Helpful Affirmations

By Various Spiritual Leaders

  • The following affirmations can be said to help align yourself with Spirit – God – Cosmic Consciousness – the Universe – or whatever else you choose to call that power.
  • If you decide to use these affirmations it would be wise to say the one you are focusing on three times.
  • The first time, say it just to say it.
  • The second time, say it slowly focusing on and trying to visualize what you are saying.
  • The third time, say it with the emphasis of it being stored in your subconscious mind.

“I am a free soul. I am completely, positively and eternally free. I am free from doubt, fear or unhappiness, today and forever.”Ernest Holmes

“God is, and His Presence flows through me as harmony, joy, peace, beauty, and right action. His love fills my soul, and wonders happen as I pray.”Dr. Joseph Murphy

“There is no room in my mind for negative, destructive thoughts. My mind is filled with the light of God; divine ideas are flowing to me now.”William Warch

“The Light of God surrounds me. The Love of God enfolds me. The Power of God protects me. The Presence of God watches over me. Wherever I am, God is, and all is well.”Unity Prayer of Protection

“By the Truth of the God-Power within me, as I speak from the Light, I nullify all negative psychic vibrations in this area. For this I give thanks…. And so it is!”Dr. Paul Leon Masters

“I love and approve of myself and I trust the process of life. I am safe.”Louise Hay


“I identify myself with abundance, health and happiness. I associate myself with the vast All. I identify myself with everything necessary to make my life complete. There is no depression, no fear, no sense of lack, insecurity or unworthiness. I believe that God is All-in-All, over all, in everything that I shall ever meet. I am filled with peace and confidence.”Ernest Holmes



“There is no room in my life for chaos; nothing can overwhelm me. I am calm and serene; the peace of God is filling me now.”William Warch




“I dare to believe that all things have worked together for the good in my life. I dare to believe that all things are now working together for the good in my life. I dare to believe that all things shall work together for good in my life.”Catherine Ponder

“The positivism of God’s Presence within me sublimates all negative thoughts into positive ones, this moment and always.”Dr. Paul Leon Masters


“It is the law of my life that wherever I go I shall meet with joy, with love, friendship, gratitude, compensation – with a complete opportunity for the expression of every talent and ability I possess. Every door is open. Nothing can go forth from me but goodness, truth, love kindness; therefore nothing less than goodness can come back to me.”Ernest Holmes

“My faith is in God, His Cosmic Wisdom, and in all things good. I live in the joyous expectancy of the best, and marvelous and unforeseen wonders come into my life every day.”Dr. Joseph Murphy


“There is no lack in my life; nothing can block my flow of good. Tremendous supply and large sums are flowing from God to and through me this instant.”William Warch

“I now go beyond other people’s fears and limitations. I create my life.” Louise Hay

“The Healing Power of the God-Mind within me has already forgiven me for times I have erred, just as I would forgive a child who knew no better.”Dr. Paul Leon Masters

“It is a law of my life that wherever I go the way shall be prepared before me, made immediate, perfect, plain, straight and easy. I am compelled to see and understand every opportunity that presents itself, to operate upon it intelligently. I am compelled to take any physical action necessary to the manifestation of this word.”Ernest Holmes

“I know that I can give only what I have. From this moment forward, I am going to have a wholesome, reverent, and deep respect for my real Self, which is God. I am an expression of God and God hath need of me where I am, otherwise I would not be here. From this moment forward I honor, respect, and salute the Divinity in all my associates and all people everywhere. I hold the Self of every person in veneration and esteem. I am one with the Infinite. I am a tremendous success, and I wish for all men what I would wish for myself. I am at peace.”Dr. Joseph Murphy

“Christ in me now frees me from every attachment to people, places or things of the past or present. Christ in me now frees me from every attachment from people, places or things of the past or present. I manifest my true place with the true people and with the true possessions now.”Catherine Ponder

“By the Power of the God-Mind within me, I find the power to forgive – now.” – Dr. Paul Leon Masters

“I am not concerned about what happened yesterday. I know that today everything is made new. I let go of all sense of limitation. I divorce my thought from any belief in lack. I repudiate the idea that I am poor, weak, sick or unhappy. New conditions are being created for me – conditions of harmony, happiness, peace and joy. All circumstances and situations are being harmonized. Wherever I go I shall meet peace, joy and happiness. Whatever I do shall be done with reason and intelligence. I shall be surrounded by friendship, by beauty, by right action.”Ernest Holmes

“There is no emotion, fear, or threat that can lock me into my present level of consciousness. Today I am transformed, uplifted and inspired by the mighty force of God working through me.”William Warch

“Christ in me now frees me from all resentment toward people, places or things of the past or present. Christ in me now frees me from all resentment from people, places or things of the past or present. I manifest my true place with the true people and with the true surroundings now.”Catherine Ponder

“There is nothing we have done, said or thought which rises up against us, which has power over us or which limits us; there is no memory of fear, no condemnation for previous mistakes. With the desire to free ourselves from the further indulgence in the mistake, the effect of the previous mistake is wiped out, just as light dissipates the darkness. The Universe holds nothing against us; It can hold nothing against us, because It can know nothing unlike itself. Therefore, It only knows us as Perfection. There has never been an occurrence for which we have to suffer! Consequently, every apparent shortcoming – which can be traced to some mental or spiritual infringement of the Law – is not only removed but the effect is healed!”Ernest Holmes

“There is no personality, opinion, or condition that interferes with my choices. I AM a spiritual being, living in a spiritual world, governed by spiritual laws.”William Warch