10 Ways to Live a More Spiritual Life

spiritBeing spiritual is about more than just saying you’re spiritual. Anyone can claim to be spiritual. Anyone can say they study and follow metaphysical laws and principles. Being spiritual or metaphysical also requires a certain level of commitment and action. Though everyone has their own ideas about how to follow their chosen path, there’s nothing wrong with gaining insights into some common spiritual practices that have proven beneficial to many over the years. Here are ten things you can do to live a more spiritual and metaphysical based life.


One: Meditate Daily

Meditation forms the foundation of metaphysical spiritual practice. It is only through meditation that one is able to make contact with the inner spirit – or as some would say – the God within. It is also through meditation that one learns to quiet the mind and figure out their own thoughts vs. the thoughts of others whom they may be receiving. Finally, meditation is important for restoring calm and peace to both a person’s inner and outer world.


Two: Think Positively

Positive thinking is a very important spiritual practice. Especially for those of us who are involved in metaphysical spirituality. It is said that the world around us is a mirror of our own thoughts. The more we focus on positive thinking that more likely the world around us is to conform to that state of consciousnesses. Positive thinking is also important from a Law of Attraction perspective. What we think about, we tend to bring about. Now this doesn’t mean that all negative thoughts will always bring something bad – what we are talking about is a general state of consciousnesses here.


Three/Four: Nullify Negative Thoughts and Nullify Negative Spoken Words

Three and four focus on learning to nullify. To nullify means to discard and eliminate. In this case we are talking about being aware of when we do have negative thoughts or when we are saying negative things and then purposely nullifying those thoughts or words. This is usually done through a simple process of thinking or saying “delete, delete, delete” or something similar. Of course, once a negative thought or negative words have been nullified, the second step is to replace the negative with something of a more positive nature. This process of training the mind and self to eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive is one of the fundamental key foundational practices for improving life and following a more spiritual path.


Five: Dedicate Each Day to God and the Universe

A simple practice that goes a long way in influencing the day is to wake up each morning and spend a few moments dedicating the day to God and/or the Universe. Taking the time to promise to the self that one will do their best to try and behave, think, and live from the highest spiritual point possible can influence both the day in general as well as how one ultimately chooses to act and react to various events, people, and circumstances that crosses their path as they move through the day. It doesn’t take an elaborate ceremony to do this, just the simple process of taking the time to think through the dedication. It’s one of two things I personally try to do every morning immediately upon awakening.


Six: Give Thanks for All Good

Unfortunately, for many there is a tendency to take the good that comes to us in life for granted. As human beings, we tend to focus more on the bad and the negative as opposed to being thankful for the positive and good that occurs. In spiritual leadership, gratitude ranks as one of the most important skills that can be developed.

Gratitude is the process of being thankful for what you do have vs. dwelling on that which you don’t have. The vibrations that come from gratitude help to draw, attract, create, and reveal more good things in life.


Seven: Read Inspirational Literature

One of the best ways to stay motivated inspired, and to continue along a spiritual path is to engage in watching or reading something inspirational each day. If only for five minutes, this act will keep the good vibrations flowing and will many times provide food for thought that is worth pondering. Also, when we remember that what we focus upon acts like a magnet in our life – it’s easy to see how inspirational literature, documentaries, or movies can be useful. As a side note, many of the most professional people in our world take the time each day to read or watch something inspirational. If some of the most successful people in our world are doing it, why shouldn’t we?


Eight: Forgive as You Would Wish to be Forgiven

In some spiritual circles forgiveness is considered a virtue. The truth is, we don’t forgive people for their benefit, it’s done for ourselves. To hold onto anger, hurt, hostility, and any similar emotion is to force the conscious and unconscious mind to focus upon those lower level vibrations. This results in similar vibrations being drawn to us. Thus, it’s so important to forgive if only for our own healing and to continue the trend of generating positive vibrations within our own life.


Nine: Attend Spiritual or Metaphysical Groups

The power of a good group can never be under estimated. When people find a group they can jive with and connect to, the group serves as both a source of support and healing as well as inspiration and connection. None of us want to feel alone. Groups are a powerful way of discovering like minded individuals that we can commune with and share our journey with. Groups are also wonderful as learning tools. They give us a safe place to share our thoughts and practice our spirituality while bouncing ideas off of others and receiving their feedback. Everyone should consider finding at least one group – spiritual or metaphysical – that they can spend at least an hour a week connecting to. It tends to make a huge difference in the lives of all involved.


Ten: Remember Daily Who You Are

You are a child of God/the Universe. You contain the spark of the Divine within you. Never forget this. When people realize this about themselves they can follow a higher road. When people realize this about themselves they can help others in some amazing ways.

Part of remembering who you are involves learning to separate your ego from your Higher Self. The ego, or little you, wants to control life. It’s like the ID principle in Freudian psychology. The ego revolves around instant gratification at the cost of everything else. It’s all about “me” and fights hard to have its own way.

The Higher Self, in contrast, is the higher part of the self that is closes to God/the Universe. It’s similar to the superego principle in Freudian psychology. It wants what is best for all involved and it wants this without causing any harm to another. A sure fire way to tell when something is not from the Higher Self is when it involves hurting another person. That will always be the ego talking.

By remembering daily who you are you will become more confident and strong in your personal faith in yourself, God/Universe, and in your Higher Self. Like number five above, this doesn’t take a lot of time, it’s simply a matter of practicing daily recognizing your Higher Self voice from your Ego voice. It also involves surrendering to the Higher Self voice and not giving into the ego voice.


Now that we have learned about these ten methods of improving metaphysical spirituality, let’s end with positive affirmations which you are encouraged to say out loud three times every morning and evening for the next week.

“There is no personality, opinion, or condition that interferes with my choices. I am a spiritual being, living in a spiritual world, governed by spiritual laws.”William A. Warch



Why You Shouldn’t Get Free Psychic Readings

Free psychic readings are something that a lot of people are looking for. They have no idea just how bad this is for them. In this article, I’m going to explain to you why you should avoid free clairvoyant and intuitive sessions and the reason cheap psychic readings aren’t any better for you.

The Law of Exchange

We live in a world that operates on various laws. You may have heard of the law of gravity or even the law of attraction. You may have also heard of the hermetic law of as above so below. Regardless, these laws are considered to be basic rules or ways that the universe around us functions.

In addition to these laws there is a spiritual law called the law of exchange. The law of exchange basically says that in every interaction there must be an equal or fair exchange of energy in order for that interaction to be considered good and ultimately beneficial.

For example: Let’s suppose that two friends are hanging out. Erika and Amanda. Erika is always coming up with things to do, conversation topics, and trying to improve the mood of the Amanda. If Amanda doesn’t reciprocate, then Erika will eventually reach a point where she’ll feel that the friendship just isn’t valuable anymore. It’s not worth the time and energy investment. If Amanda does give back either in a similar manner or by always helping Erika out of a jam when she gets involved in one – the friendship is having an equal exchange of energy and bot women will be happy with their arrangement.

In our world that we’re living in money makes this exchange of energy easy. Money in the physical world is equal to energy in the nonphysical world. You trade the money, at a given value, for something which you believe to be worth that value.

When you chooses to get free psychic readings, obviously no money is involved. If you and the reader aren’t close friends where some other type of exchange is going on then this will mean a couple of things.

First, it means you’re placing no value on either the session or the reader’s time. It also means the reader really is placing no value on the work they do for you. Sure, their value may come from making you feel good in the moment, but this still would not be considered a fair exchange as you’re getting something for nothing.

Second, in order for that exchange to have value and be of any good, something else would have to be given up or provided instead of money. Unless specifically chosen by you, the Universe decides what that exchange ends up being. Many times people end up not happy about what happens due to this mandatory required exchange of energy.

There are exceptions. Some beginning readers, for example, will offer free psychic sessions in order to work on getting experience. This is quite a bit different. Sometimes, you’ll also find readers do charity work and, again, this is different.

Now this fact may upset you.

“But I don’t have the money!”

If you find yourself saying this then barter or work something out with the reader. Never attempt to get something good for nothing. It just doesn’t end up working out in anyone’s best interest. Again, there will always be an exchange of energy. You might also want to check out the articles on when to get a psychic reading.

So while free psychic sessions may sound great in the moment, the likelihood is you won’t end up happy in the long run.

What About Cheap Readings?

The same can be said for so called cheap psychic readings.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You get what you pay for?”

Well, this is true even in the psychic world. If you’re going to be paying only $5-10 for a professional psychic reading then you can’t expect that session to truly hold any worth or value. Sure, it may take some time to save for a $45 or $150 session, but most of the time you’ll find the saving and waiting is well worth it. Again, if you just can’t do it, talk to the reader and see if they’re willing to work out something with you.

Psychic Specials

Sometimes readers will offer specials or do psychic fair style readings.

For example, I routinely offer either phone or email reading specials to those who have signed up for my newsletter.

When psychics are offering specials, they are doing so for a reason and the same rules don’t apply. It’s perfectly okay to partake in such special offers, but don’t routinely go out of your way to find readings that are “cheap.”

Take enough value in yourself to give yourself the best that you can afford or make an effort to work out some type of deal with the reader. They may say no, but if they do say yes, at least you know you’ll be getting a high quality session.

Professional Psychic Rates

Most professional readers charge rates based on the time, energy, experience, and expenses involved. This is in addition to what they believe the reading is worth.

You have to remember that a professional psychic typically does only psychic sessions to support themselves and their family. They don’t have another source of income and, contrary to popular belief, they aren’t getting rich off the work they are doing. On average, they make about as much as a counselor, minister, or priest does in a year’s time. Many times a lot less. So value is always relative. You may want to read the article 3 reasons to see a professional psychic to better understand what constitutes a professional in the psychic field.

The bottom line here is that while value is relative, you’re far better off paying more or making payments for something that you believe and feel is worth the investment as opposed to putting yourself into a position where you’re trying to save money and get a quick fix for something which you feel or believe isn’t really worth it.

3 Reasons to See a Professional Psychic

To many individuals, seeing a professional psychic to seek psychic help seems to be an odd thing to do. The rise of various technological breakthroughs has changed the beliefs and lifestyles of people from all across the world and seeking advice from a psychic is the last thing in their minds. However, there are still some who believe in psychic powers. There are still some that enjoy getting information from a more spiritual based perspective. These people turn to psychic professionals for advice believing that doing so will help them avoid the negativity that awaits them in the future.

What Makes a Psychic a Professional?

To be a professional means a person is paid to do something which they are either skilled at or have training in, many times both. A psychic becomes a professional when they engage in doing psychic readings as their only or primary means of earning an income. The longer they have been doing this, typically the more respected they tend to be.

What are Some Reasons People See a Professional Psychic

Though there are many reasons a person may choose to consult with a psychic, the following three are perhaps the most common.

1. To uplift one’s spirit.

A client of mine constantly says that seeing me is like they get a spiritual shot. She leaves the session feeling empowered and uplifted emotionally,mentally, and spiritually.

One of the most common reasons people see professional readers is because they want to feel empowered. Talking to a psychic professional usually leaves them feeling that they have more options and because of this, they can achieve peace of mind. A psychic session helps people sort out current options and situations giving them a thorough understanding of their past and more possible outcomes in the future.

Our future depends largely on how we choose the path that we want to follow. If a person has been following the same direction, outcomes become very predictable. Seeing a psychic helps them understand the changes that they need to make in order to change the outcome of the situation.

2. Wiser career decisions.

I personally do not consider myself a great career psychic. However, there are times when good career information does come through in my sessions.

Some psychic professionals can offer personalized career guidance based on several means. These may include numerology, tarot cards, astrology and reading the astrological birth chart, or using psychic powers like clairvoyance. In fact, these professionals can advise those without jobs or careers about career possibilities or job opportunities. Unlike other career advisers, psychics typically only concentrate on one person. They also consider an individual’s career background and evaluate their personality. As such, psychic readers sometimes can help the jobless choose the right path to start on a better career or overcome current or potential future career obstacles.

If you would like to consult about career advancement or career development, keep in mind that people do not always like everything that they hear during a psychic session. The psychic who specializes in career will, however, many times give constructive advice that can help you advance in your career.

3. Attract possible relationships.

You can read more about psychics who specialize in relationships in the article, what is a relationship psychic?

Another common reason men and women see psychics is because they want to ask questions about love and relationships. Psychics are not fortune tellers, but they can use several tools (like astrology and tarot cards) to help find a compatible partner.

The psychic who specializes in relationships will also give advice as to which romantic partners are most compatible and which are just flirtatious players that should be avoided. They can even help couples have amazing breakthroughs to strengthen and improve their relationship.

Whether a person believes in the idea of seeking psychic help or not, the important thing to remember is that man holds the keys to his future. Every outcome depends on how a person choose the paths that they want to follow. Psychic professionals are only here to give us advice and guidance. It’s up to us to decide what to do with that advice and if it’s right for us and our situation.

What Is a Relationship Psychic?

Learn more about what a relationship psychic is and isn’t.

Did you know that psychics tend to specialize in certain topics? One of the most popular areas for a psychic to focus on is relationships.

A psychic that specializes in relationships is a person who has psychic or intuitive abilities that has decided to focus on the areas or topics of relationships, romance, and love. They do this in hopes of helping people work through, understand, and heal in these areas of life.

Many psychics, fortune tellers, and clairvoyants choose to specialize in the category of relationships. It is, after all, one of the areas of life that people become the most distraught and emotional over. Even though this type of psychic can be of great help to couples, the separated, and the single they also have a great deal of responsibility to their client. A relationship psychic must aid their client in coming to an understanding about complex relationship and romantic issues while at the same time not destroying their hopes, dreams, and emotions. A task that is not easy by any means!

Many psychics who say they specialize in relationships have little to no understanding of actual relationship dynamics or relationship psychology. Some even lack common sense in the dating games that men and women constantly play in our society. This is a great disservice to clients, for these psychics make predictions and offer advice and suggestions which can be disastrous to the love struck or an emotionally suffering person. By the time a client finally does find a psychic that actually has an understanding of how relationships work, the relationship they were hoping to work on/out is usually so far gone that the attention must now be spent on healing the self as opposed to helping the relationship.

Making predictions concerning upcoming love interests is something else which these psychics are known for. A good psychic will never blatantly tell you if a person you’re seeing or you want to be involved with is good or bad for you. True, there are exceptions. For example, if you’re involved with someone that is abusive, you’re likely going to be told in a around about way that you need to leave the relationship. For the most part, however, in the average relationship scenario you won’t be directly told if you should or shouldn’t be involved with the person. Rather you’ll be told the strengthens and weaknesses that you need to be aware of and should focus on.

Always remember that most romantic relationships have the potential to develop into healthy and positive relationships. As mentioned, a gifted psychic will outline both the strong and weak points of an upcoming or current relationship. They will also allow you to make your own decisions, now empowered with information, on if you feel it is worth pursuing the love interest.

In all cases, you would be wise to avoid a psychic reader which makes claims of bad or negative energy being in your life. A psychic who does this is likely trying to scam you out of money. You should take the time to read the avoiding psychic fraud article found on this website.

Also, it’s important that you be aware that ethical psychic can’t and won’t use magical means to summon or control a person. Likewise, you shouldn’t expect the psychic to pass along advice or information about magic rituals of this nature. Love that is found in such a way never makes for a good or long lasting relationship.

Additionally, always remember that psychics will never take the place of a marriage counselor or other certified or licensed professional. If you’re in that kind of distress or trouble you should speak to a professional that has spent time and effort learning and training in the appropriate skills to deal with those problems.

As a final note, relationships sessions are always best when both people are able to be present for the session. This is especially true when two people want to work on and improve their relationship. Unfortunately, many times only one part of the couple is seeking advice and help. While they may get some useful guidance and insight, always remember that we can’t ever control, change, or make other people do things.

So why use a psychic that specializes in relationships? As has been stated, when the average person finds a good one with the appropriate background, that psychic can help them to work through, understand, heal, and see both the positive and negative aspects of current and past relationships as well as be alert to possible future or forthcoming relationships of importance.

Metaphysical Sermon – Metaphysical Laws

Metaphysical Laws and Spiritual LawsWhat is Metaphysical Law?

While not a law from a traditional scientific perspective, we in the New Age, New Thought, and Metaphysical fields call metaphysical law any spiritual truth, that when applied to one’s life, can result in a demonstration of success and happiness. Sometimes these are known as spiritual laws.

While in truth there is only one real metaphysical law, we as human beings have always had a need to expand things. Thus, today we are going to look at some various metaphysical laws and provide briefly a description of what they are. While we won’t be covering all of the laws that are believed to be out there, a good portion of them will be glanced at.


The Law of One

This law states that there is One Mind in this universe. That one mind is the creative principle behind each individual mind. That one mind always has been, still is, and always will be. That One Mind is all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere present –including present within each of us individually. Thus, even in individuality there is still oneness. When people are able to recognize the One Mind as God, it brings demonstrations of success. Please note, the word God can be exchanged here for the Higher Power, The Universe, Cosmic Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, the great Goddess, etc.


The Law of Universal Plenty

All good, and only good, is contained within that One Mind. When this One Mind is seen and declared to be the source of supply by an individual it sets into motion psychic energy within the One Mind to provide.


The Law of Cause and Effect

Sometimes called the Law of Attraction, this law states that every thought in the human mind is a “cause” which sets into motion a psychic energy within the Universal Mind of God, and results in a physical “effect” in the visibly seen world.


The Law of Karma

This is law builds off of the Law of Cause and Effect. You can read more about Karma from last month’s sermon. This law states that as you think and/or correspondingly act, such thoughts or actions travel from your personal mind into the Universal Mind. If the thoughts or acts are good or positive, they set up a psychic chain reaction that will eventually return to you as good in your life. If thoughts are negative, the law operates the same way, returning negativity to you. Fruition of karma typically occurs in the same lifetime, but in some cases, flows over into another lifetime. This idea is attributable to the belief in reincarnation.


The Law of Permanence and Non-Permanence

There is only one thing in the entire universe that is permanent. That is the Universal Mind of God. All other things, human life included, are temporary. This also means that no matter what the problem is that occurs, it is only temporary. To overcome temporary problems one must raise their consciousness above the level of any negative conditions in the mind, thereby outgrowing the problem.


The Law of Love

This is sometimes called the golden rule. The basis of this law is that how you treat another is in truth how you treat yourself. In absolute reality there is only one mind and one life. If you do good to another, by virtue of the Law of Karma, good will return to you. The Law of Love takes this further and says that what you do to another you also in reality are doing to yourself. This also means that if you harm another, in reality you are only harming yourself.

It’s important to understand that with both the law of Karma and law of Love, what is returned to us may not necessarily come from the original source that negativity was sent to. The golden rule or the law of love does underline a reality though – a reality that reward and difficulties, as the case may be, always come back in some form.


The Law of Circulation

This important law deals with prosperity. As with the law of love, it states that whatever you give to another person, in truth you are giving to an extension of yourself. Each time you give you are really giving to yourself. This is true be it money, objects, emotional support, etc. The more you give, the more is eventually returned to you – provided you fully consciously and unconsciously feel/believe you deserve to receive. This law also states that you can not save money… unless you are saving for a specific reason. Money must circulate in order for the energy to stay in motion.


