Your Sun Sign – What You’re Learning

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Soul Astrology ReadingIn Western astrology, the astrological sign your sun was in at the date of your birth is considered one of the three most important factors in interpreting the natal or birth chart. The other two are the sign the moon was in and the sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the time and location of birth. Of these, the sun sign has always been considered the most important.

Many people are taught to read their sun sign from the perspective of “This is what I’m like or supposed to be like.” I personally was not taught to read the sun sign in that manner.

When I was studying and learning astrology, I was always taught that the sun sign represents the ultimate lessons a person was born into this life to learn. Thus, if one is born as a Scorpio they are learning to be a Scorpio or they are learning Scorpio lessons. They may or may not actually act or behave like one.

In fact, the sign mars is in at the time of a person’s birth is more of an indication of what a person is actually like. With that being said, here is what I was taught each sun sign is learning in their life.

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces


Aries is cardinal, positive polarity, fire sign.

The Aries native is learning to focus on and think only about themselves in this life time. If you ever meet an Aries that behaves selfishly you should smile and remind yourself that they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing in this life. Sadly, there are many Aries natives that forget that this time was supposed to be about them learning to focus on themselves.

Aries natives are also learning to be competitive and goal-oriented. Nothing comes easy for the Aries. They must learn to compete and set their standards high if they are to achieve.

Finally, the Aries native is learning to be both physically and mentally active and to exercise both faculties often. Aries needs both physical and mental stimulation. Without both of them the Aries native will usually find themselves falling into destructive habits or patterns.


Taurus is a fixed, negative polarity, earth sign.

A Taurus native is learning to take things slow in this life. They are learning that the best approach is a methodical one. They are learning that anything that truly matters requires time.

A Taurus will also be learning how to cultivate their organization ability. They will discover that the more organized they are the better life seems to flow for them.

Learning to find and stay true to their personal values is another important Taurus lesson. Many Taurus people find themselves in situations where they end up being forced to question their values. This life, for them, is all about learning what values are most important to them and then sticking to those values. In this light, the Taurus is also learning that it’s okay to be stubborn and tenacious, especially when it comes to those things which are most important to them.


Gemini is a mutable, positive polarity, air sign.

Virtually every Gemini is learning to overcome communication problems and fears in their life. Most of them are forced to learn this lesson early in life, though for a few the lesson follows them all throughout their life. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for the Gemini native to be forced to learn both the importance of talking and listening and when which is appropriate.

Gemini people are also learning to be versatile and to go with the flow. They are discovering in this life the importance of change and not fighting it. They are also learning not to view things in black and white, but rather gray.

Gemini needs to learn in this life both how to focus their mind on their objectives as well as how to handle things on their own. Additionally, many will learn the importance of alone time, introversion, and privacy.


Cancer is a cardinal, negative polarity, water sign.

Cancer is primarily learning how to deal appropriately with insecurity in this life. Most Cancer people will have one or major insecurities that they are forced to deal with. In the process of doing this the Cancer native is also learning to know when it’s time to quit and move on as well as how and when to let go of the past. If that wasn’t enough, almost all Cancer born individuals must learn how to handle and deal with the many emotions that they experience in a positive and constructive manner.

Cancer also came into this world to learn about nurturing. As such, the majority of Cancer born people will find that they end up having to take care of another, perhaps many others, at some point and time. Cancer must learn, however, that they are not possibly able to help and care for everyone they come across.

Finally, the Cancer native has come into this world to learn how to put their creative talents and abilities to good use. This is especially true when it comes to their home environment.


Leo is a fixed, positive polarity, fire sign.

Leo is born into this life to learn about family. They are specially learning the importance of being proud of the things they do and being proud of the people they choose to align themselves with. With this comes the importance of learning about, creating, or embracing traditions.

Leo natives are all here to learn about leadership and being leaders. The sooner they learn to step into the spotlight and embrace leadership roles, the better life tends to become for them. They have to understand, however, that not everyone will act in accordance to their personal values and beliefs, but that doesn’t mean those people aren’t important or useful.

For the Leo, a big part of their lesson in this life is knowing when and how to both give and receive love. They are also learning the importance of devotion to either a particular person or cause. This is all on top of the lessons surrounding their creative energy and potential.


Virgo is a mutable, negative polarity, earth sign.

The main and most important lesson that Virgo is here to learn revolves around criticism and discrimination. They are learning just how sharp the tongue can actually be and when to be critical of both themselves as well as other people. Likewise, they are learning to discriminate between what is really important and what isn’t. With these lessons also comes the importance of learning to avoid extremism in all forms.

