Two styles for reading tarot cards

Psychic Tarot Card Readings

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Understanding Tarot as a Psychic Tool

Jasmine was struggling with her life and trying to figure out where it was going. On the recommendation of a friend, she decided to try a psychic reading. When Jasmine arrived at her local new age store, she was surprised to discover that they offered both psychic tarot readings and regular symbolic tarot readings. Now she couldn’t decide if she needed a psychic tarot reading or a symbolic tarot reading. To confuse matters even more, there was also astrology, numerology, mediumship, and regular psychic readings that were offered. Where on earth would she begin?!

This scenario actually isn’t that uncommon. Most professionals in the psychic, metaphysical, and new age fields don’t understand that there are still many people out in the world who want to try getting a professional service from an intuitive individual but are afraid or uncertain of what type to get. After all, is a psychic tarot card reading or a symbolism tarot card reading a better choice?

Of all the mystic tools, tarot is perhaps the most common. More so than astrology, numerology, oracle cards, aura readings, or any other system. There are hundreds if not thousands of new people a year that buy and experiment with a tarot deck in hopes of finding answers to their questions and in hopes of either doing a psychic tarot card reading or a symbolism tarot card reading. The majority of these people, however, have little understanding of how the tarot works, yet they are intrigued enough to attempt to figure out the mysterious 78 card symbol system.

There are two traditional ways of learning how to read tarot cards. If you’ve not figured them out yet, the first is the symbolism method, also known as the standard method, and the second is the spiritual way.

In the symbolic way of reading the tarot cards each and every card has a meaning attached to it. These meanings are altered by the cards that appear next to each other and by where they turn up in a spread. A spread is a term which is used to outline where the cards are placed as they are flipped over in the psychic tarot card reading or symbolism tarot card reading. In a spread, each position the card is put in also has a meaning.

The symbolism method of reading requires no supernatural skill. It’s a simple matter of connecting the dots. As an example: The Emperor means father figure and it’s falling in the obstacles position, so a father figure is a current hindrance. Next to it falls the Temperance reversed which indicates health problems, so a father figure is having health problems and that’s influencing the current obstacle.

As strange as it may seem, this method of reading actually ends up being very accurate in the hands of a symbolism tarot reader that has had much practice and experience or who possesses a natural talent for interpreting symbols. These tarot readers also tend to act more like counselors, helping the client to put the pieces together in their own individual stories.

A psychic tarot card reading (also called a spiritual reading), on the other hand, involves the reader giving their impressions or the images, emotions, and sounds that they are hearing, feeling, and seeing in their mind’s eye as they look at a particular card.

An example: As I flipped over the nine of pentacles I was drawn to the bird on the card and I started hearing the bird screech, do you have a bird by any chance?

Neither style of reading is more right or wrong than the other; they are just different ways of gathering information. Many psychic tarot card readings also involve symbolic reading and vice versa. Additionally, all symbolism readers will eventually start to get psychic impressions as they read.

Which reading style should a client choose? The client should determine if they want a more active role in their session or not. Psychic tarot card readings mostly involve the reader talking with little to no input from the client, while a symbolic tarot reading typically involves a significant amount of input from the customer and feels more like metaphysical counseling.

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