The Law of Averages

This is one of the most important laws to grasp and understand. The human ego, though important in a certain sense, can also be the undoing for many. The law of averages deals with what is termed group mind or race mind. This group mind/race mind creates certain conditions in the lives of all people unless people purposefully elevate their consciousness above the group mind. What this really means is that if you don’t choose your thoughts, someone else will end up choosing them for you! This then loops back into the Law of Cause and Effect, Karma, and so forth.

There are many aspects of life that are strongly influenced by group mind and include how long a person will live, how much a person should eat, how much sleep a person needs, how much an individual can drink, how much happiness you’re allowed to have, how much grief you should experience, what job you should do, whom you should love, etc.

All people are subject to the law of averages until they purposefully free themselves from it by learning to focus on and choose their own thoughts. While this law can’t be denied, we can lift our consciousness above it.


The Law of Prayer

Ernest Holmes tells us that if God ever answered a prayer, God always answers prayers. Since there is no future and no past, only present – and since God exists in the presence within all, then God must always be answering prayers. Just because things don’t happen the way we (read as ego) want them to doesn’t mean they aren’t happening the way they need to.


The Law of Correspondence

Ernest Holmes always points out that the limit of our ability to demonstrate/create/attract depends upon our ability to provide a mental equivalent of our desires. We can’t create/attract/demonstrate something which we can’t vision, feel, or have never experienced. What we demonstrate today, tomorrow, and the next day is not as important as the tendency which our thought is taking. Thus, if every day things are a little better than the day before, we are moving in the right direction. As we grow and experience we can continue to create new and better things in life.


The Law of Correspondents

Man reproduces the Divine Nature on the scale of the individual. He also uses creative power which works through his words. This reality can’t be escaped. Man only has to learn to use this power constructively and all will be well and get better and better.


The Law of Grace

Put simply, we don’t have to keep paying for our past mistakes over and over again. Once a pattern is fully realized and absorbed into consciousness, we are allowed to remove ourselves from the pattern and thereby free ourselves from the karma of it. I.E., negative karma stops once we realize when and how it was created and we replace/change the negative into a positive.


The Law of Moderation

The final law we will talk about today is the Law of Moderation. In simple terms, too much or too little of anything throws life out of balance. In all things one chooses to engage in they should attempt to do some from a principle of moderation.


What Now?

At this point it’s useful to use the following prayer/affirmation:

“My life is God-Ruled, God-Directed, God-Powered, and so I vibrate confidence from the very center of my being into every area of my life.” = Dr. Paul Masters

“There is no personality, opinion, or condition that interferes with my choices. I am a spiritual being, living in a spiritual world, governed by spiritual laws.” – William Warch

Understanding Metaphysical and Spiritual Laws isn’t about memorization of them. It’s about putting them into practice in your own life. Pick one and work on practicing and understanding that one principle and concept before moving on to another. See how life changes based on the understanding and application of metaphysical/spiritual law.

Metaphysical Sermon – The Law of Karma

Do you Believe in Karma?

KarmaIf you believe in the science of cause and effect then you believe in karma.

People have a lot of interesting and confusing ideas about what karma is. From a strictly metaphysical perspective we know that Karma deals purely with cause and effect. Karma is not, for example, divine punishment or divine reward. If you accept the idea that God is love and all good traits, then it is not possible for God to punish another. God would see only the beauty and perfection in the soul of another. God’s reality is so much different from our reality. As such, God does not punish nor does God reward people.

I realize that may come as a shock to many, but from a metaphysical perspective there is an understanding that there is a universal law that is constantly working. This universal law, just like soil, doesn’t care what you plant into it, it simply only knows how to give back (grow) what is put into it. It does this without judgment and without emotion. Sometimes it does so right away and sometimes it takes a while for the seeds that are planted to fully grow. The only way to not harvest what is planted is to dig it up and plant something new! In other words, only by changing our thinking, speaking, and the way we respond to the world around us can we change how the world responds back to us.

This is one reason why metaphysically speaking we are so focused on positive thinking. We know that what we put into our mind goes into the mind of God. We know that God IS universal law. So it is beneficial for us to only put positive thoughts into our mind and thus the mind of God.

We aren’t just talking about thoughts though. We are talking about the words we speak and the emotions we choose to experience.

When we speak words of hate or negativity we are creating such a vibration around us and, as a result, we are planting that vibration into the mind of God. When we have emotions that are rooted in anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, guilt, and so forth – those too are placed into the mind of God.

The worst part is the fact that if someone you know is brewing negativity, then merely being in their energy without an understanding of what is occurring and how to correct it is enough to plant seeds of likeness and see the results multiplied in your own life.

Whatever we place into the mind of God, be it consciously or unconsciously, is planted into universal law. This is important to understand because far too many people only think about what they are consciously planting. They don’t realize, for example, that the evening news with all its negativity or the type of movie they watched or even the song they listened to is unconsciously planting too!

Life is What We Make It

Have you ever driven around and seen a car license plate and thought to yourself it was a sign that you should move to that location? I use to think that. What if I were to tell you that there was no sign? In fact, all that was occurring was the universe displaying in your life exactly what you had focused upon (consciously or unconsciously) at some point in your past. Perhaps you had just watched the Wizard of Oz and were now seeing Kansas plates. Maybe you dated a guy from Florida and so were seeing Florida plates. Perhaps you wanted to move so much so that you were hoping for anywhere to show up — and it did.

Always remember, that whatever is planted into universal law must grow and manifest, in some form or another, in the physical world around us. In fact, Ernest Holmes would say that the physical world is nothing more than a mirror of our inner soul. We see around us, in our lives, and in other people exactly the way we are/have been/or are repressing inside our own souls.

A sure fire way of being unhappy with life is to focus on unhappiness. There is no doubt that in doing so, you will manifest other events, people, or situations which will create even more unhappiness. Thus, if you find yourself unhappy play positive uplifting music, watch a funny movie, read a happy book, look at happy pictures, and talk to yourself in such a manner that you’re reminding yourself of all the things you have to already be happy about.

If you want money, don’t focus on the fact that you don’t have money. You’ll plant that into universal law and you’ll create more situations which will prove to you that you don’t have money. Instead, affirm to yourself that God is your unlimited source and supply and that you have all that you already need available to you.

Karma – what I put out must come back. Good or bad. What I put out must come back to me.

Don’t curse your former lover once your relationship is done – doing so will likely result in a relationship or relationships of a similar vibration coming into your life. Instead, bless your former lover and lovingly release them to experience the life they now need to. In so doing, you bless yourself and release yourself to have a new, no doubt, better experience yourself.

Again, karma is not about rewards or punishments. It’s about understanding that everything we do, think, and feel causes a reaction in the universe. Once we get this, we can take control of our karma and the karma that other people create for us. This is important! A mistake is only a mistake if we keep repeating it over and over. The moment we realize the pattern it’s no longer a mistake, but a learning experience that we can use to help us change our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and patterns to produce different results in our life.

Finally, understand you are not responsible for being the karma of someone else’s life. As a light worker, your responsibility is to be as God-like as you can as often as you can. You’re here to see the good in the bad. You’re here to find the love in the hate. You’re here to be the example of God for those who need it most. In doing so, you will do nothing but clear away or bring to the surface old karma that is no longer needed and start producing good karma that will be yours not just now, but eternally so.

Healing Past Karma

Remember when I said that the only way to change what you plant is to dig it up and plant something new? Well, how does on actually go about doing this? How does a person dig up their old, limited, negative aspects that were planted and now plant good, unlimited, positive things?

The answer is simple and easy for you to do.

Right here and now I want you to do the following.

Choose one thing in your life that is or has been an obstacle or problem for you recently.

Now say the following:

I now direct my conscious mind to the center of my mind. I now focus upon the karmic cause of this present problem in my life.

Ask yourself, “When did this start? What was I doing or thinking right before it started?”

Give yourself time to answer those questions.

After you have done so smile and say the following slowly, over and over. Do it until you feel a sense of peace within you.

The Healing power of God (or the Universe) now removes the Karmic cause of this problem from my mind, consciousness, and life. I give thanks, and so it is!

At this point it has been dug up. Now you need to replace the thought/emotion/feeling with something that is more positive or that you do want. Spend 3-5 minutes thinking along those lines and finish by saying so it is.

Likewise, the moment you catch yourself entering into negative thinking or saying something negative you can nullify it right then and there and not allow it to be planted by saying something to the effect of delete, delete, delete replacing that with (insert the new better thought).

Prayer Treatment

Universe… I know you’re listening. I know you’re all good things that my mind can think of. I know you are love, wealth, abundance, prosperity, happiness, friendship, health, compassion, giving, and so many other wonderful attributes. I know that you are all powerful, everywhere present, and know all things. I know you’ve always been, still are, and always will be. I also know that you are the gardener of my soul.

I know that the seeds I give to you are planted as soon as you receive them. I know you don’t question this, but rather just do it,  having faith that I know what is best for me and my own life experience here in the physical world.

Knowing this, I choose today and in this moment to plant seeds of happiness. I choose to plant seeds of joy. I choose to plant seeds of laughter. I choose to plant seeds of love. I choose to plant seeds of prosperity. I choose to plant seeds of wisdom and understanding.

I am so thankful Universe for everything already part of my life. I am thankful for where I live. I am thankful for what I eat. I am thankful for the people currently in my life. I am thankful for laughter, happiness, and joy which are already mine. I am thankful for the love I have already both given and received. I am thankful for the prosperity that has already found its way into my life. I am also thankful for the intuition and creative thoughts which you sneak into my mind that can lead to me changing my life.

I now release this prayer and these thoughts to you Universe. I release it knowing that my karma today is good. I release it with an understanding that my old karma has been released now – released because of my true understanding of what karma is and how karma works. No longer a prisoner to old karmic patterns which I didn’t understand, I am now set free to create new and better karma in my life.

So it is! I believe!

Metaphysical Sermon – Divine Love

Metaphysical LoveToday starts the first of my spiritual sermons. The first of what I hope to be many. Each sermon, or lesson, will start with an affirmation.

You are encouraged to read the affirmation out loud three times and to write it down and repeat it constantly – eventually making it a part of your consciousness. The sermon looks at the affirmation, dissects it, and explains it and the spiritual ideas and principles behind it.

Please note that while the word God is used throughout these affirmations and sermons, this is because that is what I personally call the highest power. You can replace that word with Cosmic Consciousness, Universal God, Father Sky, great Goddess, true self, and so forth and it will be just as powerful and effective for you.


This Sermon’s Affirmation

“Divine love is doing its perfect work in my life now for the good of all concerned. Divine love goes before me and prepares the way. I call on Divine love to work any miracle that needs working in my life experience. I invite the powerful, loving action, of God into my life now. I invite God to provide for me now.” – From the Dynamic Laws of Prayers by Catherine Ponder.


The Sermon

This is a powerful affirmation for setting into motion into Divine law what is needed to either open the doors to love in your life or ultimately correct problems that are associated with giving and receiving love in this lifetime.


Divine love is doing its perfect work in my life now for the good of all concerned.


  • Divine love

This is not physical world love, but it is love that generates from the ultimate creative power. It is the highest form of love that any of us are capable of experiencing and expressing. It is that which all strive for. It can’t be possessed, not in an “I own you” sort of way; it can only be experienced and savored in a “this is wonderful here and now” sort of way. In the process of doing that we understanding that what we think and experience on the spiritual must be mirrored back to us in the physical.


  • is doing its perfect work in my life

We are declaring that this highest form of love is working perfectly on its own. We don’t have to do anything but sit back and enjoy. We don’t have to force it, obsess over it, or wait for it – we simply have to become aware of it and experience it.


  • now

This is not happening tomorrow, next week, next year and it’s not something we once had but no longer do… no, it’s right here and right now. We are setting into motion into law the concept and idea that it is present NOW and is always present NOW.


  • for the good of all concerned.

We are acknowledging that this is good for everyone. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen, but we know with this affirmation that whatever happens is occurring to move us in the right direction for us to experience this form of love. We seek not to harm anyone or force anyone to do anything, rather we open ourselves up to the power that Divine love will manifest in such a manner so that it leads to the ultimate good for all that are present in our current and future life experience.


Divine love goes before me and prepares the way.

  • Divine love

As before, we are talking about the ultimate form of love. The type of love that always has been, still is, and always will be present within God. God is not capable of doing bad things. God is not capable of not loving. While people may misuse the law, that is the law of attraction or cause and effect, and find themselves suffering consequences because of this misuse, this has nothing to do with God and purely has to do with man’s personal ego. We are aligning ourselves to this love to make it fully present within our hearts and minds as well as within our lives.


  • goes before me

Here we state that everywhere we are this love shall be. Since God or the Higher Power is everywhere, so to this love is everywhere present and available.


  • and prepares the way.

Here we are surrendering to the power of Universal love. We know that the way has been made ready. We know that where we are this love is, and we have but to accept it and partake of it. We know we are divinely guided to be at the right place, at the right time, for the receiving of these loving energies. We know that while some many be romantic in nature, that romanticism is but one of many forms of love, and we do not seek out the purely romantic, but rather, we seek love at the deepest level, however that may be for our soul.


I call on Divine love to work any miracle that needs working in my life experience.


  • I call on Divine love

We are making a statement here that it is us that is calling on the power of the Divine. We are saying that we seek to be in alignment with this ultimate loving power. It is a request, a prayer, and any prayer prayed to the Divine is always granted provided it is in alignment with our souls ultimate purpose and is not going to harm another. In this case, the prayer is for Divine love to be part of our lives, and this is in alignment with ALL soul’s purposes.


  • to work any miracle that needs working in my life experience.

A miracle is a change in perception. We are asking here for our perceptions to be changed, for our awareness to be increased, and for us to have a deeper understanding of love in our life. We aren’t asking for the perceptions of others to be changed, though that could potentially happen, rather we are concerned with our own perception changing to be in alignment with the higher power. We are also asking that we be intuitively guided to be in the right place at the right time with the right people for Divine love to be experienced. We seek to be open to these experiences knowing that it need not come from a single person, but can come in multiple ways.


I invite the powerful, loving action, of God into my life now.


  • I invite the powerful, loving action of God

We are acknowledging here that God is all powerful. God is all good. God is all loving. Through the power of God nothing is impossible. We are inviting this power into ourselves and our lives. We are aligning ourselves mentally to become one with God and experience the word from God’s perspective. This is a perspective which has now become our perspective.


  • into my life now.

As before, we are saying NOW. We are saying FOREVER NOW. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, not a week from now, a year from now, or months from now. But right now, right this moment, always in this moment.


I invite God to provide for me now.

Once again we give an invitation. It’s a formality really. We know deep in our hearts that the invitation has already been accepted. We know deep in our souls that we are already aligned with Spirit. We know that God has already provided for us. We now open ourselves to all the many beautiful, amazing, and wonderful ways in which the Higher Power, Universal Spirit, God is already bringing into our lives.

Once again we say with confidence and a smile that: Divine love is doing its perfect work in my life now for the good of all concerned. Divine love goes before me and prepares the way. I call on Divine love to work any miracle that needs working in my life experience. I invite the powerful, loving action, of God into my life now. I invite God to provide for me now.”

So it is!
I believe!
So it is!

What to do Before Live Psychic Readings

If you are reading this it is probably because you want to know what to do before live psychic readings. Now that you’ve decided to book a session the question remains, what should I do now? What is the next step? In this article I’ll provide three key pieces of information that will help you prepare for a psychic reading.

Turn off Your Cell Phone

Before your live session you should take the time to make sure you do some very practical things. For example, turn off your cell phone. I can all but guarantee that if you leave your cell phone on it will ring in the middle of your session. This is never a good thing. A ringing cell phone, even if you don’t answer, is enough to interrupt a psychic’s train of thought. At best it can take a reader a few minute  s to get back in to the appropriate head space to continue the session. At worst it will create an energy which will bring your session to an early end.

People close to you will many times be drawn to the energy that you and your spiritual guides create during a session. They will instinctively and subconsciously reach out to you – wanting some of that energy for themselves. So it’s best to make sure your phone isn’t just in silence mode, but turned off completely until the session is over.

If your live session is a Skype or phone session you also want to make sure you tell people that you won’t be available for them until after the session. Again, people find themselves easily attracted to energy. If you don’t set boundaries like this, interruptions can hurt the session.

Mediate and/or Pray

The second thing you’ll want to do to prepare for a psychic reading is either meditate or say a prayer before your session.

Your reader will probably protect the room and space before you get there or call. Still, it’s smart to take some time before a session to do your own mind clearing. A quick meditation and/or prayer can go a long ways in making your session that much more productive. It will also help to calm your nerves and put you into a receptive state to openly receive the best possible information that the psychic will provide.

If you’re at a lost for what to say you can always do a simple prayer. For example:

This session is blessed and protected by All that Is. Allow my mind and heart to be open and help the reader to speak what needs to be spoken.

The above prayer has been used effectively by many clients in the past. It helps to prepare both you and the reader for the session ahead. By saying it in your head (or verbally) you’ll be putting powerful energies to work for you.

Write Your Questions Down

Finally, when it comes to live psychic readings it’s always a good idea to write down any important questions that you have before a session starts. You may think you can keep all your questions in your head, but most people end up having what is termed psychic amnesia when they get in the middle of a session.

Psychic amnesia is a condition that impacts clients when they are overloaded by the energy of a session. It causes them to forget certain facts or questions that under normal circumstances they wouldn’t forget. Always write down your questions before a session and make sure to have those questions with you.

Many times a psychic will answer your questions without you ever having to ask them. This is always nice and a great validation, but you should still take any opportunity given to ask whatever questions may be left.

Always make sure your questions are open ended questions and phrased in a positive manner. While yes/no questions can be answered, you will get more value and information out of open ended questions.

It’s also usually a good idea to avoid when questions as many psychics aren’t naturally good at providing timing or time lines. If they do provide them during a session that’s always a bonus, but answering when questions can be tricky at best.

In summary I’ve presented to you three things which you should keep in mind before partaking in a live session with a psychic. These include silencing your cell phone, taking the time to clear the mind with prayer or meditation, and writing down the questions which are most important for you to get answered.

Your intuitive session should be fun, informative, and insightful and by keeping these three tips in mind you’ll be off to a great start before the session even begins.

Preparing for a Psychic Session

Many people, especially those new to the psychic field, wonder how they should go about preparing for a psychic session. While many psychic readers are eager to book an appointment, few professionals take the time to explain the right procedure for receiving a psychic reading. Here are several tips to follow to help you prepare for your session.

Relax Before the Session

If a psychic is going to connect with a you, then you must be in a relaxed state. Several professional psychic readers will help or recommend that their clients perform a short meditation, progressive relaxation, or prayer before a session begins.

When a psychic connects they are working primarily with the energy of their client. If that energy is chaotic, stressed out, or in a panic, those feelings may interfere with a psychic’s ability to accurately receive information. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but as a generality this is true.

Likewise, if a client could take the time to do a progressive relaxation or even to mediate prior to a psychic reading it will help the energies within the room to be more calm, relaxed, and at ease. This may very well help create a more positive environment for spirit guides and angels.