Most all Virgos are learning how to think analytically and be logical in this life. They are learning that it’s okay to be doubtful of others and it’s okay to not trust everyone they come into contact with.

Every Virgo comes into this life to learn about service. Learning how to be of service to others and the importance of doing service are key Virgo lessons that can’t be ignored. Likewise, every Virgo will have to deal with health related stuff in life. For some this may mean becoming a nurse, doctor, or working in a hospital. For others it may involve having to overcome a major illness or having to take care of someone with such an illness.


Libra is a cardinal, positive polarity, air sign.

Libra was born into this life to primarily learn to be social and relate to other people. Learning to belong tends to be an important lesson for Libra born individuals too. With all this focus on being social it’s no surprise that Libra people are also learning to be mediators for and between people.

The Libra native is also learning about personal balance in this life. It’s very important for Libra to learn to find balance. It’s also very important for Libra to learn the difference between keeping things in balance and avoiding conflict. When Libra avoids conflict they typically find themselves being held back.

Many people born into the Libra sun sign will find that they have to deal with one or more co-dependent relationships in their life. This typically is a sub lesson connected to the previously mentioned not avoiding conflict lesson.

Perhaps the hardest lesson for Libra, however, revolves around learning to disassociate from their emotions. Libra eventually must learn that in order to make certain effective decisions and in order to take certain effective actions there must be a disconnection from their emotions and their worry about what other people will think of them. Along with this lesson comes a lesson involving learning to think things through before making decisions. Libra must learn, however, that they can’t sit on things too long – that the longer they wait to make a decisions the more opportunity they may end up missing out on.


Scorpio is a fixed, negative polarity, water sign.

Scorpio is known as the most sexual of all signs. In truth, the majority of people born with a Scorpio sun sign will learn about sex, sexuality, sexual taboos, and sexual problems as they live life in the physical world. Sex, after all, is one of the most powerful and intense expressions of emotion that a person can be engaged in. Scorpio is learning that sex is never “just sex”, that there is always something more powerful and deeper going on.

Like Cancer, almost all Scorpio born people will have to learn to deal with intense and heavy emotions in a constructive manner. Many Scorpios will learn about abuse and the darker side of humanity at some point and time in their life. They are learning to understand this side of humanity and to still have hope for a better world. They are learning that they bare some degree of responsibility in helping other people and the world to change.

Scorpio must learn not to obsess over things. They also have to learn to take their intuition seriously and learn how and when to use it to both help others and make decisions. Scorpio born people are also learning to help other people see their strong and weak points. They are here to learn how to help people capitalize on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

It’s not uncommon for Scorpio born natives to have a knack for business – many are learning about power and control in this life. Many are also learning when and how to keep secrets as well as how and when to manipulate others into helping them achieve their vision of the greater good. Likewise, most Scorpios are also learning that there are times when they must give up control to another.


Sagittarius is a mutable, positive polarity, fire sign.

A Sagittarius born person is primarily focusing on overcoming prejudice and injustice. At some point in their life they’ll be called to stand up for another person, the underdog, or those who are just different then them. Additionally, many Sagittarius natives have to learn to see and focus on the positive in the world while not dwelling on the negative.

Sagittarius has to learn when to work hard and when to be lazy. Many struggle with overcoming lazy tendencies as there is a deep desire to enjoy life and have fun. This desire to enjoy life and have fun is the very same desire that forces them to learn how to be flirtatious and playful with others. Likewise, there is also a need to learn to explore and investigate other countries and cultures.

Sagittarius must also learn that it’s okay to be idealistic and philosophical. Most will have to spend extra time in their life in their educational pursuits or being involved in education. Many will be forced to deal with or overcome “father” issues at some point in their life, though not always associated with their own biological father.


Capricorn is a cardinal, negative polarity, earth sign.

Those people born into the sun sign Capricorn will find that their most important lessons will revolve around the importance of family and family connections. Capricorns will need to learn how to separate their work life from their family life. Many Capricorns are meant to learn about the role of parenting in this life time and this plays out sometimes in their day to day life with their friends who they end up learning to “mommy/father” in some manner.

Career tends to be the second most important thing to those native to this sign. They must learn to dedicate themselves to a career that provides to them the material and financial support and comfort they need and want in their lives. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for Capricorn people to have to learn from a very early age to be both responsible and serious for others.

Respect is a keyword when it comes to Capricorn. They are here to learn about the importance of both respect others, especially those above them or that holds authority over them, and they are here to learn how to gain respect and admiration from others.

