Rev. John Culbertson

Spiritual Awareness for Peace of Mind

Rev. John Culbertson, a metaphysical (New Thought) minister, has almost 20 years of experience in the world of metaphysics, with expertise in the occult arts and sciences, esoteric worldviews, metaphysical psychology, and world religions. In addition to being involved in the metaphysical world, John is a teacher and speaker and has a strong background in biblical studies and Interfaith spiritual counseling. His work can be divided into three areas.

Readings: This is the old fashioned word for private one-on-one spiritual counseling sessions that usually involve tarot cards, numerology, astrology, and/or his expertise in pastoral, metaphysical, and spiritual counseling or healing work. Rev. Culbertson has helped thousands of people around the world and the testimonials presented on the site are but a small sampling of those he has received mostly due to his private sessions.

Minister Services: This includes prayer work (always free), sermons/lessons, and group and private ceremonies that he conducts including marriages, memorial services, baptisms, adoption ceremonies, rites of passage, and many others.

Teaching: John loves to teach. His teachings includes his books and classes as well as one on one mentoring and tutoring in various topics. John is very adamant that anything he does or knows you can also be taught to do or know. His favorite topics to teach on include meditation, biblical studies, healing, and psychic/intuitive development.

Rev. Culbertson has worked with people from virtually every religious and social-economic background. Contact John to learn more about his work or for bookings.

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