Astrology Moon Sign - The Emotional You

Your Moon Sign – The Emotional You

In astrology, the astrological sign that the moon was moving through on the day and time of birth is said to represent how you respond emotionally to the world. This is typically a person’s way of immediately emotionally reacting to the world.

Many people also forget that the sign the moon falls in can indicate how the family, in early childhood, influenced the character and the attitudes that one learned from the family.

You can find your moon sign by using an Ephemeris or by using this handy moon sign calculator.

Here is a brief overview of what each moon sign means.

Aries: Emotionally impulsive – this is the general characteristic of someone with the moon in Aries. Many have tempers which they try to pretend don’t actually exist. On the bright side, their tempers are short lived and don’t last long.

Those with an Aries moon will, under normal circumstances, be extremely independent and prefer to do things on their own. There is also a tendency to want to do the opposite of what other people want them to do just to prove they don’t have to listen to others!

It’s not uncommon for those born with their Moon in this placement to not think about consequences of their actions before putting those actions into motion. Many must be allowed to learn life lessons the hard way for there is an almost unconscious tendency to believe their way is the only right way for them.

Taurus: When it comes to people who have the moon in Taurus, emotional stability can only be gained after financial security. When finances are weak, there are often a large number of fears and their ability to connect emotionally with others tends to be limited.

Having said this, most Taurus Moon people tend to be reliable and emotionally stable, not flying quickly off the handle or allowing even major problems to upset them significantly. Many are also blessed with a healthy level of common sense. They tend to be stable workers once they have begun a project – many times tirelessly seeing it through to completion, though they may sometimes need the help of others to actually start new projects.

Rarely, but on occasion, some Taurus moon people will be lazy and want others to do all the work for them while they sit back and “supervise.” Likewise, sometimes those with a moon in Taurus can be very dogmatic and unwilling to change their beliefs at any cost.

Gemini: The emotions in Gemini Moon people tend to change rapidly and often. They can go through many emotions in mere seconds, and the way they feel about something can change several times over the course of a few days. They are not always aware when they are doing these things.

So, for example, a person with a Gemini moon may tell you they hate Pizza only to suggest later that you all go get Pizza. They may profess their love to someone only to tell their best friend how much they despise that person.

Individuals with a Gemini moon tend to enjoy talking…. a lot. They also typically will try to rationalize their emotions. Many will be perceived by others as being either very busy or as very nervous. A few people with this placement will come across as being flaky, easily confused, or highly superficial.

Cancer: People born with a Cancer moon tends to have very powerful emotions and emotional reactions. Most will have problems with a Mother figure at some point in their life and many will feel as though they have been orphaned or abandoned by someone important to them.

These people can be overly sensitive, and it’s not uncommon for them to get their feelings hurt very easily. When hurt, they are prone to pouting. The same emotional sensitivity that results in hurt feelings allows these natives to have an almost spiritual insight into the real motivations and feelings of others.

Cancer moon people are some of the most loving, caring, and nurturing people you can ally yourself with, though they are at their best after they have entered into a secure marriage and own their own home. Sometimes they can come across as smothering, clingy, or “always having to look over your shoulder,” but it’s typically done out of concern, love, and care.

Leo: The people with moon in Leo need to be in the spotlight. Most every Leo moon individual has an inner desire to seek attention, appreciation, or admiration from others and/or to stand out in a crowd. These people somehow always tend to become the center attraction, even when they try not to!

Romance is crucial to these moon born people. They like to get caught up in romantic evenings, movies, meetings, and fun games of shy or cat and mouse flirtation. The Leo moon isn’t always interested in following through after they’ve had their romance, but they almost always know and understand when they are in fact flirting with others. For them, it’s about having fun and making both themselves and someone else feel good. It’s typically not about being serious.

Children tend to eventually become paramount to every Leo moon born person. It’s not uncommon for them to want multiple children and it’s very rare if they don’t want at least one. They will tend to be very proud of their children and show them off often. Likewise, they can be overly protective of the kids they are responsible for.

Virgo: Hardworking and practical are the keywords for those who have their moon in Virgo. This individual typically make great friends, and they are capable of helping others to see the practical side of what is going on or where one is thinking about going. They must, however, learn to be careful of perfectionism tendencies as this can serve to hold them back in life. Additionally, those with this moon placement must be careful not to become overwhelmed by all the little details.

Some Virgo moon people can be shy, very introverted, or dislike having to deal with people. Most prefer to do their work without drawing attention to themselves or what they are doing. Many try to avoid asking personal questions figuring if someone wants to share their life they will, but otherwise, it’s none of their business.