Capricorns must also learn that it’s okay to want and seek power and prestige provided they don’t try to cheat the system. These individuals must learn to follow and obey the rules else they tend to have to start over from the bottom again.


Aquarius is a fixed, positive polarity, air sign.

Those people born into the Aquarius sun sign are mainly learning that it’s okay to be different from everyone else. It’s okay to be unique and to express themselves in unique and unusual ways. To do this they typically will also learn the importance of being stubborn.

Aquarius born natives are here to learn the importance of being practical and yet intellectually creative. They eventually also must learn to withhold judgment. Along with their intellectual creativity, there is a need to learn to be curious and to figure out what makes things or even other people tick.

Many people born into this sign are also going to spend a good deal of time learning to focus on the greater good of the world. Humanitarian or volunteer efforts would not be uncommon. Despite this, Aquarius is not here to learn to focus on emotions. In fact, most must learn to avoid becoming emotionally attached to others as well as learn when to move on and find something else to put their curiosity and attention into.


Pisces is a mutable, negative polarity, water sign.

The most important lesson for people born into the sun sign Pisces is to learn how to effectively deal with guilt. These individuals have to learn not to feel guilty about everything that goes wrong and, more importantly, not to use excessive guilt tripping with others.

Pisces born people also have to learn not to let fear hold them back. Many will find themselves working on overcoming some variation of paranoia in their life. Once they learn to blend in and trust others they typically find that they have to deal less with fears.

Like all the water signs, Pisces must learn how to handle their emotions constructively. It’s important for them to learn to share their emotional nature with others and to trust both their empathy and intuitive ability.

Interestingly, most Pisces come into the physical world to learn to combine the spiritual with the physical. Flexibility in their belies and who they align themselves with is an important part of their growth process.

If you enjoyed reading this you may want to check out information on the element (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) of your sun sign, which also impacts personality and the life lessons that are being learned.

Making “Right” Decisions

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“It’s important to always trust yourself. Your own intuition, feelings, and thoughts will always be more important than what you hear from anyone else.” — John Culbertson

Making "Right" Decision

A question that eventually many of my new clients end up asking is “How do I know, when faced with a major and important choice, which direction is right or wrong? How do I figure out what is the best choice for me ?”

These are very important questions to ask. Nobody wants to make the wrong choice, feel like they’ve wasted precious time and life or, even worse, find themselves dealing with some sort of pain. In fact, the majority of us would rather make the right decision the first time around. We’ll talk more about this idea of “the right decision” in a few moments. First, I want to point out the process of making good decisions.

What I tell people when they ask me these questions is simply to trust themselves. When individuals follow their own intuition and inner voices, more often then not they end up making the choices that are best for them. When people allow other people to deeply influence them without taking time to figure things our for themselves, more often then not they end up regretting the decisions and choices they make.

Regret is the real problem here.The only true bad decisions that people make in life are the ones which cause them to have feelings of regret later. Choosing to feel regret, however, is a matter of choice too. In fact, most who deeply follow a spiritual path eventually learns that all emotions are products of the thinking human mind. For the beginners out there, however, it’s far better to not even worry about this concept right now. Instead, it’s most important to focus on making decisions which, when you look back, you in your current state of being at the time of making a decision will not regret.


There’s an old NLP trick that many therapist commonly use. In it, you are asked to imagine yourself alone in an elevator. Each floor represents a different choice that can be made. Sometimes there may be only two floors and other times there could be four, five, or even more. Now, as you imagine yourself standing alone in that elevator, which floor do you find yourself most wanting to get off on? Which floor, when the elevator door opens, makes you feel the best or smile the most? There’s a good chance that’s your answer.

Another popular method for making good decisions revolves around the pro and con weight analysis test. In this, you take a piece of paper and divide it into half. One half you label pros and the other half cons. You may need more than one sheet of paper depending on the choice that is being made. You consider what action you want to take, allowing yourself time to visualize what life would be like if that action was taken. Then you write the potential and possible pros of taking that action in the pros column and the potential and possible cons in that column. When you are finished, you weigh them and see if the pros outweigh the cons. You may want someone else’s help in suggesting possible pros and cons.

Likewise, in a similar manner a consequence analysis can be used prior to making a decision. In this method, you simply ask what is the worst that could happen if I make that decision and am I willing to deal with that consequence.


These techniques, though all good and useful, at some point eventually become mute facts. In truth, when people truly follow their inner voices or their gut intuition they typically find themselves okay with whatever happens. They understand that no matter what happens, they did what was best for them. As a result, they are immediately filled with a sense of inner peace.

