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Miracle of the Angels

Miracle of the Angels

Miracle of the Angels is an eye-opening account of the wonderful ways in which people and actions affect us. An eminently enjoyable read, the appeal of this short story by John Culbertson lies in the unobtrusive way in which it makes you reflect upon your own life, and how you interpret experiences. More info →
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Professioal Psychic ChannelJohn Culbertson is a professional psychic channel, shamanic practitioner, new age author, and spiritual teacher working on his masters of divinity in interfaith studies degree. He offers high quality affordable psychic training and spiritual psychic sessions. learnmore

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Client Feedback

On the 27th of May, 2013 I was admitted into hospital with severe chest pain and radiating pain down my left arm. Instantly it was suspected cardiac arrest and I was told that I was to be transferred to another hospital based upon a diagnosis of angina and would probably need a stent placed into my heart. It was then that my blood test came back with no indications of heart damage that I was admitted into hospital for 24 hour observation for more tests, and as I was sitting in my hospital bed with an oxygen mask to my face, to help me breath, and a drip in my arm, I thought of John Culbertson!! I knew that as soon as I was released from hospital I was going to email John with the request to have a long distance shamanic healing, to help me from the incredible pain that I was in. I was offered opium patches and anti depressants for muscle release in my chest and nitro glycerine for the possibility of any more pending chest pain. I made contact with john through his web site and told him that I had been in hospital five times in ten days and that I believed that he would be able to heal my condition with a long distance healing. That day I received a response within 24 hours by email from John indicating that he would perform a long distance healing. That night I went to bed still with a lot of pain but felt reassured that john would be able to get to whatever it was that was making me ill. At three o’clock in the morning I was woken from my sleep with a sudden jolt, and what can only be described as a pulling sensation up and down side to side in my chest and abdomen. It was moments after, I felt a tug and then for the first time I felt the pain release from my body, replaced with feelings of pain free calm and peace, no longer the internal shake that I felt inside of me. Rolling over in bed I said to my husband… its gone!!! I took a long deep breath in freeing myself from painful short shallow breathing I had previously endured. It was in that moment I knew straight away that John had successfully healed me, with his long distance shamanic healing. I went to a specialist, and have been given a clean bill of health after stressing my heart on a treadmill up to one hundred and ninety one beats per minute!! I then received another email from john indicating of the healing work he had done. John’s communication was so insightful, and the messages that he conveyed to me of my shamanic healing was so profoundly accurate. I have no doubt in my mind that John has successfully healed me, when doctors could not understand how I had become instantly well again. I am now sleeping longer and deeper than ever before giving back a new vitality. Feeling more energised and waking up earlier in the day no longer suffering signs of chronic fatigue. I highly recommend John Culbertson for his shamanic healing, he has given me back a quality of life for which I and my family are eternally grateful for his ability to return my health and well being that until only one week ago I felt I had lost. With Love and Peace in my heart.
Saskia S.Australia

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