for them, is all about learning what values are most important to them and then sticking to those values. In this light, the Taurus is also learning that it’s okay to be stubborn and tenacious, especially when it comes to those things which are most important to them.


Gemini is a mutable, positive polarity, air sign.

Virtually every Gemini is learning to overcome communication problems and fears in their life. Most of them are forced to learn this lesson early in life, though for a few the lesson follows them all throughout their life. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for the Gemini native to be forced to learn both the importance of talking and listening and when which is appropriate.

Gemini people are also learning to be versatile and to go with the flow. They are discovering in this life the importance of change and not fighting it. They are also learning not to view things in black and white, but rather gray.

Gemini needs to learn in this life both how to focus their mind on their objectives as well as how to handle things on their own. Additionally, many will learn the importance of alone time, introversion, and privacy.


Cancer is a cardinal, negative polarity, water sign.

Cancer is primarily learning how to deal appropriately with insecurity in this life. Most Cancer people will have one or more major insecurities that they are forced to deal with. In the process of doing this the Cancer native is also learning to know when it’s time to quit and move on as well as how and when to let go of the past. If that wasn’t enough, almost all Cancer born individuals must learn how to handle and deal with the many emotions that they experience in a positive and constructive manner.

Cancer also came into this world to learn about nurturing. As such, the majority of Cancer born people will find that they end up having to take care of another, perhaps many others, at some point and time. Cancer must learn, however, that they are not possibly able to help and care for everyone they come across.

Finally, the Cancer native has come into this world to learn how to put their creative talents and abilities to good use. This is especially true when it comes to their home environment.


Leo is a fixed, positive polarity, fire sign.

Leo is born into this life to learn about family. They are specially learning the importance of being proud of the things they do and being proud of the people they choose to align themselves with. With this comes the importance of learning about, creating, or embracing traditions.

Leo natives are all here to learn about leadership and being leaders. The sooner they learn to step into the spotlight and embrace leadership roles, the better life tends to become for them. They have to understand, however, that not everyone will act in accordance to their personal values and beliefs, but that doesn’t mean those people aren’t important or useful.

For the Leo, a big part of their lesson in this life is knowing when and how to both give and receive love. They are also learning the importance of devotion to either a particular person or cause. This is all on top of the lessons surrounding their creative energy and potential.


Virgo is a mutable, negative polarity, earth sign.

The main and most important lesson that Virgo is here to learn revolves around criticism and discrimination. They are learning just how sharp the tongue can actually be and when to be critical of both themselves as well as other people. Likewise, they are learning to discriminate between what is really important and what isn’t. With these lessons also comes the importance of learning to avoid extremism in all forms.

Most all Virgos are learning how to think analytically and be logical in this life. They are learning that it’s okay to be doubtful of others and it’s okay to not trust everyone they come into contact with.

Every Virgo comes into this life to learn about service. Learning how to be of service to others and the importance of doing service are key Virgo lessons that can’t be ignored. Likewise, every Virgo will have to deal with health related stuff in life. For some this may mean becoming a nurse, doctor, or working in a hospital. For others it may involve having to overcome a major illness or having to take care of someone with such an illness.


Libra is a cardinal, positive polarity, air sign.

Libra was born into this life to primarily learn to be social and relate to other people. Learning to belong tends to be an important lesson for Libra born individuals too. With all this focus on being social it’s no surprise that Libra people are also learning to be mediators for and between people.

The Libra native is also learning about personal balance in this life. It’s very important for Libra to learn to find balance. It’s also very important for Libra to learn the difference between keeping things in balance and avoiding conflict. When Libra avoids conflict they typically find themselves being held back.

Many people born into the Libra sun sign will find that they have to deal with one or more co-dependent relationships in their life. This typically is a sub lesson connected to the previously mentioned not avoiding conflict lesson.

Perhaps the hardest lesson for Libra, however, revolves around learning to disassociate from their emotions. Libra eventually must learn that in order to make certain effective decisions and in order to take certain effective actions there must be a disconnection from their emotions and their worry about what other people will think of them. Along with this lesson comes a lesson involving learning to think things through before making decisions. Libra must learn, however, that they can’t sit on things too long – that the longer they wait to make a decisions the more opportunity they may end up missing out on.


Scorpio is a fixed, negative polarity, water sign.

