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 Recommended Book by John CulbertsonPsycic Self Defense 2nd Edition EBook

There is no doubt in my mind that since you’re reading this book you’ve been going through life, for the most part, dealing with various forms of psychic attacks. Don’t be distressed. You certainly aren’t alone. In fact, everyone who lives in our physical world will have to deal with some form of a ‘psychic attack’ at some point in their lifetime.

For many of us, especially those of us involved in helping fields such as psychology, counseling, the psychic field, or any field where we are around a lot of people every day, these attacks will happen at an exceedingly quick rate each and every day of our lives.

It is one of my dreams that those of you who own a copy of this book will be enlightened and informed so that you are better prepared and able to handle these attacks and, more importantly, stay healthy and happy as you move throughout this complex web known as life.

“I do intuitive, psychic, medium readings and I also do energy healings. When my guides give me messages I listen, and I act on the messages. I got this book because of that, and I am very glad I did. When the the methods are good, I not only read the material, I also take notes and review them. I practice these psychic self defense and protection often,and they work excellently. The beauty of this book is that the techniques are extremely easy for a beginner to learn and practice, but they are also wonderfully effective for advanced people. I’ve read many books on similar techniques, and these have a particular twist of effectiveness in them, love was put into them. They were channeled from on high. I appreciate the work put into this, and will recommend it to certain clients, teach the methods as needed. You will notice a difference in your energy and vibration if you open your heart and mind, and practice the methods. I love that there are different schools of thought integrated into this work. Awesome book!” - Amazon.Com Kindle Reader Lauren

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John Culbertson endured a difficult childhood and rough teenage years, yet he was able to escape it all and find the good within all the bad. When times were rough and difficult he leaned towards the spiritual and thus it has become forever a part of his life and the life he shares with others.

Today, John is a psychic channel, spiritual teacher, and new age author. As such, he is connected to a world that is beyond most people’s understanding, and uses his gifted intuitive talents, psychological wisdom, and spiritual knowledge to help others.

John is one of the few spiritual practitioners a person will come across who believes in free will and in the power of prayers to change destinies. John is in such deep connection with the spiritual through study and practice, that he is close enough to know inner and deeper secrets most people may not be aware of.  Read More About John



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