About Rev. John

John Culbertson wears many hats. He is a metaphysical counselor, professional psychic, spiritual teacher, author, and healer. He draw on a variety of spiritual traditions in his work including Shamanism, tarot, Reiki, astrology, numerology, ceremonial magick, Buddhism, Eastern Mysticism, Christian Mysticism, Wicca, and metaphysical philosophy.

John is an ordained minister and metaphysical practitioner through the International Metaphysical Ministry. He has appeared throughout the United States and is currently based in St. Joseph, Missouri.

He was the last owner of Starchild Books, formerly located in Port Charlotte, Fl. This store is famous for being founded by Sandy Anastasi and John Maerz and for being the location where John Edward studied. John Edward has always said that Sandy Anastasi was his only teacher. John Culbertson is proud to have studied under and learned not just from John Maerz and Sandy Anastasi, but a host of wonderful teachers and instructors.

About Rev. John Culbertson
Rev. John Culbertson Meditating in the Sequoia National Park