Be Open Minded

When a psychic is connecting in a session they may not be “right on” about everything. That doesn’t mean they aren’t close and it doesn’t mean that the information may not be important at some point in the future. You don’t have to volunteer information to a reader, but you do need to be open minded enough to register what is being said.

The job of any psychic is to pass along information they receive. Recognize that your reader is a human being and will sometimes make mistakes in the interpretation of the information they receive. The information may be very correct, but they may be interpreting it incorrectly.

Most professionals in the psychic field do encourage open minded skepticism as this keeps a client from blindly following everything they hear. Psychic advice should be taken as food for thought and not law. Understanding and avoiding psychic fraud and how it is different from a real psychic session is important.

Learn to Listen

During a session, unless a direct question is asked, it’s best to not say anything. A professional psychic, unless performing a spiritual counseling session, shouldn’t be asking many questions. Sometimes, a few questions can help keep the reader on track. Too many questions and a client will feel as though the reader is fishing for information and performing cold reading techniques.

Sit with the arms and legs uncrossed, as crossing the arms and legs is a defensive body posture that can shut a psychic down before the session even begins. This shut down can happen either literally, because the energy is being blocked, or because the reader is registering the defensiveness unconsciously.

At All Times Be Honest

It’s also important to be truthful during a session. Being open minded is not the same as lying or accepting everything as fact. It’s okay to indicate that the information isn’t making sense right now or that it would be helpful to have more information.

Try to avoid directly saying the word “No” when possible. “No” carries such a strong negative vibration for so many people that most psychics aren’t sure how to handle it when a client utters that word. For many professional psychics, to them it feels like you are slamming a door in their face.

Record the Information of the Reading

Always write down information that is said during a session. If possible, use a recorder to tape it. Most people have a short attention span and difficulty remembering. These clients won’t remember many of the things which are said or discussed during a psychic session. The problem is, most psychics are distant future predictors. This means that the majority of professional readers are doing future oriented readings and see five, sometimes ten years or more into the future. There’s almost no way to measure accuracy without keeping notes.

It’s always nice when those future oriented readers can keep things to a few months or a few years. Even then, having a record of the session is important as it allows a client to refer back to what is said. Additionally, if a client decides to see multiple psychics, they then have a way to measure which information seems to be most consistent for them.

Ask Good Questions During the Session

Finally, our discussion on preparing for a psychic session wouldn’t be complete without discussing the importance of asking good questions.

Asking good questions can really help to keep the session focused and on track. The more focused the client, the more focused the psychic and their reading. Good questions generally are specific and open ended.

  • Try “What if” questions. They allow the reader to make the most of their gifts.
  • Avoid timing questions unless it’s specific. It’s better to ask “Will the house sell within three months?” as opposed to “Will the house ever sell?”
  • You shouldn’t ask “yes/no” questions unless you really want to hear the answer.
  • Asking private information about another person is unethical and is best avoided. It’s okay to ask “What are my boyfriend’s intentions?” It’s not okay to ask “What is the name of the girl he’s cheating on me with?”
  • It’s always okay to ask for the best way to avoid problems and pitfalls

Now that the tips for how to get a reading have been revealed, it’s time to stop letting fear get in the way of receiving one. Not only could the session be fun, but something important just may be learned.

Modern Ten Commandments for the Spiritually Minded – Metaphysical Sermon

Modern Ten CommandmentsMany are familiar with the Ten Commandments as presented in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible or the Jewish Torah. What would the Ten Commandments look like if they had come about today as opposed to in Israel B.C. era?”

I propose something similar to the following:

1. Honor Religions Equally (within reason)

Know that God had a hand in the creation of each religion and religious as well as spiritual movements. You can not teach every person the same thing in the same way, as people learn differently. The many different religions and spiritual paths, when focused on from the perspective of love, all come from the greatness and goodness of God.

Anything that is not loving should not be confused with as coming from God. When one understands that the nature of God is (and can only be) that of good – they are better able to interpret and understand the majority of the world’s religion’s Holy books. In essence, if it involves hurting another, quite simply, it doesn’t belong in religion and it likely came from man’s ego as opposed to God’s will..


2. Watch Your Tongue – Avoid Negativity

Every time you speak negatively of anyone or anything you dishonor the essence of who God is. Learn to be intelligent and savvy in how you disagree and don’t stoop to the level of the shadow – hurling insults or words based on hurt or hate. You were given voices to communicate so that together you can make the world a better place. How insulting it must be to God that so many uses those voices to destroy instead of to create.

Additionally, any and all thoughts and feelings we put out, negative or positive, activates the law of return. This law, in essence, indicates that what a person puts out on a conscious level and absorbs on a subconscious level must eventually be mirrored back to them in the physical world they live in.


3. Do Not Gossip

This is aligned with what we were just speaking about. It is breeding negativity. Do not talk about those who are not present and do not talk about those things which you are not directly capable of influencing.


4. Take Time To Unplug and Reset the Self

Once a week you should spend one day without electronics. This includes no TVs, no internet, no computers, no video games. Spend one full day in communion with other human beings, nature, or even just God. You will feel better and you will learn how to think for yourself again. You’ll also find yourself feeling more connected to God – the Cosmic source of all that is good.


5. Honor Authority Figures (within reason)

Be they your parents, your leaders, or your teachers. Everyone has someone that they report to. Learn to honor those in charge and to be honest with them. Learn to submit and surrender to authority – especially when you recognize authority which comes from a place of love. Learn the importance of blessing those whom you may have difficulties getting along with.


6. Do Not Kill Another Human Being

To kill another human being is the most tragic of transgressions. It devalues all of life and serves no purpose. There should be no wars, not in God’s name, not in anyone’s name. Killing is killing. Period.

Keep in mind too that you can kill someone without physically killing them. Killing the spirit – or murder of the soul- is an equal transgression to physical murder. Be willing to lift each other up and not bring each other down or crush the ambitions and dreams of another.


7. Do Not Steal

All humanity should be willing to share, as much as they are capable, with their brothers and sisters. As such, there is never a reason to steal. This includes property, money, and even ideas.

Always give credit where credit is due. Everyone needs praise and recognition. To not give it is to steal in a very different way.

Always give love to your brothers and sisters of the world. To withhold love is stealing in yet another way. When I say give love to your brothers and sisters I mean it in the familial sort of way. The love that is shared between family members. This is not a lustful or sexual type of love – rather it is the type of love you would hold for your best of friends or your closes of family members.


8. Be Chaste

Discipline yourself to be chaste in thoughts and actions.

To be chaste is to be pure. It is to not indulge in that which is unnecessary. This means being very selective in who you share the deepest levels of sexual intimacy with. It means avoiding adultery in all forms.

I believe that God still values marriage as the most sacred vowel two people can give. Man and Woman, Man and Man, Woman and Woman. Regardless, it is a vowel that should mean more than any other vowel you make – especially since it is a vowel not only between two people, but with God as well.


9. Do Not Get or Be Greedy

Greed changes the soul. To keep wanting is dangerous. Your shadow self will always want more. No matter how much power you are given or earn – no matter how much wealth you accumulate – the shadow self will always want more.

You can not truly be happy nor know and understand the meaning of heaven on earth if you keep wanting and desiring that which you do not have. This takes you away from happiness. Be thankful instead for what you do have and keep living life as a good person – this is the formula for happiness.

Likewise, remember, as stated before, to share that which you have excess of. It always makes a difference to those whom you share with and that allows them to improve their life while giving you joy of spirit to know you’ve assisted in the process.

10. Honor Your Promises

To make a promise is to make a pledge. To pledge is to vowel. Upholding your end of a bargain/pledge/vowel – provided the vowel itself is not based in hate, anger, or fear – is important. It is important not only to that whom the vowel or promise was made to, but it’s important for the soul of the individual who makes such a vowel or promise.

It weighs heavily on the soul when a promise or vowel is not lived up to or fulfilled. Thus, be careful who you make promises to and the type of promises you make. Don’t make them if you have any doubt at all about fulfilling them. When you make a promise you are binding yourself to another…. and this is very serious. So again, I say, only make promises with which you are certain you can fulfill and never let someone force you into a promise with which you are not comfortable with.


In essence, perhaps it’s time people start working on bringing the qualities of God (which, as stated, are all good) into life. We all have a responsibility to try to allow God to work through us. We all have a responsibility to live our lives in the most positive and best way possible (without intentionally harming another).


If all of humanity could find it themselves to live these out – would it make a difference? Would life be different? I don’t know. I do know the idea of a world of love and peace – no matter how unrealistic – is what drives me in my own spiritual quests and pursuits and while I may never see it in the physical world – I’d like to think of what is possible with the shifting and changing of consciousness of all. What would the modern Ten Commandments look like if you were allowed to have input?

Can You Trust Phone Psychics?

phone psychic


A common question that many clients ask me is can you trust phone psychics? I usually smile and wait for them to say more so I know why they are asking the question and where they are coming from. Having been a psychic that has both done both private psychic readings both in person and by phone as well as a reader who has worked for one of the top psychic hotlines, I think I am well qualified to answer this question.

Can You Trust Psychic Phone Companies?

So what is the answer?

The truth is, it depends.

It depends on what you mean when you ask the question and it also depends on which psychic and/or company you’re using.

For starters you have to understand that like myself there are intuitive readers who do professional readings independently. There are also huge companies ran by corporations that hire a large number of people to do readings over the phone. Most independent readers, like myself, will typically do one on one private sessions by phone in addition to in person or email readings.

How Well Can Independent Psychics be Trusted?

When it comes to an independent reader how well you can trust them depends on a number of factors. How long have they been doing this work? Where did they learn or train? Do they have testimonials? Etc. Basically, the same things you would use to judge any businesses as trustworthy is what you’d use to judge an independent psychic as being trustworthy. Although you should read up on and be familiar with psychic fraud so you can protect yourself from it.

Most of your top professional readers are going to fall into this category. People like John Edward, the former Sylvia Brown, Michelle White Dove, James Praagh, Doreen Virtue, Christopher Penczak, the Long Island Medium, etc. Most of your psychics who are aspiring to reach this level in their career will fit in here too. These are the psychics people most often think about when they talk about getting a professional reading.

The Good and Bad of Psychic Phone Companies

What about companies that specialize in phone psychic readings? The so called psychic hotlines? Companies like Keen.com, California Psychics, Hollywood Psychics, and others. Are they trustworthy?

Again, the answer is… it depends.

Most of these sites and companies work very hard to try to hire whom they think are the best in the business. Does that mean that all phone psychics on one of these lines are going to be right for you? No, of course not. Just like not all independent psychics will be right for you either. Does that mean the entire company should be avoided? No, I don’t think that either.

What I do think is that you have to be responsible in how often you use one of these psychic companies and you also have to learn how to absorb, but not judge, information.

There are actually many talented people working on some of these lines. They choose to work there as opposed to running an independent business for a number of reason. One of the biggest being the provided marketing and advertising that goes along with being associated with a big corporate company. Another reason is they feel like they have other professionals in their field they can connect with.

What’s the downside to these companies? There are some readers that, honestly, have learned the longer they can keep you on the line the more money you’ll end up spending. The more money you spend equals the more money they get paid. This also means there are some readers on these lines who purposely make things up to keep hopes alive and to keep someone talking – knowing that there is a payoff coming for doing so.

This is a problem you generally won’t have with an independent professional intuitive who does sessions from their office either in person or by phone or Skype.

Most independent professional readers charge a set fee for either a ½ hour or an hour of their time. Not a per minute fee. Some will even go a little over the amount of time you paid for with no extra charge. This typically happens when you’re needing a little extra lift. In this case there is no need to keep someone on the phone for a certain period of time in order to try and get more money from them. This also means there is no need to make things up or keep hopes alive. Instead, you get someone that’s more like a counselor or life coach who is usually genuinely interested in helping you to both improve your life and heal from the past.

Another thing that the big companies do which creates some minor issues is they only allow their readers to talk about certain things or topics. This is purely for legal reasons as a means of covering their own asses. Thankfully, independent readers aren’t under this restraint. We usually post a disclaimer and/or have a code of ethics we follow, but it’s usually nowhere near as limiting as the corporate world.

What the psychic companies truly have going for them is that because they are normally backed by huge corporations they are usually able to offer an unlimited number of refunds for unsatisfied clients. Thus you will keep being sent to a new reader until you are happy. Unfortunately, most independent readers are very limited in their ability to do this.

I actually prefer working as an independent reader as opposed to when I was working a psychic hotline. I find the quality of the session tends to be much better when there aren’t time restraints and policies that have to be worried about.

The Seven Step Path to Being Spiritual

Seven Step Path to Being SpiritualThere is a prescribed path that one can use to become spiritual. It is tested and is a common path that many Christian mystics, have followed over the years. It was originally designed by Bonaventure (1217-1274) who framed it from a Christian theology perspective. I’ve tweaked it a bit so that now a person of any religious background, or none at all, can use it as their own road-map to the Divine without a strictly Christian viewpoint attached to it.

Before we get started I must offer a few words.

This path is not for everyone. In fact, it’s not even for most people. While the early steps are easy and will leave most laughing in just how simple they are, the later steps require certain sacrifices of belief, mind, and lifestyle that few are truly willing to make.

Many will disagree with what being spiritual means from this perspective, but few will deny that at least some spiritual wisdom can be gained at various points along this path.

While this is not my own path I have consciously elected to follow, I present it here so others have a chance to determine if it’s a path that works for them and so others can understand that they, at times, do indeed connect with some of these various steps/stages which are spoken of.


Step One: In Nature

The first step involves getting out into nature. It involves sitting in the grass, sand, woods, or by the stream, lake, beach. It involves having a fascination in animals and plants and observing them, in person, from afar. It involves feeling the sun, rain, heat, cold, etc all upon your skin.

You may ask what does this have to do with being spiritual? The response is, everything. You must allow yourself to partake in these experiences, if possible, daily in some form. It is through these nature experiences that you can begin to understand that something larger is at work around and even through you.


Step Two: Through Nature

Now that you have grown aware of nature and the natural world around you, you can begin to do what is referred to as merging with nature.

To merge with nature is to start asking… “How would I respond to this problem if I were a blade of grass, a tree, a stream, a wolf, a bear, a dove, an eagle, the sun, the moon, the stars?” It is the process of learning to see the world through the eyes of another creature of our world. It is about stopping and realizing that everything that is at work in our world is part of the larger work of art. It is about coming to the understanding that most of nature doesn’t think, it only lives. It’s about setting the groundwork in the subconscious mind that to be spiritual isn’t about denying life, but to be fully present in life as it is at work in its many glorious ways.


Step Three: Introspection of Self via Love

Once you’ve mastered seeing the world through the eyes of nature. It’s time to turn your attention inward. As much as people hate it, journal writing becomes very important at this stage.

Introspection is the process of looking within and understanding the self. It’s not meditation, par say, but it’s a force as great as that of meditation.

When introspecting it’s important to look for inner love. To ask the self, at the inner deepest most level, what is love? How do I manifest love? How do I love myself? Is that action I’m thinking about doing a true representation of love? Is what I’m about to say something I would say if I were in love? Are the emotions I’m feeling a true representation of the love I am capable of choosing to feel? These are answers no guru can give you, but are answers you must find within. Only when you can view yourself as a fully loving being that tries with every ounce of your inner being to show and express love toward yourself, will you be ready for the next step.

It’s important to realize that sometimes loving the self involves saying no to things you don’t like. Sometimes loving the self involves telling someone you can’t be around them anymore. Sometimes loving yourself involves doing what you must do for you and your own peace of mind. Though this point can be debated later, the process to that later must begin here.

It’s equally as important to ask yourself questions posed from a positive framework, as we always find our own answers to the questions we ask. Additionally, a positive framework is more becoming of love as opposed to self criticizing framework. So instead of asking, how can things be worse – ask how can I help make things better. Instead of asking the self “Why do I attract the wrong man?” Try asking yourself, “What qualities must I have in the man that is right for me?” Instead of asking, “Why can’t I ever accomplish my goals?” Re-frame it as “What goals are most important for me to accomplish first to get to my larger goal?” Etc.

Through fostering self love and being reflective, a person can further begin to rewire the mind to perceive the world and the self as part of the world they are within and that is within them differently.


Step Four: Introspection about Others as Love

As you master self love you must begin to move from inner self to the inner workings of others. You must begin to state perception and then phrase a positively focused question based on that perception. The question must be about the person, not about you. The question should contain no I or me statement.

Example: “She is being mean to me today. What would make her day better?” “He is saying he doesn’t care about me the way he use to. What is best for him in this moment?” “My boss just fired me. What new opportunities await?” “The family ran out of food and has no money. What resources are available to lighten the load, if just for a bit?” “He just cut me off and is speeding. Is there an emergency?”

The basic tenant of this step is to become aware that most people act on impulse and just live, much in the same way that the natural world around us lives. They have that spark of love inside as well, they may not know how to access it or the circumstances of their life may be preventing them from temporary accessing it. How you respond will either bring pain and suffering upon yourself in the form of attachment to your perceived views that a person must act a certain way, or it will help to release some pain and suffering within their own lives as you send out to them positive energy that can work on many different levels of their being.

Again, this does not mean you should seek out such experiences in life. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have emotions when these experiences come up, but it does work to continue to adjust the way the mind and emotions chooses to view and experience the world and thus your experiences within that world. It is starting to train you to become aware of judgments and false perceptions and to transform your thinking so as to not give power to them.

Introspection and journal writing should continue at this time. The only difference is we are now introspecting about others and the inner nature of others as influenced by the external nature as opposed to introspecting ourselves.


Step Five: Contemplation on the Divine as one ultimate power.

Most people want to jump to stage five without doing the work of the first four stages, and this is generally not beneficial as the proper mind has not been developed.

All religions teach us to pray or affirm. This is roughly the same as to Meditate and to clear and focus the mind. These things are done so that we can become aware of the Divine and that the divine essence is one ultimate power.

When we contemplate on that divine essence we start to realize how big that essence really is. When we pray, chant, affirm, engage in ritual, or meditate we do so with the purpose of connecting to and coming to an intimate communion with the divine essence. To feel and experience that divine essence not only around us, but completely within us.

It is only after you have had (and know in your own heart that it has occurred) and understand personal direct experiences with the divine essence that you are ready to move on to the next step. Introspection should continue at this time, with thoughts/feelings/experiences being noted and reviewed consistently.


Step Six: Contemplation on others as all part of or within the Divine.

This is where things gets tricky and confusing and in essence, eliminates the first five steps.

At this stage you are ready to acknowledge that the divine is within all. Not just nature, but people. You are able to start to recognize that everything that is happening is happening according to a plan. That your free will, though having the illusion of free will, is helping to mastermind a plan that is beyond human comprehension.

There is no karma, no divine reward. Everything that is occurring is doing so because it’s meant to be that way. You are simply a living being who is partaking in that divine plan, regardless of if you try or don’t try – if you want to be or don’t want to be. You come to realize that all horrible events; past, present, and future happened for a reason that was beyond human control at the time. That no matter who lies to you, cheats you, hurts you, and no matter what emotions are brought up within you – these are all still part of something which is beyond human understanding.

At this stage you will begin to question morality. You will begin to question philosophy. You will begin to question the divine itself – some will even slip into what our modern world calls atheism or agnosticism, but in doing so you’ll still be living out the divine plan.

