Major Arcana Email Reading

Learn the Outcome of Your Actions

The Major Arcana of the Tarot consists of 22 cards that depict the journey of the soul. These are considered the most important cards in the tarot deck.

What’s This Email Reading About?

This reading uses only the 22 cards of the Major Arcana to offer insights and wisdom into perhaps one of the most important questions we all ask.

Originally created by Donald Michael Kraig, this tarot reading answers the question: “What will be the outcome if I ____________?”

What Will I Learn In This Email Reading?

  • Cards one and two represent unknown spiritual influences in your life.
  • Card three represents spiritual advice for the matter.
  • Card four represents your unconscious desires in the matter.
  • Card five represents your conscious desires in the matter.
  • Card six offers practical advice on the matter.
  • Card seven shows you the final outcome if you go ahead at this time.

How Does This Work?

  • This reading is an email reading.
  • You will be sent an email which will tell you which cards were drawn for which position along with their interpretation.
  • You will receive your email reading within 48 hours of ordering.

How Do I Order?

To order your reading fill out the form below and click the Submit button.