What Are Some Spiritual Laws

What are Metaphysical Laws?

While not a law from a traditional scientific perspective, we in the New Age, New Thought, and Metaphysical fields call metaphysical law any spiritual truth, that when applied to one’s life, can result in a demonstration of success and happiness. Sometimes these are known as spiritual laws. While there is only one real metaphysical law, […]

Energy Healing Basics

An Introduction to Energy Healing

Almost all people, contrary to what many may believe, seek and desire to be helpful to others, especially to those whom they are close to and whom they know are experiencing pain or are going through a rough time. Almost all people, contrary to what many may believe, seek and desire to be helpful to […]

Can a Psychic Healer Sense Other Healers?

Can a Psychic Healer Sense Other Healers?

For November’s Question of the month it is asked can a psychic healer sense other healers? Additionally, there were a few other similar questions that were sent in which are going to be grouped together in the same post. The main question was an interesting one sent in to me by one of our regular […]

Huna - Hawaiian Shamanism

Understanding Huna and Polynesian Shamanism

There is a shamanic system that originated in the Polynesian islands which focuses on being in perfect balance and respecting both fellow man and the universe as a whole. This system is called Huna. Huna is an old method of energy healing that dates back many years ago. Kahunas were the ancient followers of Huna. […]

Can a Psychic Predict Death?

Can a Psychic Predict Death?

When I think about the question “can a psychic predict death” it reminds me of an article that I read back in 2014. I was reading about how science had discovered a new way to predict death. Apparently, there is a blood test now that can be run which basically will tell your doctor if […]

Major Arcana Keywords for Tarot Beginners

Tarot Keyword List of the Majors

Though it’s not the best way for a new Tarot student to learn, one popular way of teaching new tarot students how to read the tarot is by the keyword method. This process involves the student of Tarot memorizing or learning various keywords to a tarot card and then applying those meanings to reading. Today […]


The Law of Karma

If you believe in the science of cause and effect, then you believe in karma. People have a lot of interesting and confusing ideas about what karma is. From a strictly metaphysical perspective, we know that Karma deals purely with cause and effect. Karma is not, for example, divine punishment or divine reward. If you […]

Ten Ways to Live a More Spiritual Life

Ten Ways to Live a More Spiritual Life

Being spiritual is about more than just saying you’re spiritual. Anyone can claim to be spiritual. Anyone can say they study and follow metaphysical laws and principles. Being spiritual or metaphysical also requires a certain level of commitment and action. Though everyone has their own ideas about how to follow their chosen path, there’s nothing […]

Spiritual Lesson – Divine Love

Spiritual Lesson – Divine Love

You are encouraged to read the affirmation in this sermon out loud three times and to write it down and repeat it constantly – eventually making it a part of your consciousness. The sermon looks at the affirmation, dissects it, and explains it and the spiritual ideas and principles behind it. Please note that while […]

Five Things that Will Destroy Self Esteem

5 Things that Will Destroy Self Esteem

Self Esteem is something we all know that we should have. Despite this, a large percentage of the clients that I see and the people I come across are dealing with some for of self esteem problem. It’s important to understand that self esteem is not built over night. You don’t just wake up and […]