Does this mean we as humans should hurt people? Lie to people? Cheat people? Etc. No, this brings us to step seven.


Step Seven: Realization and Living life with Divine Mind.

On the contrary, because of our awareness of stage six, we begin to enter stage seven. It is here that we start to live life with Divine Awareness of all that is, has been, and ever will be. It now becomes more important than ever to do good in all that you do and say. After all, you will begin to come across many people and start to realize all the people whom live in the world with their inner eyes and hearts closed.

You have a responsibility, at this stage, even if it is a free will illusion, to help and bring awareness to and awaken others to the reality of what is possible when one is of full divine mind comprehension. The point when everyone steps into divine mind is the point when the world as we know it is transformed – where “heaven” on earth truly begins to exist. When the world, as a living organism, reaches “Nirvana”, and where people seek to not only not hurt others and let their ego control life, but to take care of others and be without ego in all they say and do.

There are no attachments at this stage. It is the equal of what Buddhist call enlightenment. You do not worry. You are not afraid. You can’t hate, as there is nothing to hate. There is no suffering. There is no anxiety. You become fully aware of life beyond the physical world. Your intuition is heightened. You love and feel love that is beyond verbal expression. There is no desire to harm another. There are no judgments about others.



1. The seven steps, while they should consciously be done in order, they will often times unconsciously change order form person to person as that person simply exists in and live in life.

2. The nature of the soul is without ego. It must be without Ego because the divine is without Ego. Since the dawn of man humans have wanted the divine to have a personal interest in their lives. To be like a father or mother. While there is nothing in essence wrong with this concept, and while religions that one have chosen to follow should continue to be followed, it is important to note that when one is of divine mind, there is no desire to punish someone – as to do so would be to punish the self and to punish the self would be an act of non-love towards the self which as a result would eliminate the ability to perceive the world though the eyes of others.

Ego only occurs because of our humanness. That humanness is primarily related to our brain and its functioning. It is not related to our soul or our spirit. This is why it is often said to aspiring students by spiritual gurus of various religious traditions to “get brain out of way.”

3. Most people will not be capable of staying in the divine mind framework all the time. Hence the reason for suffering in the world. When on realizes that suffering in the world is part of the master-plan for those who are choosing to experience suffering, be they choose it physically or spiritually, they will be able to release their attachment and either help those people in some capacity or those people will no longer be on the spiritually enlightened person’s radar. While this seems to contradict what is being said, it does not. We may all be one within the divine, but we each maintain our own separate illusion of the world and, within human mind, it is this illusion that we live in. Within human mind, others appear to infiltrate our illusion, but that too is part of the illusion for both. When in divine mind no illusion can truly exist.

4. The best way to describe divine mind is to ask if you’ve ever had a day that went absolutely perfect in every way shape and form and when you retired to bed at night you just couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing the day had been from beginning to end. If so, you’ve had a taste of what being in divine mind – or the divine flow – is like.

5. Though this process can be understood by all, that does not mean all will live it. From the divine mind perspective, it’s okay if something separate from ourselves chooses to do it’s own thing, as it’s still part of the whole equation to the bigger things. I.E., my legs walk, my heart beats, my lungs breath…. they all do different things, but in doing their different things they are all still part of the larger being that is me.

6. The best way to be a fully spiritual being is by starting in your own human life. Do what you’re good at. Follow your human dreams. Help and show love and mercy to others. If you’re in a bad situation, don’t give up, rather keep working to improve it. In doing these things, as small as they are, you are doing for yourself and as such for the larger whole.

When to Get a Psychic Reading

When to get a psychic readingIt’s important to know when to get a psychic reading and when not to get one. Getting a psychic reading is supposed to be a fun experience and provide you with insights into who you are, what your problems are, and where you can take your life. However, there is a right time and a wrong time to get a psychic session. Besides knowing how to get a psychic reading, you should follow these six tips when it comes to determining if it’s the right time to get a session.

Don’t get a reading when in crisis

A person’s natural instinct is to reach for the phone or make an appointment to see a psychic right at the time when they are most under stress. This is perhaps the worst time to get a session. When a person is stressed out or in crisis mode they typically aren’t ready to hear the information that comes through during a session. Likewise, like it or not, they can unconsciously be influencing the reading and, in some cases, the reader. Always wait until you are in a calm place before reaching out to and contacting a psychic.

Do give appropriate notice before you book an appointment.

Trying to book a session on or for the same day is not wise. There are a few reasons for this. The most important reason being that it doesn’t give the reader appropriate time to really prepare for a session. Most psychics do many things before a session. They do everything from meditations and magick rituals to protection prayers. These things are done to insure the best possible session. When they aren’t given the time to do them, sessions can be haphazard at best. Also, booking a session in advance gives you time to find your own calm and peaceful space – this once again tends to make for an all around better session.

Don’t see a psychic just because someone wants you to.

People tend to think gifting a psychic reading is cool. I tend to strongly discourage people from doing this unless they are 100 percent sure that the person they are gifting the session to really wants it. People tend to feel obligate to accept gifts. Just because they accept and use a psychic reading which was gifted to them doesn’t mean they really wanted the reading. There is nothing in the world that can make a psychic reading good for someone that really doesn’t want it. Likewise, if someone wants you to get a psychic session don’t do it just because they want you to. Only do it if you feel it would truly be beneficial and you feel you are truly ready for it.

Do get a psychic reading when you are inspired or lead to do so.

Your own intuition is always going to be best. Take the time to follow it. If you feel a strong need or pull to get a session, go for it. Chances are it will be the right time for some interesting information to come through for you. Just remember to not have any expectations, as those can ruin an otherwise really awesome session.

Don’t get a reading when you’re sick or in a bad mood.

Being either sick or in a bad mood can result in a reading not turning out well. Not only is the reader likely to pick up on these conditions, but it will require more energy by both spirit and the reader to bridge the connection to you. The reason for this deals with the fact that your own energy will be low. This means it takes longer to gets information and it may not be as clear as it otherwise could be. Also, you are less likely to perceive or interpret the information in the manner in which it was intended to be interpreted in.

Don’t get a session if you are broke.

A psychic reading can’t bring you more money. It’s not going to give you the winning lottery numbers or tell you what days to go to a casino to win big. If you are truly broke you don’t need a psychic  – you need to get control of your financial life first. Allow yourself one session if you are going through hardships and then only if you can truly afford it. Too many psychics try to take advantage of people who are use to wasting or blowing their money. Don’t let yourself be one of those people.

Remember, any type of New Age practitioner offers services that are intended to be helpful and beneficial to you, but that doesn’t mean they will provide all of life’s answers. It also, unfortunately doesn’t mean they are always right – after all, psychics are only human like everyone else. Your first priority, long before you determine when to get a psychic reading, should always be listening to and paying attention to your own inner voice.

Do you believe in God?

Do you believe in God?Do you believe in God?

You know…. that higher power that watches over and is part of all things?

A former teacher of mine recently shocked me by saying they didn’t believe in God. That God was, more or less, a fairy tale to make people feel better about themselves and their lives. This teacher went on to say that if God did exist, then God must be evil or not care about the world.

This bothered me. It bothered me because for years I studied many aspects of the metaphysical and spiritual life under this particular teacher. I could not reconcile in my head how someone who is teaching New Age Spirituality can not believe in God. How is that possible?

I can never not believe in God. It’s not who I am. I may have my fights with God, I may get angry at God, I may seek help from God, and I may give thanks to God…. but I could never not believe in God. Nor do I think God is evil or uncaring. In fact, I personally believe that God has a way of working through all people. When we are suffering, sad, alone and someone comes along and says the right thing, or does the right thing, or helps us overcome or feel better… I don’t think for a moment that any of that comes just because a person is a good person. I think, yes they may be a good person, but something higher and something far more than what I could ever be aware of is working through them.

I also personally believe that every single person alive has a spark of God within them. They may or may not choose to acknowledge and access this Divine spark – but I do believe all people are born with it. I believe that when one does acknowledge and learns how to access that inner spark of God that they are capable of amazing things. Some people call that Divine spark Christ Consciousness. Other people have other names for it, such as the higher self, higher mind, God mind, Christ mind, etc. Regardless, I think it is very much alive and well.

I also personally believe that God created everything and that everything God created is good. This means I believe that all people are born good. Now that doesn’t mean that people may not do bad things in the physical world, they certainly may and eventually will, but that’s their freewill decision (and many time because they are not tuned into their inner spark of the Divine) that determines that. This also certainly doesn’t mean bad things don’t or aren’t going to happen in our world. Life is life. There’s always going to be good things and bad things that happen. There will always be natural disasters. There will always be divisions among the races, the rich and poor, even the republican and democrat. I believe the world was designed this way. Designed this way so that in our physical form we can grow, learn, evolve, and learn the true concepts of love, faith, and hope among other things.

So if a spark of God is in everyone and God creates all things good why is there evil in the world? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why can’t life be perfect?

Evil is in the world because people choose to allow it in the world and choose to behave in the physical world in such a manner. As I said earlier, this mostly happens when a person isn’t capable of accessing that inner spark of the Divine. In Christianity this free will decision to do bad is called sin.

People choose to murder, have war, steal, lie, cheat, and be mean. People choose to not help others and ignore others. People choose not to accept help or to feel ashamed for accepting it. Most of the evil which is in our world is there because people allow it to be there and choose it over good. The rest is because of random life events which we have no control over, but with which we beat ourselves up because we wish we had control over them. Even then, people choose to not ask for help or people choose to not help those experiencing and going through those events.

Why though? Why do people choose evil or sin? Why do people choose to ignore that spark of God within? Because they are human. Because they have an ego which dictates things. Because there is an egoistic need for each individual to be “right” and for anyone else to be “wrong,” The ego is powerful. The ego in and of itself is not evil or bad, but too much of anything is never a good thing and the same is true of ego.

So how do we overcome this? How do we become, for lack of a better phrase, better people? How do we foster the God spark within? How do we learn to be of God instead of against God?

Through the process of accepting that we have an ego. By acknowledging that the ego can be a problem and by being alert to that fact. Here are five ways to balance the ego.

1. Listen carefully to what other people say and resist the urge to defend yourself. Learn to thank people for providing insights, and yes, even correcting you. While such times may be hard on the ego and while the natural instinct is to say “you’re wrong”, stomp our feet and pout – we have to learn to acknowledge that regardless of if another is right or wrong we’re in life together as a team.

Some religions believe that all of us, because we share this spark of the Divine, are one experiencing life as an individualistic thought of the multiple thoughts of the One Divine Energy. If this is true, then everything another person says to us, hurtful to the ego or not, has the potential for soul growth.

2. Start working on your personal beliefs in the higher power, whatever you may call it. Again, I say God. I have a very close relationship with God. We fight, argue, disagree – but I also find strength, support, love, guidance and so many other amazing things from that close personal connection.

One of the best ways to develop this personal relationship is through the two fold method of communicating – talking and listening.

We talk to the Higher Power when we pray, speak to it, journal, and use positive affirmations. We listen when we meditate, read, reflect, and pay attention to what we hear through others.

How often do you talk and how often do you listen? Do you talk more than listen? Do you listen more than talk? There must be a balance. Most of us only talk to the Higher Power when we really want something (vs need) and when we really are grateful for something amazing. Would you treat your best friend that way? Only call them when you want something or want to say thank you for something they did for you? Of course not! Work on talking often. Talking about your day, your ups, your downs, the good things, the things you wish could improve, etc. Listen more often too. Wisdom can come from so many places – yet most of us get stuck in thinking it can only come to us via one means…. When you talk and listen, repeatedly over time, you develop strong relations.

Not enough can be said for positive affirmations, for this very special method of communicating with the God within has the greatest potential to change outer circumstances.

3. Learn to apologize to your fellow humans. None of us like having to do this. It’s an ego check for anyone to have to say sorry. We should say sorry often though and mean it. We should also resolve to not allow whatever we are apologizing for to happen again. When someone happens once it is a mistake. When it happens repeatedly it is no longer a mistake, but a problem. When something becomes a problem we need help – be we like it or not.

4. Learn to give to others. Be it a financial donation, clothing, food, a place to stay for a few hours, your time, your love….. learn to give. A very important teacher once told me that a person should never loan anything to other people or invest in other people. Both of these are ego driven for we end up feeling that we must get something back for doing so. Rather we should train ourselves to give to other people. Give unconditionally and without expecting anything in return. This is one of the deepest expressions of love – to give without expecting. This also activates a very powerful spiritual law which ensures that we will consistently and constantly be receiving back too. This law is called the law of circulation. Essentially, what the law says is that what you give out you must receive back in some form, at some point, in equal or of greater value.

5. Likewise, we must learn to accept from others too. When someone offers to do something for you is your instinct to say no, I can handle it? When someone wants and offers to buy you dinner do you fight them on it and try to be the one paying for both of you? When someone wants to talk to you do you find a way to push them away? Accepting is the other part of giving. We can’t just give, we have to accept to. If you’re saying right now “I’m the one always giving and nobody ever offers to do anything for me”, then you’re not aware enough to realize that yes, they have. Optionally, you may be giving because you’re expecting that someone will do something for you and if that’s the case you’re not giving, but you’re investing or loaning in hopes that it’s repaid.

Additionally, it only makes sense that if everyone has a spark of God within them that when other people are wanting to do for us it is because the Higher Power is behind it. Who in their right mind would turn down an offer from the Higher Power? That’s like the story of the man and the flood. He prayed that he would be saved from the flood. A police officer comes by and recommends that he evacuates. He responds “God will save me!” The flood comes and he can’t go anywhere. A man in a boat comes by and asks him if he wants to be taken to safety. The man responds “God will save me!” The flood covers the house and the man is now on the roof. A helicopter comes by and someone drops a ladder and tells him to climb aboard the helicopter. “God will save me!” The man dies.

He is now in Heaven. He asks God, “Lord, why didn’t you save me?!” God tells him “I sent you a police officer, boat, and helicopter, what more could I do?”

This story is an example of how God works through everyone and how each of us hold within us the answers to someone’s prayers and needs.

I personally believe that when we keep these five things in mind we go a long ways in helping to make the world a better place and in becoming more spiritual in our life journey.

I hope this has been insightful and helpful.

Can a Psychic Predict Death?

When I think about the question “can a psychic predict death” it reminds me of an article that I read back in 2014. I was reading about how science had discovered a new way to predict death. Apparently, there is a blood test now that can be ran which basically will tell your doctor if there is a likelihood of you dying within the next five years.

I’m not sure how much I would put my faith in this… I personally feel it’s more likely the test will tell you if there is going to be significant health problems which must be dealt with in the next five years. Regardless, it’s a topic that’s making a lot of news right now.

I have many people that have asked – and that likely in the future will continue to ask – “Can you predict death?”

So this is our question of the month this month. A question which, unfortunately, focuses around a complicated topic and one that requires a little bit of discussion as opposed to a straightforward answer. Still, I know some people just like the straightforward, so that will be addressed first.

The Straightforward Answer About Predicting Death

Can a psychic predict death? The answer is, well, maybe. Sometimes. Not usually.

What Makes The Death Question so Complicated?

Free will. Many people die when they are ready. There are of course exceptions to this, but many pass away when they are ready and usually close to their birthday as that is attuned to the natural cycle of their energy. This is, of course, only true provided the death is natural, which for most people, at least in the United States, is very rare.

Free will can do marvelous things. It can spur a person into living longer than people believed they would or should and it can take an otherwise healthy person and bring them to a point of total sickness, even terminal illness, in a short period of time.

The only person that truly knows when a person is going to go is the one above. I don’t care if you call that energy God, the Holy Guardian Angel, The Universal Consciousness, The Architect of the Universe, or something else all together different. It is the only power that can truly know when a person is going to die.

I have Predicted Death….

Still, there have been at least three occasion in my own sessions where I have predicted death. In one case, I had no idea that’s what I was doing. In two other’s, I knew very well and the time frames were very close to what was predicted.

The Session with the Gun Symbol

The first involved a very good client of mine that use to see me often. He came in one day. I did his session for him. He didn’t seem like himself. This was very early in my career mind you. Toward the end of the session I mentioned that I saw a gun. I described the gun in some detail to him. Asked if he knew anything about it. His response was no. We finished the session. He went on his way.

About a month went by and I heard nothing from him. I didn’t think anything about it. One day, a few months later, a mutual friend of ours came to see me. He asked if we could talk in private. Of course I obliged. It was then that he revealed to me that my client had killed himself about two weeks after our session. The gun he used to shoot himself matched the description of the gun I had given. The mutual friend had found the tape that was made of our session and listened to it. He realized the reason I was getting the impressions I was getting at the end of the session. I was trying to be warned of his future suicide attempt. I, of course, had no idea. Lesson learned however. From that point forward I started asking people if they were suicidal – if I expected at all. I also ask if I ever see a gun symbol.

I encourage people and students to never be afraid to ask someone this important and blunt question. “Have you’ve been thinking about killing yourself?” That’s not what this article is about, however.

The Mistake of Keeping Information to Myself

Also very early in my career (more than 10 years ago) I was doing a session for a friend of mine. This was a tarot session. In this tarot session a particular configuration showed up (Three of Swords and Ten of Swords) that I knew, even back then, can represent a heart attack. Back then I was under the belief that what a person doesn’t know can’t hurt them. It was showing up in roughly the six month position.

I did the rest of the session which was very positive. We left each other on good terms that day. A good year goes by and I don’t hear anything from this particular friend. When I finally do hear from him I discover about six months after he had last seen me, his father died of a heart attack.

To this day I still wonder if that could have been prevented if I would have shared the information with him. He, incidentally, to this day still doesn’t know that I had seen that the day of the session and I doubt at this point I will ever tell him. I’ve always, since discovering that, have never held anything back when doing a session.

Likewise, I strongly encourage my students that when someone asks for a reading or opinion to always give honestly to them the information that you believe you have available to give, no matter what. You never know if it may be important or not, and it’s better to be honest as opposed to hold something back that may be useful later.

Of course, I also help students to learn that there is a right and wrong way to give information too. We also talk about the psychology of readings and how what is said can impact clients. Ethics must always be kept in mind too. More will be said on these topics in future articles.

The Understanding That You Can’t Prevent Everything

Just as I’ve learned the importance of asking certain question and not being afraid to reveal certain information, I’ve also learned that sometimes no matter how much we know there are just some things that are going to happen in life that we aren’t going to be able to prevent. That doesn’t mean we can’t be aware of what may be coming and preparing ourselves for dealing with it and handling it, but it does mean that we shouldn’t blame ourselves when things happen that are beyond our control,

I had another client I read a few year backs where the same heart attack symbol came up. I indicated to her that it looked like she may need to get a checkup with her doctor ASAP as previously when I had seen this combination in the cards it indicated a heart attack. I further indicated that this was showing up in the very near future, maybe 10-14 days from the time of our session. She laughed and told me she was far more healthier than anyone she knew. I shrugged and figured she knew better than I.

Her son talked to me later and told me his mother had a heart attack about a week after our session. Thankfully she managed to live. She swears up and down that it was because of me that she lived. That she had the sense to realize exactly what was happening to her and call for help. I’m not so sure of that, but regardless at least that story had a happier ending.