Individuals with a Virgo moon will many times have a tendency to be hypercritical of how others act if it doesn’t match up with their perception on how one should act and behave. While they many times won’t come right out and criticize or tell a person how they feel, it may color the way they choose to interact with that person in the future.

Libra: People with their moon in Libra can many times allow the emotions, feelings, and behaviors of their friends, bosses, co-workers, and romantic partners to influence them. It is for this reason that the Libra Moon person can appear to have an almost psychic like connection to these people – responding to them as they need to long before they are asked or required to. On the downside, this sometimes can lead to the Libra moon person becoming dependent on these people.

Libra moon individuals usually are not capable of handling disharmony and go out of their way not to “rock the boat” or to “Fix things” and “make up.” When a person with a Libra moon finds themselves around a lot of disharmonies, it is not uncommon for them to develop health related issues.

Most individuals with a Libra moon are excellent at interacting and working with the public. They tend to understand diplomacy and have a talent for using it to their advantage, especially to calm and improve hostile situations. They often times desire social status and will go to any measures necessary to climb the social ladder and be seen as “important.”

Scorpio: Moon in Scorpio represents people who are either willful or biased. As children, they tend to be very disobedient or stubborn in their ways, and they usually aren’t much better as adults. Like most water signs, there is also a tendency to take things personally. Unlike other water signs, the Scorpio moon is more inclined to seek revenge or retaliation for those perceived hurts.

Many people with a Scorpio moon have an inner need and desire to dominate and control others on a very subtle level. So, for example, they won’t tell you that you can’t go out, but they may make finding the keys to the car tough. They won’t inform you that you have to do what they want, but if you don’t, they may find a way to “punish” you for not doing so.

The person with a Scorpio moon knows and understands the importance of sacrifice. If the sacrifice, in the long run, will get them what they want, there is never a sacrifice that is too great for them.

Sagittarius: Looking for someone optimistic and upbeat? Need someone in your life who tends to see the good and not the bad? If so, you need to find someone who has their Moon in Sagittarius. These people sometimes are so optimistic that it can become annoying after a while!

Sagittarius moon born people need a good deal of travel and diverse cultures for them to feel at their best. When feeling at their best, they are apt to do anything which those whom they consider their friends require of them.

Sometimes this moon placement will lead to narrow-mindedness arrogance, and an inability to be objective. At the bare minimal, it’s not uncommon for these individuals to be attached to an unwavering philosophy or religion which colors their way of interacting with the world.

Capricorn: It’s not uncommon for people with a Capricorn moon to come across as cold or uncaring. While this may or may not be true, it is true that there is a tendency for them to be reserved and cautious about opening up or sharing information and their inner emotional state with others.

Ambitious and hard working, many with a Capricorn moon tend to be emotionally influenced most by money, status, or career. This typically occurs because of an inner feeling of a lack of worth or a desire to prove themselves to someone.

People with a moon in Capricorn normally have trouble having fun and allowing themselves to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. They are great, however, at being a solid rock for others as they typically don’t allow the emotional states of other people to influence them or drag them down.

Aquarius: There is an ability to understand humanity and what humanity needs. Many Aquarius moon people are friendly but in an impersonal sort of way. They may chat with you about a variety of topics or even strike up a conversation with you out of the blue, but that doesn’t mean they want to be emotionally tied to you, responsible for you, or obligated to help you. Many can come across as flirtatious without meaning to.

There is a need for the freedom to be able to express the self emotionally however they choose to do so. To not allow them this freedom or to block it in any way is to risk offending the Aquarius moon individual. If this means they want to pout and throw a temper tantrum, they must be allowed to do so. If they want to sulk, it shouldn’t be interrupted. However they want to express themselves, they need people in their lives who will allow them to do so in their own way.

Many fear becoming emotionally involved with other people due to past hurts or trauma and stubbornness is also not uncommon. Many also refuse to commit to another out of fear of losing or having their freedom restricted. Furthermore, many feel as though they are the “black sheep” of the family regardless of if this is actually true or not.

Pisces: People with the moon in Pisces tend to be extremely sensitive. There is a tendency to pick up “psychic” impressions from others and to “absorb” the emotional mood of the people they are around. They would do well to study some form of energy or psychic protection to learn their real emotions vs. the ones they pick up from others.

Many people with this placement find themselves feeling psychologically vulnerably and will retreat to isolation or solitude to protect themselves if their feelings get hurt. They are unlikely to seek out other people. They expect that “if they really care they’ll come to me.”

A vivid imagination, strong sympathy, and empathy, and a tendency to guilt trip themselves or others are common traits of these moon born individuals. Many are good at arts, crafts, drama, theater, music, and/or design.

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