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Psychic John Culbertson

Thank you for dropping by my website to check out me and the work I do.

I’ve been involved in eclectic spirituality for over 20 years now. In that time, I have read for and helped thousands of people from around the world.

I specialize in tarot readings but am also proficient in astrology and numerology. I do in-person healing work when the need arises and also enjoy and have a passion for teaching and mentoring.

Whether you want to develop your own abilities and deepen your personal spiritual work or you simply seek some insight and guidance, I would enjoy hearing from you.

My New Book

Psychic Self Defense and Protection 3rd Edition

Do you know how to protect yourself from negative energy?

In this 3rd edition updated book, you’ll explore how people get attacked by negative energy.

  • Discover a new way of viewing and seeing the world – through the concept of energy.
  • Learn how people lose their energy each day due to attacks of negativity. Learn how to protect and guard against such attacks effectively.
  • Discover how everyone has been an “energy vampire” at some point in their life and explore more healthy ways of receiving and restoring lost energy.
  • Learn the physical, psychic, mental, and magical methods of protection.

Great for beginners who are just starting their journey into the new age, occult, or pagan fields as well as empaths and sensitive people that wish they could stop being controlled by their emotions



“I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone. He has been so precise and correct in what he has read for me, that he could have well been living my life. He usually gives detailed descriptions of coming events. When they occur, I feel empowered with the knowledge in which to deal with such. His predictions have been very accurate.”

Karen G.
Sea Grove, North Carolina, United States

Want a Reading?

I currently only offer private phone readings and email readings. The button below will allow you to book a phone reading. When you book a phone reading you will be given my office number and instructed to call me at the time of your appointment.  I look forward to working with you!