Astrology and Death

I’ve been discussing things from tarot and channeling that have come up, but almost every metaphysical discipline has their own rules and methodology for calculating or predicting death. For example, in astrology it is well known that you can’t read a person’s death in their own chart, but by exploring the chart of the people that know them, you can see patterns that could indicate potential death. I.E. If you want to know when mom might be passing you would examine her husband’s, children’s, and any living parent’s charts and look for patterns that may indicate significant loss. If you have enough correlation……

There is a special type of astrology reading that to my knowledge only one person does called an After Life Astrology Reading. This chart uses a person’s time and date of death to both counsel people grieving the person as well as identify factors leading up to the death and what’s going on in their after life now that they have crossed over.

Can a Psychic Predict Death?

The bottom line is, yes death can be predicted, but it’s very rare. A psychic is far more likely to get information regarding an illness, hospital visit, etc then the impressions of actual death or the timing of such an event. Even then, the other person’s free will and their self-awareness can play a huge part in when they transition from this world. Likewise, the one above is the only one that holds any true knowledge of when a person’s time in the physical world will end. As much as people wish they could have a direct line to that all omniscient power, it simply doesn’t exist nor will it ever.

It’s also interesting to note that it’s far more common for people to experience events after a person has passed away as opposed to pick up on when a person is going to pass away. I’ve heard many a story from a student who was awaken in the middle of the night and just knew their son/daughter/father/mother/grandmother etc had transitioned from this world to the next. Some will swear they had a dream about it, a vision, or even actually encountered the spirit itself. All of which are very possible.

Again, that’s not to say there aren’t times when people can feel or know it’s coming, it’s just not the norm.

How to Prepare for Phone Psychic Readings

Do you know how to prepare for phone psychic readings?

A lot of clients live far away from their psychic of choice. It makes getting an in person session with them difficult. As a result, the only real option is a psychic phone reading or Skype session. The problem is that many are unsure of how to prepare for a telephone session.

Preparing for a telephone session is no different then preparing for a live psychic session, except the fact that the psychic and you are in two different places as opposed to the same location. Most phone psychics will not have a problem doing accurate sessions from a distance via telephone. Energy is energy. The will still be connecting with their spirit guides and communicating with angels. They will still be able to get accurate information about both the past, present, and future. Again, the only difference is the fact you will both be in different locations.

There are five things you can do in order to help improve and prepare for your psychic phone reading. These five topics assume that you’ve already researched and chosen a psychic that you feel comfortable working with.

Make sure you won’t be disturbed

One of the worst things that can happen during a session is the session gets interrupted. This is also very hard on the psychic reader. When a session gets interrupted, many time the reader will loose their train of thought and it will take extra time and energy to get it back.

It’s always best to tell people not to bother you while you’re having your session. Likewise, try to make sure the animals are put away. If you have kids see if you can find someone to watch them during your session. Be sure to turn cell phones off. Again, if it’s possible to avoid interruption it’ll make for a better session.

Before your appointment time make a list of questions you’d like insights into

Some people think they can remember all the questions they want to ask or the topics they want to talk about. From experience I can tell you this is almost never true. People tend to forget when they are involved in the middle of a session. Maybe it’s the energy, maybe it’s what the intuitive ends up saying. Regardless, if you don’t write your questions down you’ll end up saying “I wish I would have wrote the questions down.”

As for what type of questions to ask – there really is no right or wrong answer. It’s best to write down things you are curious about or that you want some additional insights into.

Take some time to meditate or pray before phone psychic readings

The more calm and clear your mind is the better an experience you’re likely going to have. If you take some time to just sit in the room and clear your mind before the actual call time, you’ll find you are more open and that many readers will get a better read off of your energy.

Many people like to say a prayer before a session. Though your psychic should have already protected the session before calling, it never hurts to say your own prayers or affirmations. This will help to empower the session, protect it from negative energy or unnecessary information, and let the spirit world know you are serious about your intent to gain insights.

A great sample prayer or affirmation would be:

“Protect this space and the session within in. Empower the reader to be the best they can be. Help me to be clear and open so that I may understand. Guides and angels who are close to me, go to the reader and help the reader to say what needs to be said.”

Don’t use a cell phone for your sessions

It’s always best to avoid using a cell phone for your session. Cell phones have a tendency to drop calls or become filled with static. This is especially true considering the amount of energy that may be present in your session. When possible use a telephone land line. It will help to keep the session from being interrupted or ruined due to lost signals and so forth.

Put yourself into a listening mood, but don’t be afraid to talk

Some people make the mistake of talking the whole session. There are times when that is perfectly okay. After all, all of us just need someone to listen to us sometimes. You won’t, however, get a lot of good or useful intuitive information that way. The only way to get good psychic information is by letting the reader give it to you. This means you have to allow yourself to listen. You also have to be patient.

Sometimes information comes to psychics very slowly. Then there is the process of attempting to understand what the information means. A reader has to play charades, the telephone game, and act as a messenger and adviser all at the same time. Information isn’t always crystal clear – so the reader has to try to interpret the information in the best way they can and get it across to you.

At the same time you should not be afraid to ask questions or to inquire about clarification on things said which you don’t understand.

Take good notes

Finally, it’s important for you to be ready to take good notes. Again, some people think they’ll remember, but in my experience they almost never do. Be ready to write down key points that come up in the session or things which you don’t understand.

If you have the ability to record a session that’s even better. Some readers will record a session for you and send a copy to you after your appointment. Not every reader is able or capable of doing that. In any case, going back over your notes or recordings later can be very revealing, insightful, and informative.

In summary, there’s nothing wrong with getting a psychic session by phone or talking to phone psychics. It can be just as insightful and powerful as having an in person session. Still, there are some things which you can do that will help you prepare for a telephone appointment and even help improve the quality of your telephone session. By keeping these in mind you no doubt will be thankful you took the time to make an appointment.

What is the Difference Between a Psychic and Medium?

Learning the difference between a psychic and medium is not complicated. The best way to remember it is by telling yourself that for the most part every medium is a psychic, but not every psychic is a medium.

Psychic is a broad term used to describe anyone that makes use of what most consider to be “special” gifts or abilities. The truth is all people are born with psychic abilities, so they really can’t be considered gifts. A person who studies psychic development quickly learns this.

So What is Mediumship?

One of those abilities is mediumship. This is the ability to communicate with dead people. A medium specializes in talking to people who have passed on from the physical world into the spirit realm. These people are usually relatives or close friends.

The main task of the medium is to provide validation and proof of after life existence. This is done through using symbolism, audio, sensations, and emotions to convey messages to those in the living from the one in spirit.

For example, the medium may identify the month of death, the first name, how the person died, a favorite color, a favorite memory, a physical description, a personality trait and so forth.

Many times mediums also pass along messages from those in spirit. This could be a simple “I love you” to something much more complicated and complex.

Most mediums make use of the psychic abilities of telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsientience, empathy, and others to receive and pass along those messages. An example of a psychic medium would be John Edward.

George Anderson is the exception to our rules. George Anderson is a medium who claims he is not psychic. This puts a bit of a different spin on things and reminds us that there will always be exceptions.

What are the Different Types of Psychics?

Other types of psychics include health intuitives, psychic tarot readers, psychic astrologers, psychic channels, pet psychics, future oriented psychics, post cognitive psychics, psychic detectives, psychic healers, and a whole range of other kinds of psychics.

What is a health intuitive? A health intuitive specializes in passing along medical information including reasons for illnesses and cures for illnesses. Edgar Cayce was actually a remarkably good health intuitive despite the fact he did many of his sessions “asleep,” Most psychics will not try to provide health related information due to medical laws. Another reason such psychics are considered highly specialized.

A psychic tarot reader and psychic astrologer specialize in using a certain type of “tool” (tarot cards or astrology charts) to pass along information to clients. This information may be about the past, present, or future. It may also involve divination. Divination is the art of getting information to help answer a question.

It’s important to understand that not every astrologer or tarot card reader will use psychic abilities. It’s possible to do any form of divination without the aid of psychic abilities. So you don’t have to be psychic to be able to be a great tarot card reader or astrologer. Psychic abilities can, however, enhance such sessions.

What is a psychic channel? Psychic channels specialize in getting information from spiritual guides and/or angels and sometimes dead people. Unlike a medium, however, they don’t try to validate existence of the afterlife, rather they pass along information which the spirit guide, angel, or deceased person believes to be important to the client. Doreen Virtue would be a good example of a psychic channel who connects with angels. I, John Culbertson, am another example of a psychic channel who connects with angels and spirit guides.

Pet psychics use their abilities to communicate with animals and provide information to the owners from the animal and from the owner to the animal. It’s like they are able to talk a whole different language.

Future oriented psychics, sometimes called fortunetellers, predict the future – many times several years in the future. Some as many as 15-20 years or more. Most today believe in free will and not total predestination. Nostradamus would fall into this category.

A post cognitive psychic specializes in seeing into the past. Some use psychometry – a method of getting information through touch – and others tap into other abilities to get information. The information deals with what has already happened and not what’s going to happen.

A psychic detective uses their abilities to try to help solve crimes. Most are not as successful as they claim they are – though there have been a few exceptions in history. Sylvia Browne claimed to at times be a psychic detective, but much of the psychic detective work she did went unproven or seemed to have served little importance.

A psychic healer taps into energy to use it to heal. Sometimes this happens on the physical level, but more often it is the emotional, mental, or spiritual levels which the healing takes place. Most Reiki practitioners could be considered psychic healers. Many times they also intuitively, like a medical intuitive, know what’s wrong and why certain conditions are occurring.

The fact is, there are a lot of different types of psychics in the world! Almost all psychics will make use of one or more psychic abilities. Let’s now discuss the different types of psychic abilities,

What are the Different Types of Psychic Abilities?

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. It is the ability to see energy or visions. Sometimes remote viewing is also tied to this ability.

Clairaudience means clear hearing. It is the ability to hear spiritual voices.

Clairsientence means clear sensing. It is the ability to feel or project pains or sensations of someone’s body within your own physical body.

The ability to feel or project emotions is called empathy.

Telepathy is, at the most basic level, the ability of mind to mind communication. Often times confused with clairauidence, telepathy operates purely on a mental level. Clairauidence operates purely on a physical level. I.E., a clairauident will literally hear things with their ears that other people usually don’t percieve.

Psychometry is a sub-skill linked to the other psychic abilities and involves touching an object and getting impressions either visually, auditory, emotionally, mentally, or sensually about the object or person who has been in contact with the object’s past and sometimes future. This is sometimes called vibaturgy because the psychic is connecting with the vibrations. Many psychics that claim to be palmist are actually expert psychometrist. By touching a person’s hand they connect with their vibration and begin to read it. This, of course, is not real palmistry which is an art form, but they can fool many a person into thinking they are really doing palmistry.

There are others beside these, but these give you a great starting point for exploring and understanding the various types of psychics and psychic abilities. Hopefully at this point you now understand the difference between a psychic and medium and you further have more knowledge of the different types of psychics in our world.

What is Prayer?

prayingI’ve always been a  big advocate of prayer. Perhaps it was because I was born and raised Roman Catholic. For those who don’t know, which shouldn’t be many, Roman Catholicism is a type of Catholic Denomination that is Christian in origins. A large focus of the religion is on prayer life and there are numerous, what I call scripted prayers, within the faith.

What I’m talking about today, however, is not scripted prayer. Scripted prayer is prayer that has been written down and is read or memorized. No, I’m speaking of affirmative conversational prayer today.That is, prayer which comes from the heart and is spoken aloud, typically in a quiet or private location.

Why Prayer?

Whenever someone asks me why I pray I always tell them, because it works!

When a person prays they are aligning themselves to energies which exist far above and beyond our mere physical world. They are connecting in with a consciousness that goes deeper then what we as humans could ever even pretend to understand.

Not every thing you ask for in prayer you’re going to be given. Asking for things, though, is not really the true purpose of prayer. If that’s what you believe, you largely misunderstand what prayer is all about and why I do it.

So what is prayer?

At the base level prayer is communication with God. Whatever you deem God to be, prayer is about communicating with that energy and force. It’s about allowing the self to be in the presence of God and to experience the goodness, wisdom, and love of God.

You are not reaching outside of yourself to a power that sits loftily in the heavens. Rather, you are turning within yourself to connect with your own soul and the deeper consciousness which your soul is connected with. Through this connection with your own inner soul you are allowing yourself – that soul – to be receptive and open to the God energy that dwells and permeates within every living thing. In doing so and in having open and honest communication with this energy you are allowing your soul – the self – to be open to love, blessings, wisdom, insights, and more that comes from far beyond the physical level of being and existing.

Praying at this level is an individual skill that can be cultivated and developed and is also very personal.

The Power of Osmosis

Osmosis, as discussed here, is the process of gradual unconscious assimilation of information or habits. Everyone has learned through osmosis at some point and time, even if they didn’t understand that’s what they were doing.

Another way to look at osmosis is that if you are around certain friends for any good length of time and if you on some deep level respect them, you will start to mimic or pick up certain habits and traits which they have. You may, for example, start eating or craving a certain food that previously you hated or didn’t care much for. You could start saying things which they normally say. You could begin to feel or believe in the ways in which they feel or believe. This is all part of the osmosis process of being connected to another.

Well, when we pray we align ourselves with the God consciousness. We communicate with it and listen to it. In doing so, over a period of time, we start to absorb more of God’s habits, thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. We begin to realize that we are very small and that the God force energy is far greater then what we know how to describe. We change. We become more loving. We become more peaceful. We become more tolerant. We become more wise. We begin to access the Christ consciousness that allows for the creation of miracles within our lives and the lives of others.

This all comes about through constant, continuous, and consistent contact with the God.

So if prayer isn’t about asking for stuff, what do you do in prayer?

I don’t want you to think you can’t ever ask God for things. By all means, it’s perfectly acceptable and okay to do that. The main purpose of prayer should be on communion and connection though.

Think of it this way. If you have a friend and the only time you hear from them is when they want something from you, how do you eventually start to feel? You feel like you are just being used. That this “friend” only wants you for what you can give to them. You will eventually start to distant yourself from that friend. You may not cut them off completely, but you’ll become very selective about when you choose to interact with them and help them out.

God is no different. God needs to feel loved. God needs to feel cared about. God needs to know He/She/It isn’t just being used. God needs a real connection with us, just like so many of us feel we need real connections with others in our lives. A person can’t be happy with just superficial friendships – rather they need at least one or two good friends that they can connect with on a deeper substantial level. For what reason would we think God would be any different? Shouldn’t God be allowed to have deeper substantial spiritual friendships too? Shouldn’t we?

There are many things you can do when you pray besides ask for things that will serve to deepen your connection to and with God. Examples of just some of these things include:

  1. Saying thank you for the good things which do come into your life, especially when you’ve not asked for them. How would you feel if you gave someone a present and they didn’t seem to care or notice?
  2. Telling God about your day – both good and bad. Develop a dialogue with God that is not contingent on just asking. When was the last time you shared with God how excited you were about your favorite sports team, TV  show, or any other hobby for that matter?
  3. Crying to God explaining your worries, troubles, and concerns. You’re not asking God to make things better, you’re simply sharing your pain with God because you trust and love God. it’s no different then a child who falls off a bike and needs mom or dad’s love while they cry for a bit. We all have a need to cry and many times crying alone and with God can be healing.
  4. Confessing to God the bad things you’ve done and plan to improve upon. Saying I’m sorry directly to God, just like crying to God, can be one of the most healing things you ever do for yourself. Of course, if you’re Catholic you also have the confessional – but regardless of if one chooses to use it or not, just time spent one on one in this manner with God can create lasting change in a person.
  5. Siting in contemplation or relaxation with God just to be in God’s presence. Just contemplating God and thinking about God can enrich your spiritual, emotional, mental, and even physical life. It’s similar to sitting with a friend and not speaking. Just having them there can make a huge difference.

As previously mentioned, I don’t want anyone to think they can’t ask God for things. Just work to balance the asking with a true walk with God. A true connection that goes above and beyond scripted prayer and merely asking for stuff.

Also, while we can ask God for anything, it’s important to understand we do not always get what we want when we want it. That’s just a fact of life. There are many reasons for this and that will be explained in a future blog post.

Having said that, however, there are certain things which we most certainly should ask for constantly and consistently. These include:

  1. Protection: It’s wise to start every day and end every night with asking for protection from the evil and negativity of the day. Try something similar to “Good morning God! I’m ready to journey forth into this day with you and your guidance. Please help protect me from the negativity and evils of the world and focus on seeing only the good and positive around me.”
  2. Guidance: When we are faced with a problem or question which we feel is currently blocking us we should not be afraid to talk to God about it and ask God to help show us insights or solutions through the obstacle or problem.
  3. Love: We should ask for opportunities to both give and receive love. We should understand the when we give love with the right attitude it will always be returned to us provided we are open and willing to accept it.


Isn’t it more powerful to pray with others?

Yes, it can be. Once again, however, cultivating your own personal walk with God is of supreme importance. There is a time and place for group prayers, praying with your spouse, praying with your family, etc. The hierarchy of prayer looks something like this,

Church/Social Groups

Learning to cultivate prayer life for each is extremely important, but they all start at the personal level. Far to many people pray just at the Church level and forget to embrace prayer in the other levels. Worse still, many people pray at the Church level – go through the routine as I call it – but have never taken time to walk one on one with God. It’s as if by appearing in Church and listening to the Bible or going through routine prayers is all that’s needed.

Do you want your life to change? Do you want your life to transform? Then try consistent daily prayer, in the manner spoken of here today – in your life along with Church.

Should we pray for other people?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, asking for things on behalf of and for other people is ten times more important than asking for things for yourself! This is especially true when they don’t know you are doing so! You are communicating with God while at the same time sharing your experience with God while also sharing with God the concerns you’ve heard other people mention to you. This is powerful! It’s like going to your parents and saying “Mom/Dad, my brother/sister isn’t feeling well and doesn’t want to tell you, but I know you need to know!”

I won’t get into a debate here on the omnipotence, omnipresence aspect of God. Theologically I know that God knows all things all the time and never needs to be told anything, but in our physical world which is governed by physics and other scientific laws, sometimes if we stop trying to understand God and just treat God like one of us we end up having a much more fulfilling and content life. This is part of the purpose of prayer – to have that fulfillment and contentment that can only come from the deep rooted inner spiritual connection to God.



Avoiding Psychic Fraud

Did you know that avoiding psychic fraud can be easy when you are armed with the knowledge of what exactly to look for? In this article I’ll explore with you not only the signs to be on the look out for, but I’ll also talk about how much a psychic should charge, the best method for finding a good reader, and some important questions you should consider asking before paying for a private session.

According to a 2001 Gallup poll, roughly 50% of people polled believed in psychic powers and another 27 percent was undecided on if they believed. In recent hard economical times, according to Danbury News Times, the number of people seeking advice through psychics, clairvoyants, and fortune tellers has increased.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for entertainment or for hopes of finding real answers; some people seek out the help of those skilled in paranormal abilities. Exactly how do you find a respectable and reputable psychic?

Signs that a Psychic is a Fraud

If in your quest to find answers you run across the following scenarios there is a good chance that the reader you’re seeing is involved in deceptive business practices.

