What are Love Psychic Readings?

Discover Your Perfect Soul Mate Mp3Love psychic readings? People really get those?

Yes, they do. Many people, in fact, get readings to learn about their love life. It is perhaps one of, if not the, most popular reasons for an individual to see a professional psychic or intuitive counselor.

The problem with love readings is that they are typically almost always based around the free will of two people. Whenever you have free will involved in a situation, there can be no guaranteed outcome. A reader can look at the direction things are currently heading and they can look at where things are likely to be heading. They can not, however, tell you with any degree of certainty what will definitely happen.

Free Will in Love Matters

It’s more accurate to say free will always matters. Whenever I do sessions for people I always take time to look for ways to remind them that they have free will and are capable of influencing, for good or bad, the things that I see. This is especially true in matters of the heart.

Free will can enable a relationship that everyone thinks is doomed for failure to survive and blossom. It can equally create negative situations in a relationship that everyone believes is ideal. Even an ideal relationship, a soul mate relationship, can crumble and fall apart if free will is applied in a negative manner by one or both parties.

A love psychic can help you to understand how free will is at work and provide insights and guidance on how to make the best use of free will to help make the most of your relationship situations.

Soul Mates – Not What You Think

It’s also important to realize that I’ve come to understand soul mates on a very different level than most people in the world.

When most people think of the term soul mate, they believe it is a relationship where two people were always meant to be together and will thus always be together.

While that is correct theoretically, the problem lies in the actuality of the physical world.

You see, soul mates are certainly two souls that have always been tied together. They are also two souls that have typically lived many lives together. That does not mean, however, that in this life the two people are “destined” to be together.

While at a soul level the soul mates will always be tied to each other and will no doubt have many other lives together, in the physical world it’s important to understand that this fact does not mean that the two souls have to always be together. In fact, it may be in this particular life time that the two souls are meant to have different or new experiences to strengthen the soul bond in other life times.

When you add in the fact that two people can be soul mates and still have free will, it’s easy to see and understand why not all soul mates become involved in life mate relationships.

It’s also important to understand that people can in fact have more than one soul mate. I could, theoretically, be married to a soul mate and encounter a person that I’ve shared a strong love bond with in several other lifetimes that is also on some level a soul mate.

This is easier to understand when you realize that we are all of the same spiritual essence.

So which do I spend my life with in this life time? Well, that depends on that free will aspect we were speaking about earlier. The free will of everyone involved will determine the answer to that question. Which could very well be neither of them!

Part of what a love reading can do for you is help you to understand if you are in fact soul mates and provide insights and guidelines on how this is influencing the relationship for good or bad and provide options on thinking and acting moving forward.

The Importance of Two

In a relationship, there are always two people. In traditional relationship counseling a counselor will typically not address a relationship unless both partners are present. The focus on most relationship counseling is improving communication between the couple and establishing boundaries. It can often times be unfair to address a relationship when only one partner is present. Everything can become skewed to just that person’s perspective. When both are present, it’s far more likely that the truth will be revealed.

Though I will sometimes address relationships with just one person present, the truth is, that when both partners are present at the session (along with the ritual healing that follows) the relationship tends to strengthen and move forward. The problem is that many times only one person in the relationship feels the need to seek out and ask for help. It’s only when both partners truly seek out help that things will get better. Otherwise, the truth is, that one of them doesn’t want the relationship to improve or, more likely, allows themselves to be stuck in a hopeless pattern that, though they have control over, they believe controls them.

When both accept the need for help and seek it out, they will get it – though it usually will require a degree of sharing and work which many are unwilling to engage in.

The first questions I typically ask each individual are:

1. Do you want the relationship to get better?


2. Are you willing to do and sacrifice anything for that to happen?

If either partner answers no to either question, I typically recommend they move on. No matter what we do at that point, it won’t save the relationship and the couple is better off cutting their loses and moving on without each other.

If they both answer yes and truly mean it to both questions, then there are a great many steps that can be taken to not only improve the relationship, but guide both to fulfillment. This is just another example of how a love psychic/intuitive counselor can help in matters of the heart.

Final Thoughts on Love Psychic Readings

As you can see, there are many ways a psychic and/or intuitive counselor can assist you in love and relationships. Sometimes they simply bring out into the open and remind people of common sense and other times they uncover deeper insights that simply weren’t available prior to the session. Regardless, it’s worth a try.

What is the Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium?

Mediumship WorkshopLearning the difference between a psychic and medium is not complicated. The best way to remember it is by telling yourself that for the most part every medium is a psychic, but not every psychic is a medium.

Psychic is a broad term used to describe anyone that makes use of what most consider to be “special” gifts or abilities. The truth is all people are born with psychic abilities, so they really can’t be considered gifts. If a person studies psychic development they will quickly learn this.

So What is Mediumship?

One of those abilities is mediumship. This is the ability to communicate with dead people. So a medium specializes in talking to people who have passed on from the physical world into the spirit realm. These people are usually relatives or close friends. The main task of the medium is to provide what is called validation proof of after life existence. This is done through using symbolism, audio, sensations, and emotions to convey messages to those in the living from the one in spirit. For example, they may identify the month of death, the first name, how the person died, a favorite color, a favorite memory, a physical description, a personality trait and so forth.

Most mediums make use of the psychic abilities of telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsientience, empathy, and others to receive and pass along those messages. An example of a psychic medium would be John Edward.

George Anderson is the exception to our rules. George Anderson is a medium who claims he is not psychic. This puts a bit of a different spin on things and reminds us that there will always be exceptions.

What are the Different Types of Psychics?