I also often tell my advanced students that from a deep spiritual perspective there truly are no wrong decisions in life. There are just good and not so good ways of dealing with the results and outcomes of those decisions. Now, grant it, some will enjoy having a philosophical argument with me at this point – to which I indulge with them. Even so, I believe firmly that every decision we make, on a soul level, helps us to grow, learn, and evolve.That doesn’t mean in the physical world that those decisions were “right” by the standards of society or the value and belief system of others. That doesn’t mean that in the physical world there are not consequences for making those decisions. It does mean, however, that we as humans can not ever possibly know the deepest soul aspects of another nor their purpose in life nor what they are or were supposed to be learning in this life. We can, and often do, judge others based on what we know and believe, but we can’t know with certainty what contracts they had formed on a soul level before coming into this world.

Typically what makes up the core of a bad decision is when a person ends up going against their inner voice or gut level feelings. It is when a person chooses to disregard their own values, beliefs, or moral compass. As such, it becomes important for people to constantly evaluate their own values, morality, and beliefs and make changes to them when necessary.


At this point it never fails. Someone brings up the fact that there surely must be a universal morality. That, for example, killing someone is always wrong no matter what you believe. Many people are surprised to find that I disagree with the concept of universal morality. Some people believe that there are certainly some actions, such as murder, which are universally wrong. Again, however, we can not know the deeper purpose or reason behind what is done.

Let’s take Judas from Christianity as an example. Judas is often painted as the bad guy in Christian theology. He betrayed Jesus Christ, the son of God. Only an evil person would dare do that. Anyone that betrays another becomes nicknamed “A Judas.” This stigma has followed him for centuries, and from the Christian perspective, rightfully so.

Likewise, the Romans and others who were responsible for the death of Jesus often times get cursed as well. However, Christians have a firm belief that Jesus came into the physical world to die for our sins so that we don’t have to suffer eternal death, rather we can enjoy the joys of Heaven and immortality because Jesus died on the Cross.

It’s not hard to see the problem here. Jesus had to die on the Cross for Christians to be saved. If he would not have died on the cross Christians would not, by their own claims, be capable of accessing Heaven. As such, Judas’s betrayal, and the actions of those who killed Christ, though seemingly evil, may have been the greatest act of love ever. He had to betray Jesus and they had to kill him for the events to unfold that would allow Jesus to fulfill his destiny and save all who believe in him from their sins. Thus, theoretically, Judas and the Romans should be viewed as a heroes, not as an evil bastards who are the lowest form of scum to ever live.

Do you understand the point? Do you see how, as humans, we can judge people based on certain selected beliefs and still not understand the greater purpose that these acts may be serving?

Christians, or those who believe in Jesus Christ, took a horrible situation and turned it into something which they consider to be great – in this case an entire religion which would come to dominate the known physical world.

There are other examples that could be used, but the one just mentioned is perhaps the easiest to understand and see.

Universal morality is only universal when it meets certain conditions (thus, in essence, not making it truly universal) as set by the person deeming it to be “universal.” What we in the U.S. may believe to be universal in morality may not be so in some tribal culture in the Amazon. Does that make that culture wrong? Only from our U.S. perspective, not from their tribal perspective.

Does this mean I would ever murder someone? Not at all. In fact, in this life I was blessed with a spirit that holds the belief that most all forms of killing is wrong. I can’t say if I would still feel that way if, for example, I was born in the Middle East instead of Missouri. I cant say if I would still feel that way if I was raised Islamic instead of Christian. I can’t say if I would still feel that way if someone in my family had been murdered in cold blood and I wanted to feel a sense of justice or revenge. I am the way I am because certain circumstances and events played out in my life that helped to shape and create who I am. The same is true for all people.

Likewise, however, I try very hard to not judge the apparent “evil” actions of some people in our world. I don’t know what their journey is or the deeper reasons behind that journey. Perhaps in their apparent evil, as horrible as it may be, something good and greater will come as a result of it. Some people commit what are considered to be evil acts by others when in their own mind those acts were meant to be good. That doesn’t make it “right” from anyone else’s perspective.


Besides learning to trust in yourself it’s equally important to have a few good friends whom you can turn to. People that you can bounce ideas and thoughts off of and who can offer to you new, different, or alternative viewpoints and understandings based on their own cultural identity and the experiences they have had in life.

Understand, however, that these people are not more important than your own inner voices, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. They may help supplement them, but they should not totally act as a substitute or replacement for them. Rather, you must eventually reach a point where the decisions you make are your own and you’re willing to deal with the consequences of those decisions, for “good” or “bad.”

