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John Culbertson has been involved in the new age and metaphysical world for over twenty years. He’s taught, inspired, advised, and helped thousands of people around the world.

About Rev. John Culbertson


John wears many hats. He is a metaphysical counselor, professional psychic, spiritual teacher, author, and healer. He draws on a variety of spiritual traditions in his work including Shamanism, tarot, Reiki, astrology, numerology, ceremonial magick, Buddhism, Eastern Mysticism, Christian Mysticism, Wicca, and metaphysical philosophy.


Rev. Culbertson holds a Bachelor of Arts in the psychology of human behavior and a Bachelor of Metaphysics. He was certified as a Reiki Master, a Level 1 Shamanic Practitioner, a Life Coach, a hypnotist, and a second degree Wicca Practitioner. He also holds certificates in astrology, tarot, advanced psychic development, spirit communication/mediumship, kabbalah pathworking, and numerology. He holds an additional certificate in Biblical Studies. He has been certified to teach advanced psychic development, channeling, spirit communication, and mediumship. He is currently working on a Masters of Metaphysics and Chaplaincy certification.

John is an ordained minister and metaphysical practitioner through the International Metaphysical Ministry. He has appeared throughout the United States and is currently based in Port Charlotte, FL


“When I left home to join the seminary, I was 18 years old. I had grown up being taught that anything psychic or that involved divination was the work of the devil. This was despite the fact that I knew I was growing up in a haunted house and as part of a family which had relatives that practiced various forms of magick.

I was raised by my great-grandmother after my mother and father had divorced and both abandoned me. My great-grandmother attempted to instill strict, often harshly so, Christian values. She certainly didn’t believe in the paranormal and she attempted to shut down anyone who tried to tell her, or me, differently.

Shortly after entering the seminary I began doing spiritual direction with a priest. After hearing how I had spent my entire life growing up in an abusive environment and discovering that I had been talking to angels and other spiritual beings to help me cope with that environment, the priest recommended that I explore other religions before committing to being a Roman Catholic priest. He was a very wise man that I’m so very thankful God had put into my life!

Shortly after, I went to a regular college where I studied psychology, philosophy, and religions. Explored I did. From Wicca and Shamanism to Buddhism and Judaism – I not only studied but involved myself with the teachings and practices of many religious beliefs and faiths. At the end of my exploration, I knew my own spiritual path involved the belief in one God – but I also knew that there was far more to this world than what we see and experience with our physical senses. I had EXPERIENCED, first hand, a world that most people fear and even refuse to talk about. It is a world that lies beyond our physical world and that involves spiritual beings, energy, and belief systems that not only can change a person’s life but ultimately can help them to take control of and vastly improve it.”


Rev. John Culbertson is one of the most in-demand spiritual mentors and guides who has helped and inspired people from around the globe.

Rev. Culbertson has one mission: To empower people to take control of, change, and improve their lives by unlocking their own unique psychic and spiritual gifts and applying metaphysical principles to their life.

Psychic Medium John Culbertson
Rev. John Culbertson Meditating in the Sequoia National Park


John’s primary focus is on helping others tap into, experience, and ultimately control their own psychic abilities and spiritual gifts.

Over the past 20 years, he’s helped countless spiritual seekers find and attain even higher spiritual states of awareness and understanding. He has also helped many of his students to go on and become professionals in the new age and/or metaphysical fields.

John is best known for his private one-on-one sessions and as being a teacher of psychic development. He offers private online classes and is developing a digital-based metaphysical university.

He was the last owner of Starchild Books. This store is famous for being founded by Sandy Anastasi and John Maerz and for being where John Edward studied. John Edward has always said that Sandy Anastasi was his only teacher. John Culbertson is proud to have studied under and learned not just from John Maerz and Sandy Anastasi, but a host of wonderful teachers and instructors.


Rev. Culbertson is also an author of 3 books. These books include:

  • Miracle of the Angels – a short story based on a special time in John’s life.
  • Improve Your Intuition – a book on developing psychic and intuitive ability.
  • Psychic Self Defense and Protection – designed to teach the basics of energy protection.

John’s currently working on Topics in Spiritual Enlightenment.

Miracle of the Angels


Considered one of the top teachers in the new age and metaphysical communities, John is a masterful speaker and instructor – pulling people into his lectures and teaching through a great deal of direct, personal, and hands-on learning.

He has over 20 years of experience conducting seminars and multi-day workshops and has taught both small and large classes in topics such as Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Psychic Development, Shamanism, Wicca, Metaphysical Philosophy, Law of Attraction, Meditation, and many other similar topics. He has traveled throughout the U.S. to teach and still teaches to this day.


John is married to his wife Rose. She is not only his wife but also his best friend and life companion. They do almost everything together when they aren’t busy with their careers.

The two have three foreign exchange daughters. Natalie and Eunice from Taiwan and Mizuki from Japan.

They also love spending time with their 14 year old Pekinese, Beaver.

Mizuki and Eunice with Rose and John
John and his wife Rose