  • You are told that you are cursed and for a fee, they can lift the curse.
  • You’re warned that the future looks horrible, but for extra money, they can fix it.
  • You are told that evil spirits are around, but for an extra fee, they can remove them.
  • There is a warning that all chakras or energy centers are shut down and for extra money, they can open them for you.
  • They want you to keep seeing them and only them.
  • They mention they are special and only they have an “authentic and true” psychic ability.

In any of the above cases scenarios psychic scams are occurring. It is best that a person avoids the reader all together or, if in a session, cut it short. These are common scenarios that automatically indicates a person is about to spend far more money on their psychic session then they should be spending.

The Going Rate of a Professional Psychic

How much should a professional psychic reader charge?

According to ValidPsychic.com, the going rate for a palm reader is $30 or roughly $1 a minute. They also indicate that there are good psychics that charge more, but the standard rate tends to be around $30 a half hour.

Unless someone is nationally or internationally known and highly respected, spending $150 or more on a psychic reading tends to be far to much. Psychics that have been on TV, radio, or that have a large following can get away with charging much more.

Best Method for Choosing a Psychic Reader

Before a person even books a session with a psychic it is important that they try to find out something about their reader. The best way to choose a good psychic reader and go about avoiding psychic fraud is by word of mouth.

Word of mouth has always been one of the most trusted ways of shopping and even in the psychic and paranormal fields it is by far the most dominant way of discovering a good professional psychic reader.

According to a Nielsen Internet survey, “Despite the ever expanding array of advertising platforms and sources, consumers around the world place their highest levels of trust in other consumers.”

People trust other people and the experiences they have had. When someone has a good psychic reading with a particular psychic it is likely that another person will also have a good psychic session too.

Questions to Ask a Psychic

Not everyone has friends that are into this field. The following questions can help you weed out the professional psychics from the non-professional psychics.

  • How long have they been in the field? Usually the longer the better, but do remember that everyone has to start somewhere.
  • Are they licensed? Several states require psychic to be licensed. In some locations they need an entertainment license in others they need an actual fortune telling license. These licenses are supposed to help prevent fraud. There are also several independent licensing/certification schools and groups.
  • Has the psychic attended school? It’s always a good idea to find out what, if any, formal training the psychic has received. Where they mentored by someone? Did they take classes? Do they teach classes? How long? A psychic that lacks formal training may still have great raw talent, but it does tend to be easier to trust those who can at least show some proof of what they’ve learned and where. Remember, word of mouth and reputation is very important in this field.
  • What is their psychic specialty? If someone is a palm reader don’t expect them to do a numerology reading. If someone is good at locating lost objects don’t expect them to give intuitive information on a love life. If someone says they channel, it would be wise to ask them what channeling is. Terminology is very tricky in the psychic field and what one person calls channeling may not be what another means when they say channeling.
  • Is it okay to see another psychic? A professional psychic should never have a problem with a person seeing another professional in the field. Sometimes a second opinion is good and other times another session with a different clairvoyant or psychic may uncover new or different information.

Be Safe – Don’t Believe Everything a Psychic Tells You

It’s always important to remember that nobody can (nor should they) totally and completely dictate life and what’s going to occur in the future. Psychic information should be used as “food for thought.” Psychic sessions can provide helpful and important insights to many of life’s situations and even help promote inner healing. It should not, however, be the only method that you use to make decisions in your life.

Additionally, when a person is in a real crisis situation, it’s far better to contact a professional doctor, lawyer, counselor, etc as opposed to relying solely on an intuitive reader. Likewise, if a person gets to the point of relying on a psychic before they make every day choices it’s quite possible that they need professional help of a different kind.

Why Don’t Psychic Predictions Always Come True?

Why don’t psychic predictions always come true?” The young lady was very frustrated by a recent session she had with another psychic. It was a question that was driving her crazy and one that I had thought a great deal about over the course of my career.

Psychic predictions unfortunately are not an exact science. A psychic reader and your own personal guides will do their best to provide information to you about what is coming up in the future as well as provide insights into past and present situations. However, that doesn’t mean that the information they provide will always, or even usually, be 100 percent accurate.

The Reality of a Psychic Reading

Think of a psychic doing a reading in this manner.

You are standing at a pathway in front of you. The path goes to the right and goes to the left. You can choose which direction you want to go. Based off your inner spirits past (both here and prior) you can be told which path you are likely to choose. You don’t have to choose that path. The likelihood is that you will choose it. You can always go against what is likely. You can always change your life, at any given time.

This is all easy enough to understand on the surface. Let’s get a little more complicated.

Let’s supposed that each path involves alternative realities that depend upon your mood. So if you go down the right path happy, one thing will happen, but if you go down that same path angry something else all together different will take place.

The same is true for the left path. We have now multiplied the variable. This makes the readers job suddenly a lot more complicated. They attempt to figure out which path you’ll choose and which mood you’ll choose to be in and thereby the results that come from it.

Let’s go even further. Suppose there is just one other person involved besides yourself. Then which path you choose may be different then the path they choose. The mood you opt to have, may be different from the mood they opt to have. Now we are looking at the possibility of 100s of different things that can occur all because of a path with two possible choices. Just think about what happens if there are three possible choices. Four. Five. Etc. Think of what happens when two or three people, even more, may be involved.

Psychic readings are not always accurate because a psychic is not God. Period. It’s impossible for any one human to take into account ALL variables that exist for any given situation and to conclude what is most likely to occur. Like it or not, all psychics are humans.

So readers do the best they can. They attempt to navigate all the probabilities and tell you what they believe to be most likely to occur. Sometimes they do this exceptionally well, other times they don’t. Some people it’s easier to do this with than others. The more free will a person has or that’s involved, the less likely a prediction is to come true. The more people involved, the less likely a prediction is to come true. The more choices involved, the less likely a prediction is to come true. There is, nor can there ever be, a guarantee.

This doesn’t even take into account random acts of the Universe. As those random acts can sometimes alter moods and paths too.

I believe H.P. Blavatsky said it best:

“In dealing with the dicta of psychics and mediums, it must always be remembered that they translate, automatically and unconsciously, their experiences on any plane of consciousness, into the language and experience of our normal physical plane. And this confusion can only be avoided by the special study-training of occultism, which teaches how to trace and guide the passage of impressions from one plane to another and fix them on the memory….” – H.P. Blavatsky Collected Writings, Vol. IX, 163

It takes a person much experience and practice to be able to take into account so many variables and end up making “accurate predictions” that actually occur in the physical world. If someone is right 80% of the time, they are a good reader. Regardless of what anyone may think. If they are correct 90% of the time they are a great reader. Nobody, will ever be 100 percent correct all the time. No reader will even be 100 percent correct for the same person each time.

As much as I’d hate to say this, a reader can be 98% accurate with one person and have zero or zip accuracy with another. This is all because of energy factors involved which are beyond the control of either the reader or the client.

A Soul Reader vs a Human Reader

There is also a difference between a reader that reads for the soul and an intuitive that reads for the human.

The soul reader interprets information from the soul’s higher perspective. A human reader interprets information from a physical world perspective. Most readers do both at various points and times, however, they are usually better at one form or another.

For example, I excel more with soul reading than human reading. I do better when looking at things from the soul’s perspective and the perspective of the higher self than I do with looking at things from the physical world perspective.

So if you want to know why your boyfriend didn’t call you, I likely won’t have a good answer for you. Even if I do, it’s not going to usually be something mundane. If you want to know, however, what you’re learning from the breakup and how you can use the information to make your life better – okay now we’re in business! Some may call a soul reader a life coach or a spiritual teacher, but regardless of what you call them, their purpose is to help you create your life and make it the best you can as opposed to allowing you to be controlled by your life.

That’s not to say I can’t or don’t make mundane predictions from time to time. I do. I just usually prefer to focus more on your growth as a soul as opposed to other thing.

Unlike some readers, this is what I consider my true purpose and calling to be. To help you become aware of the fact that you, and you alone, have control and a responsibly for making and creating the life you want, regardless of the obstacles that get in the way or the twists and turns that happen along the way.

A Medium vs a Psychic vs a Channel vs a Fortuneteller

Likewise, a medium and psychic are different. A channel and psychic are different. A clairvoyant and channel are different. A fortuneteller is different from all of the above. So many terms, and yet we still live in a society where most people group them all together as the same thing.

A medium specializes in connection with people that have died. They usually connect with the spiritual essence to pass along messages from them.

A psychic tries to work on their ability to make predictions in the manner described previously at the beginning of this article. Sometimes they do this through straight reading of a person’s energy and sometimes they do it through the use of tools like astrology, numerology, the runes, or tarot.

Not every psychic is a medium, but most mediums are psychics.

A channel passes along information from spiritual guides and angels usually without censoring it and regardless of if they personally agree with it or not.

Traditionally, a clairvoyant sees images with which they have no control over. Some are future visions, some are visions of the past, some are energy in the present. Once a clairvoyant gains control over this, however, they are usually called either a psychic, medium, or fortuneteller.

A fortuneteller makes predictions about the future typically based off of a tool such as tarot. However, not every tarot reader is a fortuneteller and not every fortuneteller reads tarot cards. I.E., fortunetellers approach life from the perspective that you have no control over the events which will take place, you simply have to live with them.

I personally can be a clairvoyant, medium, and psychic – but am typically best acting as a channel. I do not consider myself a medium because I don’t specialize in connecting with dead people. I am working constantly to try and become a better “psychic” or “intuitive.” My main goal, however, is to teach people how to do for themselves and to stop relying on outside sources for answers.

The Reality of Spiritual Guides

I hate to burst a bubble here, one that society has spent a lot of time building up and creating, but spirit guides aren’t all knowing either. They too were human at one time. They may have more experience than the people living in our world currently, but that doesn’t mean they are all knowing or even perfect.

Since they have more experience they are better at offering insights and wisdom for dealing with life and for figuring out what’s to come, but even they can and are at times wrong. They are learning just as much about life as you are, just from a different perspective.

So I tell people to take their information as food for thought. To understand that what may be right from their perspective may not always be right from your perspective nor should you follow what they tell you blindly without doing your own research and adding your own thoughts.

Your Energy Is Not My Energy, But Your Energy is Okay

The more tuned in to each other a psychic and a client are, the better and typically the more accurate a reading will be. Everyone knows that feeling when things just flow between two people. This happens because they are connecting on a very deep energy level.

Likewise, everyone is also aware of that feeling when two people just have a hard time being around each other. You don’t know what it is about the other person that you aren’t comfortable with, but something makes you not want to be around them. This happens when two people’s energies are a miss match and when they resonate in a specific way so as to repeal each other.

When a psychic and a client have this sort of connection, many times the psychic won’t get much information or if they do, they will interpret it wrong.

Most of the time, the energy connection between a psychic and client is okay. Not great, like the first mentioned connection, but nowhere near as bad as the second mentioned connection. In these cases, the psychic will get some accurate information and some not so accurate information or they will interpret some information correctly and other information not so correctly.

Wrong Day, Wrong Time, Wrong Channel

There are also those occasions when there is nothing there. Though this happens rarely, it does happen. When it does happen the psychic has an obligation to tell the client “Sorry, I’m not getting anything on that right now.” That doesn’t mean they won’t on another day or at another time, there’s just something in that moment that is preventing the information and/or insights from being accessed. The best thing to do is reschedule and try again at a later date and time.

The Bottom Line and Summary

You and you alone are in control of your life. People should get psychic sessions to help them weigh information and to open up new lines of thinking and possibilities that haven’t been seen before. People should not, however, get psychic readings believing everything they are told at face value.

The bottom line, a psychic reading should either be a fun, enlightening/educational, or healing experience. Perhaps all of the above if you’re lucky. Going to a psychic purely based on the hope that they can see all and tell you everything that’s going to happen is something which should be avoided.

Find a psychic you connect well with and that you gain a lot of insights from their sessions, regardless of their accuracy. When you start looking for that, the accuracy will end up being there.

How to Prepare Tarot Decks

When you bring home a deck of Tarot Cards from the store or someone has gifted you with a deck, it’s important to know and understand how to properly prepare that deck for use.

The cards themselves are not magical. They carry no supernatural power. They are not demon possessed or a direct conduit to God or anything else. They are simply cards. The same cards that have been used over the years in various games. While we may use them in divination today, they were never made for that purpose.

To prepare the deck is to put your own energy into it. In preparing tarot cards you are clearing and cleansing them of any past energy and then putting your own energy into them. It is only after this has been completed that the deck is ready to be used for divination or tarot reading.

There are, of course, some people that don’t follow the procedure outlined below to prepare their cards. This is their own choice. Most serious readers I have known, however, have prepared their deck prior to reading. They do this because of their own spiritual belief system. A belief system which holds that outside influences can impact the cards and tarot sessions as can a readers own energy.

Clearing and cleansing a deck of tarot cards is similar to praying over something. Assistance is being asked from a higher power to allow positive energy to surround the deck so that divination sessions may be an uplifting experience for all involved and so that only the most important, accurate, and needed information comes through. At the same time, this act also banishes negative energy.

Here are six of methods for preparing tarot cards for their first use.


Invocations and Prayers

This includes singing and chanting. Singing, chanting, prayers, and invocations have long been used to make a spiritual connection with something. Through the use of mantras, chants, songs, special words, or prayers one puts very important spiritual energy into the cards.

A simple prayer would be:

“In the name of (God/Goddess/Etc), I ask you to cleanse, clear, and protect these cards. In the name of (God/Goddess/Etc), I ask you to make these cards holy so that they may serve as a conduit for your light, love, and wisdom.”

This prayer is simple and effective and is similar to the one that I have been using for years.

Incense and Smudging

This is another popular method of preparing the tarot. Smudge sticks, typically made of sage, or burned and the smoke is used to bless and clear and the energy of the cards. No words or special thoughts are needed as it is believed the smoke itself brings about the energy change needed.

Popular incenses that can have a similar effect include:

  • Sandalwood
  • Patchouli
  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh
  • Nag Champa

Both incense and smudging can be very powerful methods for preparing your deck.


The moon is considered by some to be very powerful. Since it is lunar in nature it connects with the feminine. The feminine is also strongly associated with intuition and psychic ability.

A simple way to charge and prepare your tarot cards is by placing them under a window where the moonlight is going to filer through. Many will tell you the full moon is the best time to do this and that the cards should be left there the night before, the night of, and the night after the full moon.

You’ll want to remove your cards prior to sunrise – again the purpose is for the cards to absorb the lunar energy.

Burying the Deck

Just as the moon is believed to contain a certain degree of “power” so to is it said the earth herself contains power. Many tarot students choose to bury their cards for one to three nights before using them. This is said to allow the energy of Mother Earth herself to penetrate deep into the deck.

If you are going to do this it is strongly suggested that you put your cards in a zip lock bag that is water resistant. This prevents moisture from getting to the cards as well as stops unwanted creatures from crawling all over the deck. The cards will still absorb the energy of Mother Earth, but you won’t have to worry about them being ruined.

Sleeping with the Cards

This is one of my favorites. To get your energy strongly connected with your cards try sleeping with them. Put them either right next to your bed on the nightstand or place them inside or under your pillowcase. Not only will you empower the cards with your own energy, but you’ll also empower them with dream time, astral, or non-ordinary reality energy.

Shuffling the Cards

Of course the simplest method of getting your energy into your tarot deck and making it your own is by shuffling the cards. Shuffling the cards helps to mix your energy with the cards. You’ll want to carry the deck around with you for a few days and shuffle every now and again. A popular way of doing this is to shuffle while watching your favorite TV show.

Some people like to combine methods and this is okay too. It’s all about what you choose to do to get your deck ready and what feels right to you.


Closing Remarks

A little preparation can go a long way in bringing in good energy and getting started on the right foot to good readings. While some people may consider these things religious, they don’t require the belief in a particular deity or any deity at all. Anyone of any faith or even no no faith can find ways to empower the Tarot before using it.

Many readers do this only once per deck. Some readers, like myself, also develop mini rituals to use in-between tarot sessions to help keep them clear, clean, and charged.

For example: When I first get a deck I usually do all of the above to help prepare and charged the deck. Before readings I also typically try to smudge myself, the room, and the deck to help keep the cards clear. I’ll also shuffle until the cards feel right prior to a session, especially if I’m doing a phone session or an email tarot reading.

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Simple Tarot Spreads

Let’s take a look at some of the simplest tarot spreads a tarot reader or student of the cards can use to practice building their reading and interpretation skills.

What is a Tarot Spread?

A spread is the way the cards are laid out on the table. It is the pattern that a reader uses to help them interpret the cards. Spreads can consist of one to 31+ cards. If you study astrology, the easiest way to think of a spread is that each card of a spread is similar to a house in a horoscope. Thus, spreads are man made.

While some spreads have been passed down over the years, it’s also important for a tarot reader to learn to create their own spreads. That is not what we are talking about here. In this article we are discussing some popular, easy to use, spreads that have been handed down over the years.

For a reader to be able to effectively read the cards they have to both understand the meanings of the cards in their upright and reversed position and they must learn how to relate the cards to the spread they are using.

A tarot student is generally ready to start using spreads as soon as they have learned the meanings of some of the cards. Obviously the larger the spread, the more cards a student should know.

For the simplest one card spreads one only needs to have mastered four cards to start use them. We do this in my tarot classes by teaching students the meaning of the four aces first, since they are so easy to learn. Essentially, all aces represent new beginnings. The type of new beginning depends on the suite of the ace.

Ace of Wands = New physical beginning or new sexual relationship.
Ace of Cups = New emotional beginning
Ace of Pentacles = New material, career, or spiritual beginning
Ace of Swords = New communication

When the aces are reversed the new beginning are still coming, they’re just being delayed

For two and three card spreads a student should know the aces and court cards before attempting them.

For six card spreads student should know the aces, court cards, and Major Arcana.

For larger spreads all cards should be known.

These are only guidelines. This is recommended for those who are starting to learn the cards. Most students try to learn all the cards at one time and that usually doesn’t work. When you break it down into sections – Aces, Court Cards, Majors, Minors – and practice while adding in a new section, you gain a better understanding and mastery over the cards as opposed to trying to learn them all in one shot.

Having said all that, here are some simple spreads that anyone can use in their tarot reading practice.


Card of the Day – A One Card Spread

This one card spread is a great way to start your day. When you wake up you shuffle your cards and ask – “What is the most important thing I need to keep in mind today?” You draw a single card and interpret the card to learn what to watch for, pay attention to, or what lesson you’re learning for the day.

You can do this one card spread for yourself or another person.


This/That – A Two Card Spread

This spread is used when making a choice involving two different paths. You shuffle the cards then draw two cards. The first card represents what you need to know about the first choice and the second card represents what you need to know about the other choice.

As with the one card spread, this can easily be used for yourself or another person.


Yes/No – A Two Card Spread

This spread makes answering yes/no questions for yourself or a client easy. Draw two cards. The first card is laid on the table. The second card is laid directly under the first card. You now have a top and bottom card.

When both cards up upright the answer is yes. When both cards are reversed the answer is no. When the top card is upright and the bottom reversed the answer is yes, but. When the top card is reversed and the bottom card is upright the answer is no, but.

The cards can then be interpreted to provide the reasons for the answer. Typically the bottom card is more important to the interpretation than the top card, but both should be weighed equally.


