Witch Sterotype

What is a Witch?

Human beings have this unusual ability to form preconceived notions and judgments. These notions and opinions are frequently influenced by what we have been taught by parents, religion, books, music, and other forms of media. Sometimes they are formed through limited personal experience too. The idea of the Witch is one that tends to arouse […]

6 Ways to Guard Against Negativity

6 Ways to Guard Against Negativity

We, unfortunately, live in a world where it is not so uncommon to be constantly around negative people and situations. When a person doesn’t know how to guard against negativity their day can quickly go from good to bad and potentially from bad to miserable. Thinking positively, though a wonderful idea, is far easier to […]

Difference Between Fortunetelling and Divination

What’s the Difference between Fortunetelling and Divination?

Some people like to get tarot readings or do astrology sessions. Others are intrigued by the idea of seeing a palmist and being told what their palm says. Still, other people want to sit with a psychic with visions so they can be told what they “see” for or around them. However, many people don’t […]

What is Occultisim>

Understanding Occultism

People often confuse the words occultism and the occult with the word cult. This confusion is rather unfortunate, considering the terms do indeed have different meanings and connotations. A cult usually involves a small group of people with a specific leader or group of leaders that have a religious belief or practice that other people […]

Energy Protection Basics

Energy Protection Basics

A student that is developing psychic abilities is strongly advised to be well versed in the understanding of the basics of psychic self defense. This understanding may well save the psychic development student a great deal of time and energy in dealing not only with otherworldly creatures but also with the energy vampires present in […]

Mercury, Mars, and Saturn Retrograde

Mercury, Mars, and Saturn Retrograde

When an astrologer says that a planet is retrograde, it means that the retrograde planet appears as though it is moving backward relative to Earth. The planet is not actually moving backward, but it seems to be moving backward. You will also, from time to time, hear the word station. This word basically means that […]

What is Celtic Music?

What is Celtic Music?

Music may vary from one country to another country. Celtic music traces its roots back to the 1600s but is now becoming one of the most popular music genres in various parts of the world. This music involves different types of sub-genres which cover the traditional music of the Celtic countries. These countries include Scotland, […]

Pure Moods - Volume 1

Pure Moods – Volume 1

Every person has that one song they listen to so they can feel great, happy, relieved, or inspired. Music is part of our lives, and it is also a way for us to do some inward reflecting. This is why there are a lot of different music genres. Let’s go back in time and reminisce […]

The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism

Understanding the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism

Buddha once declared, “The one who understands the Four Noble Truths along with the doctrine of Cause and Effect sees myself, the Buddha.”  But, to understand these four noble truths, we must have wisdom and insight because it is a profound philosophy. According to Buddha’s teachings, “Avidya” (ignorance) is the failure to realize the truth of suffering or cause […]

What is Reincarnation?

A Perspective on Reincarnation

As soon as you heard the word Reincarnation, I know many of you picture yourselves being reborn as a dog or a cow in the next life. This idea of reincarnation is such a huge misunderstanding that, for a long time, was put in people’s minds. Consequently, most people say reincarnation is just nonsense or a […]