Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Understanding Retrograde Mercury

Mercury retrograde is one of the certainties in astrology. Mercury WILL go retrograde and it will do so at least three times a year, sometimes as many as four times a year. Most people swear and curse when Mercury is in its retrograde motion because it normally means that a certain amount of negativity can be expected. Even so, there are some common and simple things that people can do to avoid having to deal with all the negative effects of this wonderful planet of communication and mind.

What does retrograde mean?

Quite simply, when an astrologer says that a planet is retrograde, it means that the retrograde planet appears as though it is moving backward relative to Earth. The planet is not actually moving backward, but it appears to be moving backward. You will also from time to time hear the word station. This word basically means that a planet appears to have stopped moving, relative to our planet Earth. Again, planets never actually stop moving, but it appears for a time as though the planet has stopped moving. To discover when Mercury will be retrograde and in what sign it is going to be retrograde in, please check out:

What is the least you need to know about a Mercury Retrograde?

At the bare minimum, any mercury retrograde period will typically involve at least some of the following regardless of the sign that Mercury is going to be in.

  • Computer and mechanical malfunctions.
  • Traffic jams and travel delays
  • Miscommunication and misunderstandings
  • Unnecessary arguments or disagreements
  • Problems with siblings or very close friends
  • Unfair contracts or contractual problems
  • Confusion tends to come easily

Ideally, prior to a Mercury Retrograde and even during it, you should:

  • Make data and hard drive backups
  • Make phone book address backups or hard-copies
  • Plan to leave extra early to get to somewhere on time
  • Hold your tongue and listen carefully without judgment to what others say
  • Take extra time to explain your point of view and check to make sure others really understand
  • Walk away from arguments or disagreements that are likely going to be petty
  • Be extra sensitive to your siblings and closest of friends as they are more likely to get upset during this period of time.
  • Avoid signing contracts or if you must sign a contract, double check it and make sure you fully understand everything that is being signed (a smart idea anyway!).
  • During times of confusion, consider waiting before making any important decisions.

What You Need to Know about Mercury Retrograde in the Signs

The following is a breakdown of what additional factors you should keep in mind depending on the sign or signs that mercury is retrograde in. Please keep in mind this is the sign that the mercury retrograde is happening in, not the sign your natal Mercury is in.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries

  • People are more likely to be selfish and miscommunications can especially arise when people are placing themselves and their needs first.
  • Achieving success with goals tends to be more difficult and involving having to overcome more obstacles than normal.
  • The need or desire to compete to higher and mistakes are more likely made when competing.
  • Anger is more likely to be out of control or acted on.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

  • Impatience is more likely seen in people.
  • People are more likely to be stubborn and this stubbornness can cause difficulties and misunderstandings.
  • Miscommunications or misunderstandings associated with money and finances are likely.
  • People’s abilities to make decisions are likely hampered and incorrect decisions typically tend to be made and have to be worked through or correct before correct decisions can be enacted.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

  • The mind may be slower than normal.
  • All forms of communication will be more likely to be misunderstood.
  • Problems, miscommunications, or misunderstanding with siblings are most likely.
  • There are more likely to be social faux passes or mistakes.
  • Finding time to be alone may be extra hard or difficult. More people than normal may want your attention.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

  • People are more likely to be ruled by their emotions than by logical thought.
  • Problems at or around your home are more likely.
  • People are more likely to be insecure and insecurity is more likely to be misunderstood or not accepted.
  • Nurturing acts are more likely to be seen in a negative instead of a positive manner.
  • Expect delays or problems when it comes to all forms of mail – including email, deliveries, and text messages.

Mercury Retrograde in Leo

  • There may be a tendency to think more about the past, especially as it relates to children or romance. One can get lost in the past and avoid the present if they aren’t careful.
  • It’s more likely that many little things will go wrong over the course of the entire retrograde as opposed to one or two major things.
  • Projects that you thought were finished may need to be returned to at least once more.
  • Miscommunication and problems with children (especially your own and regardless of age) are most likely to occur.
  • It is harder to put one’s creative talents to use in a constructive manner.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

  • Miscommunication or misunderstandings revolving around health or the health industry (such as pharmacies, doctors, and hospitals) are more likely.
  • The desire to be of service to others or to help others may be misunderstood and cause hard feelings.
  • Criticism is harder for people to control or keep quiet about.
  • Problems associated with pets are most likely.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

  • The ability to think on the feet may be hampered.
  • The ability to relate to other people or help people relate to one another may be less effective.
  • The desire to belong or be part of the group may be misunderstood or brings unhappiness.
  • The desire for independence may result in power struggles.
  • Relationships, especially romantic, are likely to be argumentative and there is more likely to be difficulty in partners seeing eye to eye.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

  • Intuition may not be as accurate as normal.
  • Secrets are likely to come out into the open. It’s much more difficult for you and others to keep secrets.
  • Things a person says or does are more likely to be seen as manipulative by others even if that was not the original intention.
  • Emotions are misunderstood or misinterpreted.
  • Problems and miscommunications associated with big businesses, banks, the government, and taxes are likely.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

  • It may take extra time to get things done or get to where one wants to get to.
  • Any activities revolving around having fun is likely to be canceled, delayed, or not as enjoyable as expected.
  • The temptation to be lazy is likely to be overwhelming and can result in missed opportunities or misunderstandings.
  • People’s prejudices are likely to be more critical and outspoken than normal.
  • Friendly gestures are far easier to be mistaken as flirtation.
  • Problems and miscommunications associated with school or education are more likely.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

  • Problems associated with or at work are likely to take center stage.
  • Miscommunications with parents are more likely.
  • The desire or ability to have control of other people and situations is more likely to cause problems in life. Optionally, you may find others fighting your authority.
  • People are more likely going to need to depend on the assistance and help of others to complete projects, correct mistakes, or stay on track.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

  • Bad advice from people that you trust is likely to occur, so don’t trust everything you hear, rather investigate for yourself.
  • Impractical ideas and goals are common – write them down and examine them again after the time period ends. Don’t try to make them happen during this time period.
  • Depression or disgust toward humanity can occur – remind yourself that you are a human being too and that nobody is perfect.
  • There is a probability of a high degree of manipulation that can come from enemies or those that you don’t normally get along with. If you get along with most everyone, then this is likely to play out with an authority figure of some type.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

  • There will be a tendency to avoid conflict and reality via movies, TV, video games, computers, etc.
  • Any form of romance is likely to be an illusion and not lead to long-lasting relationships
  • Intuition and psychic ability may not be functioning as well as it normally does.
  • Social activity is likely to slow down, encounter difficulties, or be avoided altogether.
  • Emotions are likely to be intense or confusing and will need to be controlled and monitored to prevent further complications

Important Final Words

It’s important to understand that normally 2-4 of the events mentioned will take place, but certainly not all of them. Even though some people may find themselves experiencing every single one of these events, it would certainly not be normal.

Also, be aware that we learn about what’s possible so that we can be more aware and more emotionally and mentally prepared for what may arise.

Additionally, by thinking about how one will handle events before they occur, a person is more likely to handle such events correctly or, at the bare minimum, minimize the damage certain events may cause.

Finally, as with all of astrology, it’s important to remember that even though we discuss things here as being likely or more likely, astrology should never be used as a scapegoat. “Mercury made me do it” is not acceptable in any capacity. While the planets and signs certainly exert a certain degree of influence on the world, they do not “make” a person behave in any certain way or do anything.

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