Past/Present/Future – A Three Card Spread

This spread is best used on other people. You shuffle the cards or let them shuffle the cards. You or they then pick three cards. The first card represents the past and/or what lessons should have been learned from the past. The second card represents the present and what is going on or what needs to be learned in the here and now. The last card represents, provided nothing changes, where the client is headed and what the client needs to be aware of.


The Simple Cross – A Six Card Spread

The simple cross is a shorter moderated variation of the famous and most often used Celtic Cross spread. Shuffle the cards. Cut the cards. Either you or your client may do this and choose the cards.

Card one goes in the center of the table. This card represents either the client or what’s one the client’s mind.

Card two is laid vertically right on top of card one. This card represents the major obstacle the client should currently be working on to overcome.

Card three is laid above cards one and two. This card represents what is coming in the distant future, usually within the next one to three years provided nothing changes.

Card four is laid below cards one and two. This card tells us what major life lesson the client should have learned or is learning.

Card five is laid to the right of cards one and two. This card indicates what the past has been like and/or what aspects of the past needs to be kept in mind.

Card six is laid to the left of cards one and two. This card reveals what is coming in the near future or within six months, provided nothing changes.


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The Health Benefits of Common Herbs

herbsHerbs and spices are many times used to add flavor to food. For a long time, however, they were also used for their medicinal qualities. Let’s take a look at some common herbs and spices and the health benefits that are associated with them.

Please note: This article is not coming from a magickal or metaphysical perspective. It is purely being explored from the viewpoint of how these herbs and spices can influence health.

Before we get into the individual herbs, realize that all the herbs in this article are believed to be powerful antioxidants. This means they are believed to help remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents and protect from such things as cancer and coronary heart disease.

Another way to think of it is that when our cells use oxygen they generate free radicals. These free radicals are by-products or what is left over. Free radicals can cause damage to our cells. Damage to our cells can cause a host of medical problems. In essence, an antioxidant hunts down and destroys free radicals as well as repair the damage which they have done.

So let’s look at some of these antioxidant herbs and see what other health benefits they are believed offer and if those beliefs appear to be valid or not.

  • Basil
  • Chili
  • Cilantro
  • Dill
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Lemongrass
  • Marjoram
  • Oregano
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme


Basil is believed to help decrease inflammation. For those who don’t know, this is when a part of the body becomes swollen, red, or hot because of an injury or infection.

It is also said to help with acne, mental fatigue, head colds, gas, and kidney disorders. None of this has been proven clinically.

It’s normally added to Asian or Mediterranean foods.

ChiliChili peppers are sometimes called capsicum. It is well known that the fruit of the capsicum plant is used to make medicine.

It has been proven to reduce the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, shingles, and diabetes when applied to the skin where the pain is located. It also has shown to be effective in helping back pain and fibromyalgia. Cluster headaches and runny noses have also successfully been treated with Chili peppers.

Though not proven, some say it can aid in weight management. They go well with Asian, Mediterranean, African, and Latin inspired cuisines.

corianderCilantro is also called coriander. Much research still needs to be done in order to understand the impacts of Cilantro on health.

Some claim that it serves as an excellent digestive aid and helps with constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Others believe it can help prevent gas, diarrhea, and even measles. None of these haven been proven clinically.

It goes well with Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin, and Mexican style cuisines.

dillDill is said to be an antimicrobial. It is believed to help colds, fevers, coughs, bronchitis, and sore throats. None of this, however, has been clinically proven.

Dill is also believed to help with gas, urinary tract problems, liver problems, and gallbladder problems, Again, these claims have not yet been proven in clinical testing.

Mediterranean and American style cuisines are the best places to add dill.

garlicGarlic is said to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. In fact, it’s estimated that people with high blood pressure can reduce their blood pressure by as much as 8% by consuming garlic daily.

Garlic can prevent cerebral aging and blood clotting. It’s also well known for its ability to boost the immune system. Additionally, research indicates that garlic may be effective for reducing the risk for colon, rectal, and stomach cancer.

It is used throughout the world and can be added to most styles of food.

gingerGinger is believed to be an anti-emetic (prevents vomiting), antimicrobial (destroys pathogenic microorganisms), and anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation) herb. It is also said to boost the immune system. .

Since it is an anti-emetic, Ginger is believed to help reduce nausea and vomiting as well as dizziness. Additionally, ginger can help relieve the pain associated with menstrual cramps and arthritis.

In Ayurvedic medicine ginger is considered to be a universal therapeutic. It is typically found in Asian inspired food

LemongrassNot a lot is known about the healing properties of lemongrass and much research still needs to be done.

Lemongrass is said to have anti-cancer properties. It also said to act as an anti-inflammatory. It further is believed to help with stomach spasm and high blood pressure. None of these have been tested though.

Lemongrass goes well with Asian style cuisine and most seafood.

MajoramMarjoram is said to be antimicrobial. As such, it is believed to help with coughs, colds, runny noses, stomach cramps, and colic. It is also said to be useful in helping with gallstones, headaches, diabetes, relieving menopause and nerve pain. None of this has been yet proven in clinical testing.

Early clinical testings does, however, indicate that Marjoram may be effective in helping people to improve lung functioning.

Marjoram is typically found in Mediterranean, African, Middle Eastern, and American style food.

oreganoOregano is said to be antimicrobial. As such it is believed to help with coughing, the flu, and headaches. It is also believed to help with hemophilia and healing wounds. None of these have been proven in clinical testing.

It has, however, shown clinically to be helpful with high cholesterol and in killing intestinal parasites.

Oregano is often found in Mediterranean style cuisines.

parsleyParsley is said to be an antimicrobial. It is believed to help with coughing, digestive problems, urinary tract problems, menstrual cramps, liver disorders, and asthma. None of this has yet to be proven in clinical testing.

Parsley is also supposed to help with kidney stones, bruises, tumors, cracked skin, and insect bites. Again, this has not been proven clinically.

Parsley is found in cuisines throughout the world.

rosemaryRosemary is believed to be an anti-carcinogen and anti-inflammatory. It is additionally said to inhibit bone resorption. It is also said to be useful in helping with gas, indigestion, gout, cough, headache, toothaches, and high blood pressure. None of these have yet to be proven clinically.

Early clinical trials suggests that rosemary may be helpful in improving hair loss when the essential oil is applied to the scalp. There is also some early evidence to suggest that Rosemary can help improve the quality of memory in healthy adults. Additionally, there is some evidence that this herb will help decrease pain associated with arthritis.

It is often added to Mediterranean style food.

thymeThyme is said to inhibit bone resorption. It is also believed to help with agitation, ear infections, tonsil inflammation, sore throats, and bad breath. These claims have not been proven in clinical testing.

What has been proven is that Thyme is great for improving the symptoms associated with bronchitis including coughing and fever. Coughing associated with colds and upper respiratory infections also seems to decrease with the use of Thyme. This herb, in essential oil form, has even been proven to help with hair loss when applied to the scalp.

Thyme is typically added to Mediterranean style foods.

Remember, to consult your doctor, a good homeopathic practitioner, or someone knowledgeable in herbs before attempting any sort of major treatment of yourself with them. Adding these herbs and spices to foods, however, should be fine for most healthy adults.

Your Moon Sign – The Emotional You


In astrology, the astrological sign that the moon was moving through on the day and time of birth is said to represent how you respond emotionally to the world. This is typically a person’s way of immediately emotionally reacting to the world.

Many people also forget that the sign the moon falls in can indicate how the family, in early childhood, influenced the person and the attitudes that one learned from the family.

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

ariesEmotionally impulsive – this is the general characteristic of someone with a moon in Aries. Many have tempers which they try to pretend don’t actually exist. On the bright side, their tempers are short lived and don’t last long.

Those with an Aries moon will, under normal circumstances, be extremely independent and prefer to do things on their own. There is also a tendency to want to do the opposite of what other people want them to do just to prove they don’t have to listen to others!

It’s not uncommon for those born with their moon in this placement to not think about consequences to their actions before putting those actions into motion. Many must be allowed to learn life lessons the hard way for there is an almost unconscious tendency to believe their way is the only right way for them.

taurusWhen it comes to people who have moon in Taurus, emotional stability can only be gained after financial security. When finances are weak there are often a great many fears and their ability to connect emotionally with others tends to be limited.

Having said this, most Taurus moon people tend to be solid and emotionally stable, not flying easily off the handle or allowing even major problems to upset them to greatly. Many are also blessed with a strong level of common sense. They tend to be stable workers once they have begun a project – many times tirelessly seeing it through to completion, though they may sometimes need the help of others to actually start new projects.

Rarely, but on occasion, some Taurus moon people will be lazy and want others to do all the work for them while they sit back and “supervise.” Likewise, sometimes those with a moon in Taurus can be very dogmatic and unwilling to change their beliefs at any cost.

geminiThe emotions in Gemini moon people tend to change rapidly and often. They can go through multiple emotions in mere seconds and the way they feel about something can change several times over the course of a few days. They are not always aware when they are doing these things.

So, for example, a person with a Gemini moon may tell you they hate Pizza only to suggest later that you all go get Pizza. They may profess their love to someone only to tell their best friend later how much they despise that person.

People with a Gemini moon tend to enjoy talking…. a lot. They also typically will try to rationalize their emotions. Many will be perceived by others as being either very busy or as very nervous. A few people with this placement will come across as being flaky, easily confused, or highly superficial.

cancerPeople born with a Cancer moon tends to have very powerful emotions and emotional reactions. Most will have problems with a Mother figure at some point in their life and many will feel as though they have been orphaned or abandoned by someone important to them.

These people can be overly sensitive and it’s not uncommon for them to get their feelings hurt very easily. When hurt, they are prone to pouting. The same emotional sensitivity that results in hurt feelings allow these natives to posses an almost psychic like insight into the true motivations and feelings of others.

Cancer moon people are some of the most loving, caring, and nurturing people you can ally yourself with, though they are at their best after they have entered into a secure marriage and own their own home. Sometimes they can come across as smothering, clingy, or “always looking over your shoulder,” but it’s typically done out of concern, love, and care.

leoThe people with moon in Leo need to be in the spotlight. Most every Leo moon individual has an inner desire to seek attention, appreciation, or admiration from others and/or to stand out in a crowd. These people somehow always tend to become the center attraction, even when they try not to!

Romance is very important to these moon born people. They like to get caught up in romantic evenings, movies, meetings, and fun games of coy or cat and mouse flirtation. The Leo moon isn’t always interested in following through after they’ve had their romance, but they almost always know and understand when they are in fact flirting with others. For them, it’s about having fun and making themselves and someone else feel good. It’s typically not about being serious.

Children tend to eventually become very important to every Leo moon born person. It’s not uncommon for them to want multiple children and it’s very rare if they don’t want at least one. They will tend to be very proud of their children and show them off often. Likewise, they can be overly protective of the kids they are responsible for.

virgoHardworking and practical are the keywords for those who have their moon in Virgo. This individuals typically make great friends and they are capable of helping others to see the practical side to what is going on or where one is thinking about going. They must, however, learn to be careful of perfectionism tendencies as this can serve to hold them back in life. Additionally, those with this moon placement must be careful not to become overwhelmed by all the little details.

Some Virgo moon people can be shy, very introverted, or dislike having to deal with people. Most prefer to do their work without drawing attention to themselves or what they are doing. Many try to avoid asking personal questions figuring if someone wants to share their personal life they will, but otherwise it’s none of their business.

Individuals with a Virgo moon will many times have tendency to be hyper critical of how others act if it doesn’t match up with their perception on how one should act and behave. While they many times won’t come right out and criticize or tell a person how they feel, it may color the way they choose to interact with that person in the future.

libraPeople with their moon in Libra can many times allow the emotions, feelings, and behaviors of their friends, bosses, co-workers, and romantic partners to influence them. It is for this reason that the Libra moon person can appear to have an almost psychic like connection to these people – responding to them as they need to long before they are asked or required to. On the negative side, this sometimes can lend to the Libra moon person becoming dependent on these people.

Libra moon individuals usually are not capable of handling disharmony and go out of there way not to “rock the boat” or to “Fix things” and “make up.” When a person with a Libra moon finds themselves around a lot of disharmony it is not uncommon for them to develop health related issues.

Most people with a Libra moon are excellent at interacting and working with the public. They tend to understand diplomacy and have a talent for using it to their advantage, especially to cool and improve hostile situations. They often times desire social status and will go to any measures necessary to climb the social ladder and be seen as “important.”

scorpioMoon in Scorpio represents people who are either willful or biased. As children they tend to be very disobedient or stubborn in their ways and they usually aren’t much better as adults. Like most water signs, there is also a tendency to take things personally. Unlike other water signs, the Scorpio moon is more inclined to seek revenge or retaliation for those perceived hurts.

Many people with a Scorpio moon have an inner need and desire to dominant and control others on a very subtle level. So, for example, they won’t tell you that you can’t go out, but they may make finding the keys to the car very difficult. They won’t tell you that you have to do what they want, but if you don’t they may find a way to “punish” you for not doing so.

The person with a Scorpio moon knows and understands the importance of sacrifice. If the sacrifice in the long run will get them what they want, there is never a sacrifice that is to great for them.

sagittariusLooking for someone positive and upbeat? Need someone in your life who tends to see the good and not the bad? If so, you need to find someone who has their moon in Sagittarius. These people sometimes are so positive that it can become annoying after a while!

Sagittarius moon born people need a good deal of travel and diverse cultures in order for them to feel at their best. When feeling at their best they are apt to do anything which those whom they consider to be their friends require of them.

Sometimes this moon placement will lead to narrow mindedness arrogance, and an inability to be objective. At the bare minimal, it’s not uncommon for these individuals to be attached to an unwavering philosophy or religion which colors their way of interacting with the world.

capricornIt’s not uncommon for people with a Capricorn moon to be come across as cold or uncaring. While this may or may not be true, it is true that there is a tendency for them to be reserved and cautious about opening up or sharing information and their inner emotional state with others.

Ambitious and hard working, many with a Capricorn moon tend to be emotionally influenced most by money, status, or career. This typically occurs because of an inner feeling of a lack of worth or a desire to prove themselves to someone.

People with a moon in Capricorn normally have trouble having fun and allowing themselves to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. They are great, however, at being a solid rock for others as they typically don’t allow the emotional states of other people to influence them or drag them down.

aquariusThere is an ability to understand humanity and what humanity needs. Many Aquarius moon people are friendly but in an impersonal sort of way. They may chat with you about a variety of topics or even strike up a conversation with you out of the blue, but that doesn’t mean they want to be emotionally tied to you, responsible for you, or obligated to help you. Many can come across as flirtatious without meaning to.

There is a need for the freedom to be able to express the self emotionally however they choose to do so. To not allow them this freedom or to block it in any way is to risk offending the Aquarius moon individual. If this means they want to pout and throw a temper tantrum, they must be allowed to do so. If they want to sulk, it shouldn’t be interrupted. However they want to express themselves, they need people in their lives who will allow them to do so in their own way.

Many fear becoming emotionally involved with other people due to past hurts or trauma and stubbornness is also not uncommon. Many also refuse to commit to another out of fear of loosing or having their freedom restricted. Further more, many feel as though they are the “black sheep” of the family regardless of if this is really true or not.

piscesPeople with moon in Pisces tend to be extremely sensitive. There is a tendency to pick up “psychic” impressions from others and to “absorb” the emotional mood of the people they are around. They would do well to study some form of energy or psychic protection in order to learn their true emotions vs the ones they pick up from others.

Many people with this placement find themselves feeling psychologically vulnerably and will retreat to isolation or solitude to protect themselves if their feelings get hurt. They are unlikely to seek out other people, instead having an expectation that “if they really care they’ll come to me.”

A vivid imagination, strong sympathy and empathy, and a tendency to guilt trip themselves or others are common traits of these moon born individuals. Many are good at arts, crafts, drama, theater, music, and/or design.

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Your Sun Sign – What You’re Learning

Soul Astrology ReadingIn Western astrology, the astrological sign your sun was in at the date of your birth is considered one of the three most important factors in interpreting the natal or birth chart. The other two are the sign the moon was in and the sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the time and location of birth. Of these, the sun sign has always been considered the most important.

Many people are taught to read their sun sign from the perspective of “This is what I’m like or supposed to be like.” I personally was not taught to read the sun sign in that manner.

When I was studying and learning astrology, I was always taught that the sun sign represents the ultimate lessons a person was born into this life to learn. Thus, if one is born as a Scorpio they are learning to be a Scorpio or they are learning Scorpio lessons. They may or may not actually act or behave like one.

In fact, the sign mars is in at the time of a person’s birth is more of an indication of what a person is actually like. With that being said, here is what I was taught each sun sign is learning in their life.

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces


Aries is cardinal, positive polarity, fire sign.

The Aries native is learning to focus on and think only about themselves in this life time. If you ever meet an Aries that behaves selfishly you should smile and remind yourself that they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing in this life. Sadly, there are many Aries natives that forget that this time was supposed to be about them learning to focus on themselves.

Aries natives are also learning to be competitive and goal-oriented. Nothing comes easy for the Aries. They must learn to compete and set their standards high if they are to achieve.

Finally, the Aries native is learning to be both physically and mentally active and to exercise both faculties often. Aries needs both physical and mental stimulation. Without both of them the Aries native will usually find themselves falling into destructive habits or patterns.


Taurus is a fixed, negative polarity, earth sign.

A Taurus native is learning to take things slow in this life. They are learning that the best approach is a methodical one. They are learning that anything that truly matters requires time.

A Taurus will also be learning how to cultivate their organization ability. They will discover that the more organized they are the better life seems to flow for them.

Learning to find and stay true to their personal values is another important Taurus lesson. Many Taurus people find themselves in situations where they end up being forced to question their values. This life, for them, is all about learning what values are most important to them and then sticking to those values. In this light, the Taurus is also learning that it’s okay to be stubborn and tenacious, especially when it comes to those things which are most important to them.


Gemini is a mutable, positive polarity, air sign.

Virtually every Gemini is learning to overcome communication problems and fears in their life. Most of them are forced to learn this lesson early in life, though for a few the lesson follows them all throughout their life. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for the Gemini native to be forced to learn both the importance of talking and listening and when which is appropriate.

Gemini people are also learning to be versatile and to go with the flow. They are discovering in this life the importance of change and not fighting it. They are also learning not to view things in black and white, but rather gray.

Gemini needs to learn in this life both how to focus their mind on their objectives as well as how to handle things on their own. Additionally, many will learn the importance of alone time, introversion, and privacy.


Cancer is a cardinal, negative polarity, water sign.

Cancer is primarily learning how to deal appropriately with insecurity in this life. Most Cancer people will have one or more major insecurities that they are forced to deal with. In the process of doing this the Cancer native is also learning to know when it’s time to quit and move on as well as how and when to let go of the past. If that wasn’t enough, almost all Cancer born individuals must learn how to handle and deal with the many emotions that they experience in a positive and constructive manner.

Cancer also came into this world to learn about nurturing. As such, the majority of Cancer born people will find that they end up having to take care of another, perhaps many others, at some point and time. Cancer must learn, however, that they are not possibly able to help and care for everyone they come across.