One of the reasons people sometimes use a psychic adviser, spiritual counselor, therapist, or life coach is to have another viewpoint. These individuals provide to others a trusted person with whom they can bounce those thoughts, ideas, values, and beliefs off of knowing that they’ll either receive apparent validation or new ideas, insights, and understandings. For some people there is far more value to having someone available and in their corner that won’t judge them, but who will offer their own spiritually unique perspective and insights.

Should I See a Psychic?

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Spiritual Teacher  John CulbertsonOne question many people ask is “Should I see a psychic?” The reason most end up choosing not to see one is because of the images that Hollywood and popular fiction has painted of them. Gypsies, fortune tellers, scam artists, it’s not hard to understand why so many people resist seeing a psychic.

Is John Culbertson a psychic?

John Culbertson offers insights and advice on most topics. Relationships, career, spirituality, and family are just some of the topics he may touch upon in a session. Sometimes he passes along messages from loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Sometimes he provides insights from angels or other spiritual beings. There are also times when he provides energy healing. In truth, he has worked with thousands of people from all over world including England, India, the Netherlands, the United States, Norway, Canada, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, and others.

Despite this, there are still many people that he comes across who are fearful of or skeptical about what he does professionally. If they don’t believe he is a scam artist they think he’s in legion with the Devil. Neither of which, according to his clients, are true. If you ask him, John will tell you that he believes in one God who manifests itself in various ways and through the many world religions to accommodate the great many people and personalities that are within the world.

“People are allowed to believe what they want to believe. I’m not in the business of telling people what to believe. I’m not in the business of telling people all about doom and gloom. My job involves both helping people to feel better and empowered and providing insights about life which they may not have thought about or which they have thought about and need further validation on. People are in control of their own destiny and honestly, there are many people who don’t need to use my services because they fully understand and known this.”

Most of his clients view him more as a spiritual teacher or shaman as opposed to psychic. As far as he is concerned this is fine. “In fact, I rather prefer being called a spiritual teacher and adviser. The word psychic is so misunderstood in world society. A great many who use this term are in fact all those stereotypes which people have become weary and afraid of.”

John has a full time work schedule. From 10am to sometimes as late as 11pm John works with private clients, writes New Age and self-help books and articles, does PR and marketing, produces a monthly newsletter, keeps his Facebook page updated, and travels teaching and conducting classes and workshops.

“I keep busy and tend to have little free time. Yet I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world.”

John does not come from a family of psychics. He was raised in a strict Roman Catholic family where much of what he does today was considered back in his youth as taboo. Instead, John credits several of his past teachers and mentors for his growth and development as a spiritual being. He states that “I have learned that all people are born psychic and have intuitive abilities. All people have the ability and power to connect personally one on one with God or the Universal Spirit. They don’t need an intermediary if they would just try and trust. I have learned, however, that most people are not really good at learning to trust themselves.”

John has been influenced over the years by Sandy Anastasi, John Maerz, Jason Oliver, Mic McManus, Gerald O’Donnell, Dr. Steve Serr, Ed Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, John Edward, Sylvia Browne, and many other New Age personalities.

“I love to learn and I love to read books. Reading, to me, is one of the most important things people can do. It opens up a whole new world and provides new insights which otherwise may have gone unnoticed. Sometimes the things which you read that you don’t agree with are far more important than those which you do agree with. Anytime you challenge what you know and ask questions you are bound to grow and evolve beyond your current state.

John has been a professional in the New Age field for just over 15 years. In that time he has authored three books. Miracle of the Angels is a short story about his encounter with angels when his grandmother was dying from cancer. Improve Your Intuition discusses and teaches people about psychic development. Finally, Psychic Self Defense and Protection is about defending against the negativity in the world and learning to understand how people use energy in both good and bad ways. Psychic Self Defense and Protection’s 3rd edition is due out by Summer of 2015.

Psychic or not, John has a large number of students and clients that he has helped get into the field and expand their own New Age based businesses. He has an equal number of clients who have emotionally, mentally, and spiritually grown and found their life enriched through their connection to him.

To learn more about John visit his website at:

Psychic John Culbertson

Progressive Relaxation

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This 12 minute audio features spiritual teacher and psychic channel John Culbertson leading listeners through a relaxing progressive relaxation that is sure to help reduce your stress and begin the process of opening your mind and preparing you for meditation.

Progressive Relaxation

Everything Paranormal Interview

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On July 25th, 2014, Mark and Jeff Legree, the hosts of Everything Paranormal, spent some time with psychic channel and spiritual teacher John Culbertson chatting with him. That interview follows below.

Everything Paranormal Interview


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