Rev. John Culbertson

Spiritual Awareness for Peace of Mind

I believe in one God. I believe that one God goes by many different names. Some may call God Father Sky, and others may refer to God as the great goddess or any number of various names of pagan pantheons. Still, others may call God universal consciousness or cosmic consciousness. I believe that no matter what name you choose to call God, that God is love and God is always with us and, when humanity is at its best, acts through us.

I believe in Jesus as God's son. I believe Jesus was also a master teacher. I believe much wisdom is learned through the teachings of Jesus. Likewise, I acknowledge Buddha and other great spiritual avatars of the World's religions as great teachers too.

Most importantly, I believe that all people should find a spiritual path that's right for them and thus form a close personal relationship with this energy known as God. While I choose to embrace Christianity, especially the mystical aspects of it, I think everyone should be allowed to determine the path that is right for them.

I also believe that my purpose for being in this world is to teach others to embrace their spiritual side, help guide them through life, and inspire them to become and reach greater heights than what they thought possible.

So whether you choose to participate in spiritual counseling (readings) with me, ask me to perform a ritual for you, want me to pray with/for you, or desire to study some of my teachings through my books or classes, I bid you welcome to my home on the web.

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