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Miracle of the Angels is an eye-opening account of the wonderful ways in which people and actions affect us. Every day we witness miracles and we live in the midst of angels. Our failure to recognize these miracles and the messengers of an omniscient being is perhaps the reason why, despite our expanding knowledge and information, most of us are still lacking in the wisdom which is essential to feel contented and at peace with ourselves.

“I really enjoyed this book.. very meaningful and moving and flows perfectly. Explains alot! Thank you very much for all of your teachings.”By C. Wagoner

“Uplifting and moving account of a spiritual experience. Thank you to the author for sharing the experience. Others might not realize how we are cared for from the otherside.” – By The Searcher

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John Culbertson endured a difficult childhood and rough teenage years, yet he was able to escape it all and find the good within all the bad. When times were rough and difficult he leaned towards the spiritual and thus it has become forever a part of his life and the life he shares with others.

Today, John is a psychic channel, spiritual teacher, and new age author. As such, he is connected to a world that is beyond most people’s understanding, and uses his gifted intuitive talents, psychological wisdom, and spiritual knowledge to help others.

John is one of the few spiritual practitioners a person will come across who believes in free will and in the power of prayers to change destinies. John is in such deep connection with the spiritual through study and practice, that he is close enough to know inner and deeper secrets most people may not be aware of.  Read More About John


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