Scorpio is known as the most sexual of all signs. In truth, the majority of people born with a Scorpio sun sign will learn about sex, sexuality, sexual taboos, and sexual problems as they live life in the physical world. Sex, after all, is one of the most powerful and intense expressions of emotion that a person can be engaged in. Scorpio is learning that sex is never “just sex”, that there is always something more powerful and deeper going on.

Like Cancer, almost all Scorpio born people will have to learn to deal with intense and heavy emotions in a constructive manner. Many Scorpios will learn about abuse and the darker side of humanity at some point and time in their life. They are learning to understand this side of humanity and to still have hope for a better world. They are learning that they bare some degree of responsibility in helping other people and the world to change.

Scorpio must learn not to obsess over things. They also have to learn to take their intuition seriously and learn how and when to use it to both help others and make decisions. Scorpio born people are also learning to help other people see their strong and weak points. They are here to learn how to help people capitalize on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

It’s not uncommon for Scorpio born natives to have a knack for business – many are learning about power and control in this life. Many are also learning when and how to keep secrets as well as how and when to manipulate others into helping them achieve their vision of the greater good. Likewise, most Scorpios are also learning that there are times when they must give up control to another.


Sagittarius is a mutable, positive polarity, fire sign.

A Sagittarius born person is primarily focusing on overcoming prejudice and injustice. At some point in their life they’ll be called to stand up for another person, the underdog, or those who are just different then them. Additionally, many Sagittarius natives have to learn to see and focus on the positive in the world while not dwelling on the negative.

Sagittarius has to learn when to work hard and when to be lazy. Many struggle with overcoming lazy tendencies as there is a deep desire to enjoy life and have fun. This desire to enjoy life and have fun is the very same desire that forces them to learn how to be flirtatious and playful with others. Likewise, there is also a need to learn to explore and investigate other countries and cultures.

Sagittarius must also learn that it’s okay to be idealistic and philosophical. Most will have to spend extra time in their life in their educational pursuits or being involved in education. Many will be forced to deal with or overcome “father” issues at some point in their life, though not always associated with their own biological father.


Capricorn is a cardinal, negative polarity, earth sign.

Those people born into the sun sign Capricorn will find that their most important lessons will revolve around the importance of family and family connections. Capricorns will need to learn how to separate their work life from their family life. Many Capricorns are meant to learn about the role of parenting in this life time and this plays out sometimes in their day to day life with their friends who they end up learning to “mommy/father” in some manner.

Career tends to be the second most important thing to those native to this sign. They must learn to dedicate themselves to a career that provides to them the material and financial support and comfort they need and want in their lives. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for Capricorn people to have to learn from a very early age to be both responsible and serious for others.

Respect is a keyword when it comes to Capricorn. They are here to learn about the importance of both respect others, especially those above them or that holds authority over them, and they are here to learn how to gain respect and admiration from others.

Capricorns must also learn that it’s okay to want and seek power and prestige provided they don’t try to cheat the system. These individuals must learn to follow and obey the rules else they tend to have to start over from the bottom again.


Aquarius is a fixed, positive polarity, air sign.

Those people born into the Aquarius sun sign are mainly learning that it’s okay to be different from everyone else. It’s okay to be unique and to express themselves in unique and unusual ways. To do this they typically will also learn the importance of being stubborn.

Aquarius born natives are here to learn the importance of being practical and yet intellectually creative. They eventually also must learn to withhold judgment. Along with their intellectual creativity, there is a need to learn to be curious and to figure out what makes things or even other people tick.

Many people born into this sign are also going to spend a good deal of time learning to focus on the greater good of the world. Humanitarian or volunteer efforts would not be uncommon. Despite this, Aquarius is not here to learn to focus on emotions. In fact, most must learn to avoid becoming emotionally attached to others as well as learn when to move on and find something else to put their curiosity and attention into.


Pisces is a mutable, negative polarity, water sign.

The most important lesson for people born into the sun sign Pisces is to learn how to effectively deal with guilt. These individuals have to learn not to feel guilty about everything that goes wrong and, more importantly, not to use excessive guilt tripping with others.

Pisces born people also have to learn not to let fear hold them back. Many will find themselves working on overcoming some variation of paranoia in their life. Once they learn to blend in and trust others they typically find that they have to deal less with fears.

Like all the water signs, Pisces must learn how to handle their emotions constructively. It’s important for them to learn to share their emotional nature with others and to trust both their empathy and intuitive ability.

Interestingly, most Pisces come into the physical world to learn to combine the spiritual with the physical. Flexibility in their belies and who they align themselves with is an important part of their growth process.

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