Know Your Number

Know Your Number

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What you should know about numbers?

Numbers are more powerful than words. When someone says something, what that person means and how his words are interpreted could be something entirely different. So when someone says something is expensive, it is according to her or his perception of what is expensive. To another person, the same thing could be entirely affordable.

On the other hand, if someone says, something is worth $80, then there is little room for ambiguity. Any person can immediately form an opinion on their own whether the price is affordable or expensive.

Numerology involves using numbers to determine what is important in your life. By using the numbers associated with your birth and your name, a numerologist or a psychic can read insights into your character, your life, which numbers are compatible in terms of professional or romantic choices, or how they could influence events in your future.

Make your numbers work for you

Numbers emanate a very powerful force or vibration which can influence the behavior of people and elements. Artists, musicians, engineers, designers and mathematicians have always know this. People who understand numbers know that by using them to your advantage, you can produce harmony. Similarly ignoring the significance of numbers can be potentially dangerous and produce unwanted results.

Your date of birth is made up of a certain set of numbers and these influence your life. The number related to your birth is referred to as the your Life Path Number by numerologists and psychics who use this number to interpret the dominant character traits that make up your personality and influence your abilities, and talents. Your Life Path Number can also help you to define or shape the purpose of your life.

Know your Life Path Number

Finding out your life path number is pretty simple. You just add up all the numbers associated with your birth date. That is the date, the month and the year. For example, if your birth date is 23 April 1970, then you add 2 + 3 + 4 (April being the fourth month of the year) + 1 + 9+ 7 + 0 which equals 26. You then add up 2 and 6 to get 8 which is your Life Path Number.

The numbers of your birth date are added up until you reduce them to a single number. The exceptions are the numbers 11 and 22. In numerology, each number ranging from 1 to 9 has a spiritual significance attached to it. So if your Life Path Number is 1, then it implies you have strong leadership qualities, are very practical but not very good in relating to emotional situations.

On the other hand, if your Life Path Number is 2, then you are very sensitive and are most likely to have an artistic bent of mind. People with 2 as their Life Path Number could end up daydreaming or behaving in an impractical or clumsy manner if their talent and abilities are not channeled in the proper direction. And so on, each number from 1 to 9 has its own advantages and disadvantages. What’s important is being aware of your potential and your shortcomings, and making them work to improve your life and of those around you.

The Master Numbers

11 and 22 are referred to by numerologists and psychics as ‘Master Numbers.’ So if your birth numbers add up to either 11 or 22, they are not further added up to reduce them to a single number ranging from 1 to 9. This is because 11 and 22 are considered to possess special powers. Those who have 11 or 22 as their Life Path Number are considered to be extremely fortunate. It has been found that people who achieve greatness or rise to the top of their field are generally people who have either 11 or 22 as their Life Path Number.

While the Life Path Number is usually considered the most important number, there are other numbers which also influence your personality and life such as the numbers associated with your name. Each letter in your name is associated with a certain number and adding these up in different ways correspond to how you express your innermost desires, hopes and fears. Calculating the significance of these numbers are a little bit more elaborate than figuring out your Life Path Number. Based on the number of vowels or consonants in your name, numerologists calculate the number associated with your soul or your karma.

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