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Psychic Self Defense and Protection 3rd Edition

Psychic Self Defense (3rd Edition)

Do you know how to protect yourself from negative energy?

In this 3rd edition updated book by John Culbertson, you’ll explore how people are attacked by negative energy.

  • Discover a new way of viewing and seeing the world – through the concept of energy.
  • Learn how people lose their own energy each day due to attacks of negativity and how to protect and guard against such attacks effectively.
  • Discover how everyone has been an “energy vampire” at some point in their life and explore more healthy ways of receiving and restoring lost energy.
  • Both ordinary and non-ordinary world attacks are investigated.
  • Learn the physical, psychic, mental, and magical methods of protection.

Great for beginners who are just starting their journey into the new age or pagan fields as well as empaths and sensitive people that wish they could stop being controlled by their emotions

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