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Miracle of the Angels

Miracle of the Angels

Miracle of the Angels is an eye-opening account of the wonderful ways in which people and actions affect us. An eminently enjoyable read, the appeal of this short story by John Culbertson lies in the unobtrusive way in which it makes you reflect upon your own life, and how you interpret experiences. More info →
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Professioal Psychic ChannelJohn Culbertson is a professional psychic channel, shamanic practitioner, new age author, and spiritual teacher working on his masters of divinity in interfaith studies degree. He offers high quality affordable psychic training and spiritual psychic sessions. learnmore

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Client Feedback

In the past two years we have had a handful of reading and each time I’m amazed how much my spirit opens up as the information just seems to flow. I’m often asked by friends and skeptics why do I bother getting “readings” and my answer is always the same.. It helps me to keep my spirit open, it keeps me connected to the universe and it brings me a sense of peace. When we are finished with a phone reading, each and every time I’m reminded that the world is here to release our spirit, to understand and learn from each life lesson that is before me. My reading are a source for me to aid, guide and council. I have never ended a reading with a sense of fear or doubt.. unlike what my own mind will tell me!! I am truly grateful for the spirit filled moments I have had during our readings. I find myself more connected to my own psychic mind, and more at peace with the world around me.
Samantha FisherFounderPlay It ForwardSaint Louis, Missouri, United States

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