Other types of psychics include health intuitives, psychic tarot readers, psychic astrologers, psychic channels, pet psychics, future oriented psychics, post cognitive psychics, psychic detectives, psychic healers, and a whole range of other kinds of psychics.

What is a health intuitive? A health intuitive specializes in passing along medical information including reasons for illnesses and cures for illnesses. Edgar Cayce was actually a remarkably good health intuitive despite the fact he did many of his sessions “asleep,”

A psychic tarot reader and psychic astrologer specialize in using a certain type of “tool” (tarot cards or astrology charts) to pass along information to clients. This information may be about the past, present, or future. It may also involve divination. Divination is the art of getting information to help answer a question.

It’s important to understand that not every astrologer or tarot card reader will use psychic abilities. It’s possible to do any form of divination without the aid of psychic abilities. Psychic abilities can enhance such sessions.

What is a psychic channel? Psychic channels specialize in getting information from spiritual guides and/or angels and sometimes dead people. Unlike a medium, however, they don’t try to validate existence of the afterlife, rather they pass along information which the spirit guide, angel, or deceased person believes to be important to the client. Doreen Virtue would be a good example of a psychic channel who connects with angels.

Pet psychics use their abilities to communicate with animals and provide information to the owners from the animal and from the owner to the animal. It’s like they are able to talk a whole different language.

Future oriented psychics, sometimes called fortunetellers, predict the future – many times several years in the future. Some as many as 15-20 years or more. Most today believe in free will and not total predestination. Nostradamus would fall into this category.

A post cognitive psychic specializes in seeing into the past. Some use psychometry – a method of getting information through touch – and others tap into other abilities to get information. The information deals with what has already happened and not what’s going to happen.

A psychic detective uses their abilities to try to help solve crimes. Most are not as successful as they claim they are – though there have been a few exceptions in history. Sylvia Browne claimed to at times be a psychic detective, but much of the psychic detective work she did went unproven or seemed to have served little importance.

A psychic healer taps into energy to use it to heal. Sometimes this happens on the physical level, but more often it is the emotional, mental, or spiritual levels which the healing takes place. Most Reiki practitioners could be considered psychic healers. Many times they also intuitively, like a medical intuitive, know what’s wrong and why certain conditions are occurring.

The fact is, there are a lot of different types of psychics in the world! Almost all psychics will make use of one or more psychic abilities.

What are the Different Types of Psychic Abilities?

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. It is the ability to see energy or visions. Sometimes remote viewing is also tied to this ability.

Clairaudience means clear hearing. It is the ability to hear spiritual voices.

Clairsientence means clear sensing. It is the ability to feel or project pains or sensations of someone’s body within your own physical body.

The ability to feel or project emotions is called empathy.

Telepathy is, at the most basic level, the ability of mind to mind communication. Often times confused with clairauidence, telepathy operates purely on a mental level. Clairauidence operates purely on a physical level. I.E., a clairauident will literally hear things with their ears that other people usually don’t percieve.

Psychometry is a sub-skill linked to the other psychic abilities and involves touching an object and getting impressions either visually, auditory, emotionally, mentally, or sensually about the object or person who has been in contact with the object’s past and sometimes future. This is sometimes called vibaturgy because the psychic is connecting with the vibrations. Many psychics that claim to be palmist are actually expert psychometrist. By touching a person’s hand they connect with their vibration and begin to read it. This, of course, is not real palmistry which is an art form, but they can fool many a person into thinking they are really doing palmistry.

There are others beside these, but these give you a great starting point for exploring and understanding the various types of psychics and psychic abilities.

How do I Learn to be Psychic?

You were already born psychic. It’s just a matter of learning to harness the skills and abilities.

How to Clear Yourself with Sage Video

Psychic Protection WorkshopLearning how to clear yourself with sage may be one of the most important things you’ll learn. There are many reasons for this. While this video doesn’t go into all the reasons why it’s important, it does demonstrate and take you step by step through what needs to be done to successfully clear yourself.


Beginners Numerology Training Video

This beginners numerology training video is an older video that I did several years ago. As such, it’s important to note that improveyourintuition.com no longer exists.

In this video you’ll learn about the critical year, the personal year, the life path, and birth number. It is divided into two sections. The first is a power point presentation and the second is video taken from an actual class.

Numerology is fun and easy to learn. It doesn’t require any sort of complex math skills. There are, of course, far more advanced things that you can learn to do besides what is located here, but this will give anyone that is curious a good start. If you’re more advanced, this can serve as an excellent review of the basics. As the old saying goes, practice helps to make perfect.

If you follow the link above to the life path section of the website, you’ll not that each life path number has been linked to also. By clicking on one of those numbers in that article you’ll be taken to another article, this time about the number itself. There you’ll find both the good and bad traits of an individual number explained. That’s not needed for this video. It’s just a little extra in case you enjoy reading more than watching or in case you’ve watched the video and decided that you would like to learn and study numerology a little more.


How to do the LBRP Video

Psychic Protection WorkshopI’ve spoken before about the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram and how to perform it. The how to do the LBRP video shows you how to do it step by step while providing a good explanation on what it is and how to pronounce the words.

Please be advised that this is an older video and that the quality is not the best. Despite this, the information contained within the video is great information.

This video covers all parts of the magick banishing ritual. You’ll learn about the kabbalistic cross, how to draw the banishing cross or banishing pentagram, the banishing of energy, the invocation of the archangels (though you could also do an invocation of the watchtowers or directions and it will still work), and how to pronounce the Hebrew along with what it means in English (as I was taught).



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