Finally, the Cancer native has come into this world to learn how to put their creative talents and abilities to good use. This is especially true when it comes to their home environment.


Leo is a fixed, positive polarity, fire sign.

Leo is born into this life to learn about family. They are specially learning the importance of being proud of the things they do and being proud of the people they choose to align themselves with. With this comes the importance of learning about, creating, or embracing traditions.

Leo natives are all here to learn about leadership and being leaders. The sooner they learn to step into the spotlight and embrace leadership roles, the better life tends to become for them. They have to understand, however, that not everyone will act in accordance to their personal values and beliefs, but that doesn’t mean those people aren’t important or useful.

For the Leo, a big part of their lesson in this life is knowing when and how to both give and receive love. They are also learning the importance of devotion to either a particular person or cause. This is all on top of the lessons surrounding their creative energy and potential.


Virgo is a mutable, negative polarity, earth sign.

The main and most important lesson that Virgo is here to learn revolves around criticism and discrimination. They are learning just how sharp the tongue can actually be and when to be critical of both themselves as well as other people. Likewise, they are learning to discriminate between what is really important and what isn’t. With these lessons also comes the importance of learning to avoid extremism in all forms.

Most all Virgos are learning how to think analytically and be logical in this life. They are learning that it’s okay to be doubtful of others and it’s okay to not trust everyone they come into contact with.

Every Virgo comes into this life to learn about service. Learning how to be of service to others and the importance of doing service are key Virgo lessons that can’t be ignored. Likewise, every Virgo will have to deal with health related stuff in life. For some this may mean becoming a nurse, doctor, or working in a hospital. For others it may involve having to overcome a major illness or having to take care of someone with such an illness.


Libra is a cardinal, positive polarity, air sign.

Libra was born into this life to primarily learn to be social and relate to other people. Learning to belong tends to be an important lesson for Libra born individuals too. With all this focus on being social it’s no surprise that Libra people are also learning to be mediators for and between people.

The Libra native is also learning about personal balance in this life. It’s very important for Libra to learn to find balance. It’s also very important for Libra to learn the difference between keeping things in balance and avoiding conflict. When Libra avoids conflict they typically find themselves being held back.

Many people born into the Libra sun sign will find that they have to deal with one or more co-dependent relationships in their life. This typically is a sub lesson connected to the previously mentioned not avoiding conflict lesson.

Perhaps the hardest lesson for Libra, however, revolves around learning to disassociate from their emotions. Libra eventually must learn that in order to make certain effective decisions and in order to take certain effective actions there must be a disconnection from their emotions and their worry about what other people will think of them. Along with this lesson comes a lesson involving learning to think things through before making decisions. Libra must learn, however, that they can’t sit on things too long – that the longer they wait to make a decisions the more opportunity they may end up missing out on.


Scorpio is a fixed, negative polarity, water sign.

Scorpio is known as the most sexual of all signs. In truth, the majority of people born with a Scorpio sun sign will learn about sex, sexuality, sexual taboos, and sexual problems as they live life in the physical world. Sex, after all, is one of the most powerful and intense expressions of emotion that a person can be engaged in. Scorpio is learning that sex is never “just sex”, that there is always something more powerful and deeper going on.

Like Cancer, almost all Scorpio born people will have to learn to deal with intense and heavy emotions in a constructive manner. Many Scorpios will learn about abuse and the darker side of humanity at some point and time in their life. They are learning to understand this side of humanity and to still have hope for a better world. They are learning that they bare some degree of responsibility in helping other people and the world to change.

Scorpio must learn not to obsess over things. They also have to learn to take their intuition seriously and learn how and when to use it to both help others and make decisions. Scorpio born people are also learning to help other people see their strong and weak points. They are here to learn how to help people capitalize on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

It’s not uncommon for Scorpio born natives to have a knack for business – many are learning about power and control in this life. Many are also learning when and how to keep secrets as well as how and when to manipulate others into helping them achieve their vision of the greater good. Likewise, most Scorpios are also learning that there are times when they must give up control to another.


Sagittarius is a mutable, positive polarity, fire sign.

A Sagittarius born person is primarily focusing on overcoming prejudice and injustice. At some point in their life they’ll be called to stand up for another person, the underdog, or those who are just different then them. Additionally, many Sagittarius natives have to learn to see and focus on the positive in the world while not dwelling on the negative.

Sagittarius has to learn when to work hard and when to be lazy. Many struggle with overcoming lazy tendencies as there is a deep desire to enjoy life and have fun. This desire to enjoy life and have fun is the very same desire that forces them to learn how to be flirtatious and playful with others. Likewise, there is also a need to learn to explore and investigate other countries and cultures.

Sagittarius must also learn that it’s okay to be idealistic and philosophical. Most will have to spend extra time in their life in their educational pursuits or being involved in education. Many will be forced to deal with or overcome “father” issues at some point in their life, though not always associated with their own biological father.


Capricorn is a cardinal, negative polarity, earth sign.

Those people born into the sun sign Capricorn will find that their most important lessons will revolve around the importance of family and family connections. Capricorns will need to learn how to separate their work life from their family life. Many Capricorns are meant to learn about the role of parenting in this life time and this plays out sometimes in their day to day life with their friends who they end up learning to “mommy/father” in some manner.

Career tends to be the second most important thing to those native to this sign. They must learn to dedicate themselves to a career that provides to them the material and financial support and comfort they need and want in their lives. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for Capricorn people to have to learn from a very early age to be both responsible and serious for others.

Respect is a keyword when it comes to Capricorn. They are here to learn about the importance of both respect others, especially those above them or that holds authority over them, and they are here to learn how to gain respect and admiration from others.

Capricorns must also learn that it’s okay to want and seek power and prestige provided they don’t try to cheat the system. These individuals must learn to follow and obey the rules else they tend to have to start over from the bottom again.


Aquarius is a fixed, positive polarity, air sign.

Those people born into the Aquarius sun sign are mainly learning that it’s okay to be different from everyone else. It’s okay to be unique and to express themselves in unique and unusual ways. To do this they typically will also learn the importance of being stubborn.

Aquarius born natives are here to learn the importance of being practical and yet intellectually creative. They eventually also must learn to withhold judgment. Along with their intellectual creativity, there is a need to learn to be curious and to figure out what makes things or even other people tick.

Many people born into this sign are also going to spend a good deal of time learning to focus on the greater good of the world. Humanitarian or volunteer efforts would not be uncommon. Despite this, Aquarius is not here to learn to focus on emotions. In fact, most must learn to avoid becoming emotionally attached to others as well as learn when to move on and find something else to put their curiosity and attention into.


Pisces is a mutable, negative polarity, water sign.

The most important lesson for people born into the sun sign Pisces is to learn how to effectively deal with guilt. These individuals have to learn not to feel guilty about everything that goes wrong and, more importantly, not to use excessive guilt tripping with others.

Pisces born people also have to learn not to let fear hold them back. Many will find themselves working on overcoming some variation of paranoia in their life. Once they learn to blend in and trust others they typically find that they have to deal less with fears.

Like all the water signs, Pisces must learn how to handle their emotions constructively. It’s important for them to learn to share their emotional nature with others and to trust both their empathy and intuitive ability.

Interestingly, most Pisces come into the physical world to learn to combine the spiritual with the physical. Flexibility in their belies and who they align themselves with is an important part of their growth process.

If you enjoyed reading this you may want to check out information on the element (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) of your sun sign, which also impacts personality and the life lessons that are being learned. Likewise, if you know what sign your moon is in you may want to check out information on your moon sign.

Making “Right” Decisions

“It’s important to always trust yourself. Your own intuition, feelings, and thoughts will always be more important than what you hear from anyone else.” — John Culbertson

Making "Right" Decision

A question that eventually many of my new clients end up asking is “How do I know, when faced with a major and important choice, which direction is right or wrong? How do I figure out what is the best choice for me ?”

These are very important questions to ask. Nobody wants to make the wrong choice, feel like they’ve wasted precious time and life or, even worse, find themselves dealing with some sort of pain. In fact, the majority of us would rather make the right decision the first time around. We’ll talk more about this idea of “the right decision” in a few moments. First, I want to point out the process of making good decisions.

What I tell people when they ask me these questions is simply to trust themselves. When individuals follow their own intuition and inner voices, more often then not they end up making the choices that are best for them. When people allow other people to deeply influence them without taking time to figure things our for themselves, more often then not they end up regretting the decisions and choices they make.

Regret is the real problem here.The only true bad decisions that people make in life are the ones which cause them to have feelings of regret later. Choosing to feel regret, however, is a matter of choice too. In fact, most who deeply follow a spiritual path eventually learns that all emotions are products of the thinking human mind. For the beginners out there, however, it’s far better to not even worry about this concept right now. Instead, it’s most important to focus on making decisions which, when you look back, you in your current state of being at the time of making a decision will not regret.


There’s an old NLP trick that many therapist commonly use. In it, you are asked to imagine yourself alone in an elevator. Each floor represents a different choice that can be made. Sometimes there may be only two floors and other times there could be four, five, or even more. Now, as you imagine yourself standing alone in that elevator, which floor do you find yourself most wanting to get off on? Which floor, when the elevator door opens, makes you feel the best or smile the most? There’s a good chance that’s your answer.

Another popular method for making good decisions revolves around the pro and con weight analysis test. In this, you take a piece of paper and divide it into half. One half you label pros and the other half cons. You may need more than one sheet of paper depending on the choice that is being made. You consider what action you want to take, allowing yourself time to visualize what life would be like if that action was taken. Then you write the potential and possible pros of taking that action in the pros column and the potential and possible cons in that column. When you are finished, you weigh them and see if the pros outweigh the cons. You may want someone else’s help in suggesting possible pros and cons.

Likewise, in a similar manner a consequence analysis can be used prior to making a decision. In this method, you simply ask what is the worst that could happen if I make that decision and am I willing to deal with that consequence.


These techniques, though all good and useful, at some point eventually become mute facts. In truth, when people truly follow their inner voices or their gut intuition they typically find themselves okay with whatever happens. They understand that no matter what happens, they did what was best for them. As a result, they are immediately filled with a sense of inner peace.

I also often tell my advanced students that from a deep spiritual perspective there truly are no wrong decisions in life. There are just good and not so good ways of dealing with the results and outcomes of those decisions. Now, grant it, some will enjoy having a philosophical argument with me at this point – to which I indulge with them. Even so, I believe firmly that every decision we make, on a soul level, helps us to grow, learn, and evolve.That doesn’t mean in the physical world that those decisions were “right” by the standards of society or the value and belief system of others. That doesn’t mean that in the physical world there are not consequences for making those decisions. It does mean, however, that we as humans can not ever possibly know the deepest soul aspects of another nor their purpose in life nor what they are or were supposed to be learning in this life. We can, and often do, judge others based on what we know and believe, but we can’t know with certainty what contracts they had formed on a soul level before coming into this world.

Typically what makes up the core of a bad decision is when a person ends up going against their inner voice or gut level feelings. It is when a person chooses to disregard their own values, beliefs, or moral compass. As such, it becomes important for people to constantly evaluate their own values, morality, and beliefs and make changes to them when necessary.


At this point it never fails. Someone brings up the fact that there surely must be a universal morality. That, for example, killing someone is always wrong no matter what you believe. Many people are surprised to find that I disagree with the concept of universal morality. Some people believe that there are certainly some actions, such as murder, which are universally wrong. Again, however, we can not know the deeper purpose or reason behind what is done.

Let’s take Judas from Christianity as an example. Judas is often painted as the bad guy in Christian theology. He betrayed Jesus Christ, the son of God. Only an evil person would dare do that. Anyone that betrays another becomes nicknamed “A Judas.” This stigma has followed him for centuries, and from the Christian perspective, rightfully so.

Likewise, the Romans and others who were responsible for the death of Jesus often times get cursed as well. However, Christians have a firm belief that Jesus came into the physical world to die for our sins so that we don’t have to suffer eternal death, rather we can enjoy the joys of Heaven and immortality because Jesus died on the Cross.

It’s not hard to see the problem here. Jesus had to die on the Cross for Christians to be saved. If he would not have died on the cross Christians would not, by their own claims, be capable of accessing Heaven. As such, Judas’s betrayal, and the actions of those who killed Christ, though seemingly evil, may have been the greatest act of love ever. He had to betray Jesus and they had to kill him for the events to unfold that would allow Jesus to fulfill his destiny and save all who believe in him from their sins. Thus, theoretically, Judas and the Romans should be viewed as a heroes, not as an evil bastards who are the lowest form of scum to ever live.

Do you understand the point? Do you see how, as humans, we can judge people based on certain selected beliefs and still not understand the greater purpose that these acts may be serving?

Christians, or those who believe in Jesus Christ, took a horrible situation and turned it into something which they consider to be great – in this case an entire religion which would come to dominate the known physical world.

There are other examples that could be used, but the one just mentioned is perhaps the easiest to understand and see.

Universal morality is only universal when it meets certain conditions (thus, in essence, not making it truly universal) as set by the person deeming it to be “universal.” What we in the U.S. may believe to be universal in morality may not be so in some tribal culture in the Amazon. Does that make that culture wrong? Only from our U.S. perspective, not from their tribal perspective.

Does this mean I would ever murder someone? Not at all. In fact, in this life I was blessed with a spirit that holds the belief that most all forms of killing is wrong. I can’t say if I would still feel that way if, for example, I was born in the Middle East instead of Missouri. I cant say if I would still feel that way if I was raised Islamic instead of Christian. I can’t say if I would still feel that way if someone in my family had been murdered in cold blood and I wanted to feel a sense of justice or revenge. I am the way I am because certain circumstances and events played out in my life that helped to shape and create who I am. The same is true for all people.

Likewise, however, I try very hard to not judge the apparent “evil” actions of some people in our world. I don’t know what their journey is or the deeper reasons behind that journey. Perhaps in their apparent evil, as horrible as it may be, something good and greater will come as a result of it. Some people commit what are considered to be evil acts by others when in their own mind those acts were meant to be good. That doesn’t make it “right” from anyone else’s perspective.


Besides learning to trust in yourself it’s equally important to have a few good friends whom you can turn to. People that you can bounce ideas and thoughts off of and who can offer to you new, different, or alternative viewpoints and understandings based on their own cultural identity and the experiences they have had in life.

Understand, however, that these people are not more important than your own inner voices, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. They may help supplement them, but they should not totally act as a substitute or replacement for them. Rather, you must eventually reach a point where the decisions you make are your own and you’re willing to deal with the consequences of those decisions, for “good” or “bad.”

One of the reasons people sometimes use a psychic adviser, spiritual counselor, therapist, or life coach is to have another viewpoint. These individuals provide to others a trusted person with whom they can bounce those thoughts, ideas, values, and beliefs off of knowing that they’ll either receive apparent validation or new ideas, insights, and understandings. For some people there is far more value to having someone available and in their corner that won’t judge them, but who will offer their own spiritually unique perspective and insights.

Should I See a Psychic?

Spiritual Teacher  John CulbertsonOne question many people ask is “Should I see a psychic?” The reason most end up choosing not to see one is because of the images that Hollywood and popular fiction has painted of them. Gypsies, fortune tellers, scam artists, it’s not hard to understand why so many people resist seeing a psychic.

Is John Culbertson a psychic?

John Culbertson offers insights and advice on most topics. Relationships, career, spirituality, and family are just some of the topics he may touch upon in a session. Sometimes he passes along messages from loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Sometimes he provides insights from angels or other spiritual beings. There are also times when he provides energy healing. In truth, he has worked with thousands of people from all over world including England, India, the Netherlands, the United States, Norway, Canada, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, and others.

Despite this, there are still many people that he comes across who are fearful of or skeptical about what he does professionally. If they don’t believe he is a scam artist they think he’s in legion with the Devil. Neither of which, according to his clients, are true. If you ask him, John will tell you that he believes in one God who manifests itself in various ways and through the many world religions to accommodate the great many people and personalities that are within the world.

“People are allowed to believe what they want to believe. I’m not in the business of telling people what to believe. I’m not in the business of telling people all about doom and gloom. My job involves both helping people to feel better and empowered and providing insights about life which they may not have thought about or which they have thought about and need further validation on. People are in control of their own destiny and honestly, there are many people who don’t need to use my services because they fully understand and known this.”

Most of his clients view him more as a spiritual teacher or shaman as opposed to psychic. As far as he is concerned this is fine. “In fact, I rather prefer being called a spiritual teacher and adviser. The word psychic is so misunderstood in world society. A great many who use this term are in fact all those stereotypes which people have become weary and afraid of.”

John has a full time work schedule. From 10am to sometimes as late as 11pm John works with private clients, writes New Age and self-help books and articles, does PR and marketing, produces a monthly newsletter, keeps his Facebook page updated, and travels teaching and conducting classes and workshops.

“I keep busy and tend to have little free time. Yet I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world.”

John does not come from a family of psychics. He was raised in a strict Roman Catholic family where much of what he does today was considered back in his youth as taboo. Instead, John credits several of his past teachers and mentors for his growth and development as a spiritual being. He states that “I have learned that all people are born psychic and have intuitive abilities. All people have the ability and power to connect personally one on one with God or the Universal Spirit. They don’t need an intermediary if they would just try and trust. I have learned, however, that most people are not really good at learning to trust themselves.”

John has been influenced over the years by Sandy Anastasi, John Maerz, Jason Oliver, Mic McManus, Gerald O’Donnell, Dr. Steve Serr, Ed Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, John Edward, Sylvia Browne, and many other New Age personalities.

“I love to learn and I love to read books. Reading, to me, is one of the most important things people can do. It opens up a whole new world and provides new insights which otherwise may have gone unnoticed. Sometimes the things which you read that you don’t agree with are far more important than those which you do agree with. Anytime you challenge what you know and ask questions you are bound to grow and evolve beyond your current state.

John has been a professional in the New Age field for just over 15 years. In that time he has authored three books. Miracle of the Angels is a short story about his encounter with angels when his grandmother was dying from cancer. Improve Your Intuition discusses and teaches people about psychic development. Finally, Psychic Self Defense and Protection is about defending against the negativity in the world and learning to understand how people use energy in both good and bad ways. Psychic Self Defense and Protection’s 3rd edition is due out by Summer of 2015.

Psychic or not, John has a large number of students and clients that he has helped get into the field and expand their own New Age based businesses. He has an equal number of clients who have emotionally, mentally, and spiritually grown and found their life enriched through their connection to him.

To learn more about John visit his website at: www.mysticjohnculbertson.com

Psychic John Culbertson

Progressive Relaxation

This 12 minute audio features spiritual teacher and psychic channel John Culbertson leading listeners through a relaxing progressive relaxation that is sure to help reduce your stress and begin the process of opening your mind and preparing you for meditation.

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Everything Paranormal Interview

On July 25th, 2014, Mark and Jeff Legree, the hosts of Everything Paranormal, spent some time with psychic channel and spiritual teacher John Culbertson chatting with him. That interview follows below.

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2nd Interview by After Hours AM – Spirit Communication

On July 24th, 2014, psychic and spiritual teacher John Culbertson returned to After Hours AM to talk again with Joel and Jennifer Sturgis. Here is some more examples of his reading ability, including a special spirit communication session that took place.

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