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John Culbertson is an independent Metaphysical, Interfaith, New Thought Minister dedicated to bringing spiritual awareness to people so they can enjoy peace of mind as they move through life.

Metaphysical: “The physical is not the beginning nor the end. There is that which is beyond the physical. There is the metaphysical. Accept nothing at face value because the potential is better than the appearance.” – William James

Metaphysics, as people over the years have come to understand it, is a branch of philosophy that deals with the unseen world. In our modern times, metaphysics has come to mean the study of Universal (God) laws and how those laws when put into practice can bring success and happiness into a person’s life.

In our modern times the following are normally considered to be apart of metaphysics: Philosophy, Comparative Religion, Parapsychology, Mysticism, Yoga, ESP, Dreams, Jungian Psychology, Astrology, Meditation, Self-Help Studies, Positive Thinking, Life after Death, Reincarnation, Tarot, Numerology, etc.

John is certified as a metaphysical practitioner. This means he has studied metaphysical and spiritual laws and knows how to apply those laws to help improve a person’s life.

Interfaith: Open to and serving most faiths and belief systems. Nondenominational in the sense that it is all inclusive.

New Thought: A type of religion that started out in the 1800s as more of a philosophy and was pioneered by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby. In the late 1800s Quimby and Warren Felt Evans, a minister, combined metaphysical healing practices with mental science. This eventually led to the development of the New Thought Movement. Today, the most known sects of the New Thought religion are Unity and Religious Science,  but there are also many independent New Thought Ministers.

Modern day followers of the New Thought religion believe:

  • Divinity/God is within each person and everywhere present
  • All people are spiritual beings
  • Love is the highest spiritual principle and practice
  • Man creates their experiences because of their mental state

John’s goal is to live as Charles Fillmore asked people to live and to show others how to do the same in their own lives.

“It is your mission to express all that you can imagine God to be. Let this be your standard of achievement; never lower it, nor allow yourself to be belittled by the cry of sacrilege. You can attain to everything you can imagine. If you can imagine it possible to God, it is also possible to you.” – Charles Fillmore





Samantha Fisher

– Samantha Fisher, Founder/Director of Play it Forward, St. Louis, Missouri.

“The results I feel I have gotten via my personal sessions with John Culbertson are more valuable now than I would have known the first time I made an appointment. Most notable it has taught me to be more intuitive. With each session I was learning more and more about myself and my own inner thought process and how it relates to my life experiences. I’ve learned to pay more intuitive attention to the things that are happening and as a result I can have a different emotion on the matter. Meaning, I struggle less with my negative thoughts and I feel more positive, even when a situation appears sessions with John have produced in me, a more balanced human being who feels more connected with purpose and passion.

The transformation has been life changing. My very first session with John several years ago instantly opened my mind, my soul, my energy and my willingness to learn about the process. I was already spirit filled but I had many questions about life! I wanted some insight on the life I was living and I was questioning my purpose. I felt as if I was not fulfilling my souls existence. With each session, I was becoming more and more connected to the Universe and I was learning more about my role in it. John was offering what I had been craving and he delivered with the insightful information I was seeking. I was transformed into a deeper seeker of the truth. I knew that my inner thoughts and experiences were in correlation with the information John has given to me and that was life changing. How could he have known certain details of times, places, events, people and life courses? I had become more and more aware that the special gift he offered would change my perceptions of my own life and purpose.

The cost of not having John as my “spiritual mentor” most definitely would have still left me seeking the connection to the Universe I was so needing to have. I wanted to be open to my thoughts, experiences and life’s work, but I feel I would have still been in search of answers. I wasn’t interested in tradition therapy, although I understand and support its value. For me, I wanted to go deeper. I wanted a connection that was unique to me and my experiences.

John and I have had several sessions over the last 12 years and I’m proud to have him and his ability as a part of my life. With each session I have had positive results and most importantly a deeper understanding about my spiritual path. I am so blessed to have had the openness and willingness to look into the opportunity of a personal session. It’s changed my life for the better. I am living a life of more peace and calmness, I have a deeper understanding and a mighty respect for this world we live in. I know we all have a purpose and in part that is to love, forgive and to reach a sense of personal happiness and joy within.  I think that John Culbertson has helped me achieve those desires and abilities.

His sessions have guided me into a better human being with more compassion, openness , forgiveness, honesty and love.”





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