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Tarot 101

Study all 78 cards of the Tarot in this self-paced online study course. You will learn the meaning of every card in both the upright and reversed positions. You will learn a variety of spreads. This is a great class for the beginner who is anxious and excited to learn the proper way to do readings with a tarot deck,

Psychic Development

This massive course contains over 200 sections, several hours of audio recordings, and several hours of video. It is a complete education in psychic development and metaphysics and is based on my book “Improve Your Intuition.” There are a number of exercises, quizzes, check-ins, and homework is presented at the end of each lesson. The comprehensive final exam will make sure you are ready to stand on your own two feet in the metaphysical, new age, and occult communities. Great for beginners and a pleasant review for advanced practitioners.

In this course, you will learn to bridge the right and left hemispheres of your brain, develop a positive attitude, learn to meditate and relax, and discover the power of telepathy, remote viewing, and dream work. You’ll explore a past life, learn to feel and read energy, and discover a variety of tools and techniques you can use to both enhance your life and the lives of others. You will learn to connect with your spiritual guides and learn how to communicate with them. Additionally, you’ll end the course with an exploration of channeling.

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Monthly Spiritual Guidance

From time to time everyone needs some additional inspiration and guidance in their life. Sometimes it’s good to know that our angels, spiritual guides, and the Higher Power is on our side and looking out for us. From inspiration and support to encouragement and education – having the healing power and wisdom of the higher planes on your side can and does make a difference in life.

I am proud to present Spiritual Guidance, a new service. This is a limited time offer (Ends November 30th) and is only avilable to the first ten people that subscribe.

Every month you will receive a typed letter with a message from the spirit realm and a small charged stone sent to your home address.

Learn more about this amazing offering here!

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Miracle of the Angels

Miracle of the Angels

Click here for the book.

Uplifting and moving account of a spiritual experience. Thank you to the author for sharing the experience. Others might not realize how we are cared for from the otherside.”

Well written, I’ve had some similar experiences and truly believe in Angels. Thank you John, we’re not crazy!”

“I really enjoyed this book.. very meaningful and moving and flows perfectly. Explains alot! Thank you very much for all of your teachings.”

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