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Dear Spiritual Seeker,

I believe that each and every person in our world is an individual expression of God. I also believe that all of us have the ability to connect with the power of God and use that power to help co-create our lives and the world we live in. I believe that “psychic” ability is something that all people have access to and that people are capable of learning to use and harness this ability to better their lives and the lives of others. I believe the only thing that separates a person from having a happy life from having a miserable one is one’s ability to learn about and begin tapping into that connection with the Higher Power.

Before going any further you should understand that for me the higher power is called God. You may choose to call this power by some other name. Examples include Cosmic Consciousness, Higher Self, Holy Guardian Angel, Christ Consciousness, Father Sky, the great Goddess, and so forth. Know that whatever name you choose to use, we are talking about the same energy – an energy that is all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere present.

You should also know that I am very much a human being. I am not special. I laugh, I cry, I hurt, and I experience disappointment. I have been hungry, tired, and even exhausted. In essence, I am no different from you.

The only way we may be different is that I have spent my life training and developing a skill set through my education and the work I have done with thousands of people throughout the world. I make no claim to have all the answers nor do I make the claim that I am always right about everything – but I do know that through my education and experience that I have helped many transform their lives. I also know that I’ve taught many other people to embrace their inner spiritual gifts and harness their personal connection to the Higher Power and use these in both professional and personal areas of their lives.

Wisdom comes in many forms. You can find wisdom written about by the Christian Mystic and the Buddhist Monk. You can find wisdom through the writings of great literary authors and many secular psychotherapists. Every religion has something we can learn from it and each of us can learn a great deal just from our interactions with one another. In fact, anything that helps empower a person and embraces the power of good in its many forms can be considered a nugget of wisdom. We have but to be open-minded enough to listen, accept, and embrace this wisdom when we come across it.

Chances are you have been lead to believe many things about yourself and the world which simply are not true. You may have been told that you are weak or you may have been lead to believe that you are not capable without the help of another. You may have also been used, walked all over, and treated negatively by even the people that you care about the most. Regardless, you should know that you are perfect just the way you are and that, starting now, you can begin the process of transforming your being, spirit, and life into something that will shower you and the world around with love, happiness, and peace.

The great thing is that it doesn’t matter what your gender, sexual preference, race, or religion is. It isn’t important what your age is or if you’re married, single, or somewhere in-between! You can be rich, poor, or even middle-class. Regardless, you are still capable of accessing this inner power and that connection to the Higher Source and cooperating with it for vast change and improvement in your life.

Read my books, glance through my blog, and check out my YouTube videos. While I do not update these every day, I try to make some sort of meaningful update each and every month – especially to the blog.

You might also want to take an online course or join in on leveraging the spiritual practice of affirmative prayer.

If after this you are thirsty for more and you want to discover how you can personally work with me to bring additional insight, awareness, and transformation into your life then there are several options on how we can work together. These include live events, spiritual counseling, and spiritual mentoring.

Best wishes on your journey ahead!

Blessings, Rev. John Culbertson


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Study all 78 cards of the Tarot in this self-paced online study course. You will learn the meaning of every card in both the upright and reversed positions. You will learn a variety of spreads. This is a great class for the beginner who is anxious and excited to learn the proper way to do readings with a tarot deck.

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Psychic Development

This massive course contains over 200 sections, several hours of audio recordings, and several hours of video. It is a complete education in psychic development and metaphysics and is based on my book “Improve Your Intuition.” There are a number of exercises, quizzes, check-ins, and homework is presented at the end of each lesson. The comprehensive final exam will make sure you are ready to stand on your own two feet in the metaphysical, new age, and occult communities. Great for beginners and a pleasant review for advanced practitioners.

In this course, you will learn to bridge the right and left hemispheres of your brain, develop a positive attitude, learn to meditate and relax, and discover the power of telepathy, remote viewing, and dream work. You’ll explore a past life, learn to feel and read energy, and discover a variety of tools and techniques you can use to both enhance your life and the lives of others. You will learn to connect with your spiritual guides and learn how to communicate with them. Additionally, you’ll end the course with an exploration of channeling.

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